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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN LAMB lived in Westfield; he married Mary Thompson, eldest daughter of Thomas Thompson, (see Thomas Thompson,) and had children: (2d Generation.)

1. Patience, who married, 11th June, 1769, Noah Clark.

2. Joseph, born 11th October, 1756, and married Ruth Scudder, daughter of Benjamin Scudder, of Springfield, and went to Labanon, Ohio.

3. Betsey married Ichabod Ross, son of John Ross. [See Ross.]

COL. JOSEPH LAMB, (2d child of John Lamb,) and Ruth Scudder, lived near Lebanon, Ohio, and had children: (3d Generation.)

1. Elizabeth, who was born 28th Sept. 1780, and married, 1st, Frazee Bishop; 2d, Joseph Worth; and died in 1844, leaving three children: 1. William Bishop; 2. Ezra Bishop; 3. Eliza Bishop.

2. Benjamin Scudder Lamb, born 19th Dec. 1782, and lives in New York.

3. Isaac, born 1st July, 1787, married _____ , and has 8 children.

4. Sarah, born 13th Sept. 1789, married William Davis, in Ohio, son of Jonathan. They, soon after their marriage, both joined the Shaking Quakers; had no children; Davis died, and she is still with them in 1851.

5. Thompson, born 21st Sept. 1794, married Caroline Stevenson. She died, and he married, 2d, Anna Benham. He died 21st July, 1848, leaving four daughters.

6. Mary, born 10th Jan. 1798, married Joseph Banker, and she died 28th Nov. 1824.

7. Joseph Q., born 28th Jan. 1800, married Hester Davis, daughter of Jonathan Davis. [See William Bedell.] She died, and he married, 2d, Margaret J. Lowe; he had children: 1. Thompson; 2. Abraham; 3. Hester; 4. Isaac; 5. Ruth; 6. Jacob; 7. Charles; 8. Caroline.

8. Anne, born 10th March, 1802, married John Schenck, who died 1846, leaving one child.

9. Hannah, born 3d Aug. 1805, married Peter Williamson, and had children: 1. Ruth Williamson; 2. Mary Williamson; 3. Milton Williamson; 4. Peter Williamson; 5. Eliza Williamson; 6. Ezra Williamson.


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