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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DAVID LACY lived in a house west of the parsonage house, nearly opposite to Doctor Kent's. He married Martha Parrot, and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Jacob, who married, 1st, Mary Clawson; 2d, Betsey widow of Moses Headley, and daughter of Benjamin Parker.

2. Samuel married Charlotte Dove.

3 Daniel married, 1st, Polly Bedell, who died 24th January, 1783, aged 20 years; and he married, 2d, Hannah Van Court, below Plainfield.

4. John married, 1st, Catherine _____ , who died 23d October, 1794; and he married, 20th December, 1705, 2d, Rhoda Jennings, and had children: 1. Aaron; 2. Caty, baptized 7th May, 1786.

5 Nancy married Master John Blair, a schoolmaster, and had an only son, John.

6 Patty married, 27th September, 1783, Henry Roff, brother of the wife of David Smalley Esq.

7. Polly married, 30th January, 1785, John Adams, and removed to western New York.

8. Sarah, who died 9th July, 1770, aged 21 years, unmarried.

JACOB LACY, (1st child of David,) and Mary Clawson, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. David, who died unmarried.

2. Sally, who married, 1st, Potter Mascho; 2d, Israel Brant.

3 Nancy married Luther Lindsley, of New Vernon, and went to Ohio.

4 Mary married James Leonard.

5. Jacob married Hannah Badgley, daughter of George; lived in Springfield.

6. Dilly; 7. Lany, who both went to the lakes. N. Y.

8. Clawson, who married Phebe Force, daughter of Benjamin, son of Squier, Sen. Jacob Lacy died about 1846, nearly 100 years of age.

SAMUEL LACY, (2d child of David,) and Charlotte Dove, had children:

1. Daniel, who married Nancy Thompson, daughter of Hezekiah, and had children:

1. John, who married Caroline Johnson, son of John, of Amboy.

2. Hezekiah married Jane Lindsley, daughter of Luther Lindsley, above named, and had children: 1. Jesse Clark; 2. Elihu; 3. Nancy.

3. Jane married Marcus Bonnel, of Elizabethtown.
4. Washington married Elizabeth Rogers, of New York.
5. Thompson married Hannah Kirkpatrick, daughter of Isaac.
6. Daniel married Rebecca Johnson, of Pennsylvania.
7. Caleb married Mariah Exon.
8. Isaac Augustus.

2. Patty, who died in her 2d year.

3. John is a bachelor.

4. Eunice died unmarried; she was lame.

5. Patty married Squier Meeker, had 2 children, and died.

6. Betsey married, 12th December, 1814, Joel Canfield, of Hanover.

DANIEL LACY, (3d child of David,) and Polly Bedell, had one son: (3d Generation.)

1. Nathan, who died young.

And by his 2d wife, Hannah Van Court, had a son:

2. Silas, born 30th March, 1789, who married Nancy Parker, born 15th May, 1790, daughter of Gershom Parker, and lived in Yates county, New York, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Mary S. Lacy, born 10th December, 1809, and married John Mallory, son of Ephraim, and had a daughter, Ruth Anne Mallory, born 1st March, 1845. [See Stephen Whitaker.]

2. Elizabeth Lacy, born 20th August, 1811, and died in infancy.
3. James P. Lacy, born 16th September, 1813, married Eliza Wells, of Penn Yan, and had children: 1. Julia; 2. James.

4. Agnes Van Court, born 27th August, 1815, married Clinton B. Taylor lives at St. Paul's, Minesota, and had children: 1. Mary Taylor; 2. Nancy Taylor.

5. Sally P., born 19th February, 1817, married Jeremiah G. Lane, of Vermont, lives in Jamestown, and had children: 1. Cyrus Lane; 2. Edwin Lane; 3. Andrew Lane.

6. Abraham Hobart Lacy, born 20th April, 1819, married Sarah Anne Beck; lives in Warren, Pennsylvania; have a son, Andrew Francis.

7. David Van Court, born 25th December, 1820, married Deborah Middleton, lives in Penn Yan; have a son, Charles Silas.

8. Hannah Van Court, born 28th January, 1822, married William P. Gaylord, son of Amos, of Benton.

9. Alfred Elderlin Campbell Lacy, born 10th December, 1823, married Catherine Newman, of Beech Woods, Pennsylvania, and had children: 1. Mary Irene; 2. Jeremiah Newman; 3. William.

10. Henry Axtel Lacy, born 28th August, 1825, married Lucinda Pickard; lives in Warren, Pennsylvania; has a son, Adelbert.

11. Fanny Lacy, born 6th March, 1828, married Orange Reese, son of John, near Warren, Pennsylvania, and have sons; 1. Azora Lestelle Reese; 2. John Reese.

12. Betsey Lacy, born 21st February, 1833.

PATTY LACY, (6th child of David,) and Henry Roff, had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Philetus Roff, who married, 24th December, 1823, Catherine Yaty Crane.

2. Miriam Roff married Daniel Sayre, of Connecticut Farms, and had children:

1. Clarissa, who died unmarried; 2. Daniel Sayre; 3. Mary died unmarried; 4. Henry Sayre married _____ .

3. Hannah Roff married John Stanbury, son of Col. Rec. Stanbury, of Scotch Plains.

4. Willson Roff.

5. Robert Roff died a young man, unmarried.

6. Henry Roff.

7. David Roff died 17th October, 1818, a young man, unmarried.

8. Hamsley Roff married _____ _____ , in New York.

9. Daniel Roff married Sally Pack.

POLLY LACY, (7th child of David,) and John Adams, had children:

1. David Adams.

2. Chloe Adams.

3. Charlotte Adams.

ABRAHAM LACY, (probably a brother of David,) whose wife was Susannah, had 5 children:

1. Mary, who was baptized 22d April, 1786.

2. David Broadwell; 3. Hannah; 4. Abigail; 5. Rachel; all baptized 21st May, 1786.


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