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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


ROGER LAMBERT, of Wiltshire, in England, was the father of John Lambert, who emigrated to this country, settled in Westfield, and was the father of James Lambert, the father of James Lambert, who was born 14th July, 1755, and married Hannah Littell, the eldest child of Moses Littell (son of Benjamin) and Abigail Thompson, (daughter of Thomas Thompson, of Connecticut farms, New Jersey.) [See Littell and Thompson families. See also Warner Tucker.]

NOTE.--The name of Roger Lambert is in the first list of "the Elizabethtown Associates."


JAMES LAMBERT married Hannah Littell, the 25th December, 1774. She was born 15th November, 1759. They had children: (4th Generation.)

1. Moses, born 29th July, 1776, and died young.

2. Mary, born 24th September, 1778, married William Perigo, of New York, and lived there.

3. Moses, 2d, born 21st October, 1780, married Betsey Dunham, daughter of John. He died 11th October, 1803.

4. James, born 8th August, 1782, went to New Orleans, and married Eliza Leslie.

5. Charlotte, born 11th May, 1784, married Andrew Rogers, a native of Ireland.

6. Rachel, born 22d December, 1786, married Henry Roff, son of Nathaniel, of New Providence, New Jersey; lived in New York, and are both dead. [See Roff.]

7. Phebe, born 27th January, 1788, married Simeon Coles. She died 10th August, 1820.

8. Sarah Sayres, born 11th May, 1791. She died 12th March, 1796.

9. Hannah, born 10th July, 1793, married Benjamin Radley, son of John.

10. _____ , twin to Hannah, born 10th July, 1793, and died in infancy.

11. Isaac, born 20th February, 1796, went to New Orleans, and married Adelia _____ , and died there, leaving 3 children. Some of them are dead.

12. Simeon, born 2d May, 1798, married his cousin, Freelove Littell, daughter of John.

13. Enoch, born 4th September, 1801, married, Adaline Force, and died in 1828 or-9.

14. John, born 4th March, 1804, went to New Orleans, married _____ _____ , and resides there.

15. Susan, born 4th September, 1807, married Isaac Brokaw, son of John, son of Isaac Brokaw, the clock-maker, of Rahway.

MARY LAMBERT, and William Perrigo, had 10 children: (5th,) (6th,)

1. Sarah Perrigo, who married George Coddington, of New York, and had 8 children: (7th Generation.)

1. Sarah Coddington, who died young.
2. George Coddington married _____ , and had 2 children.
3. Moses Coddington.
4. Eliza Coddington.
5. William Coddington.
6. Abraham Coddington, who died young.
7. Mary Coddington.
8. Henry Coddington.

2. Lewis Perrigo married Mary Anne Cooper, had 3 children: (6th Generation.)

1. William Perrigo; 2. _____ Perrigo; 3. Hester Anne Perrigo.

3. Hannah Perrigo married James Leach, and had 3 children: 1. John Leach; 2. Phebe Dingy Leach; 3. Mary Leach.

4. Moses Perrigo married 1. _____ _____ , had no children; 2. _____ _____ , in New Orleans.

5. Mary Perrigo married Samuel Champ, from England; had 2 children: 1. James Champ; 2. William Champ.

6. Rachel Perrigo married Anthony Austin, of New York, and had 10 children:

1. Peter Austin; 2. William Austin; 3. Mary Austin; 4. Joanna Austin; 5. Eliza Austin; 6. Harriet Austin; 7. Anne Louisa Austin.

7. William Perrigo married Hannah Eliza Littell, daughter of Jonas, and had one child, Susan Louisa Perrigo.

8. Anne Louisa Perrigo married James Noe, son of Peter, and had children:

1. Mary Louisa Noe; 2. Josephine Noe; 3. James Noe.

9. Phebe Perrigo.

10. James Perrigo.

MOSES LAMBERT, and Betsey Dunham, had one child, Moses, who at about 17 or 18 years of age, was killed by the explosion of a steamboat boiler, at Whitehall, New York. (5th Gen.)

JAMES LAMBERT, 4th, and Eliza Leslie, had 3 children. He lived and died in New Orleans. (5th Gen.)

1. James, 5th.
2. Mary.
3. Elizabeth, who married George Roselias.

CHARLOTTE LAMBERT, and Andrew Rogers, had 10 children: (5th Gen. 6th Gen.)

1. David Rogers married Eliza Miller, daughter of David Miller, son of Clark, son of Samuel, son of Alderman William Miller.

2. Mary Anne Rogers married George Moore, of Woodbridge. They went to Michigan, and had 7 children: (7th Gen.)

1. William Moore; 2. Mary Moore, who died young; 3. Andrew Moore; 4. Albert Moore; 5. John Hervy Moore;
6. Eliza Jane Moore; 7. _____ _____ .

3. James Rogers died young.

4. Henry Rogers married Mary Curtis, and went to Ohio.

5. Hannah Rogers married William Coward, of Plainfield; had children:

1. William Henry Harrison Coward.
2. Eliza Coward.

6. Rachel Rogers married James Bailey, an Englishman; went to Canada, and died, leaving 3 children.

7. Charlotte Rogers married Jeremiah Clark, of Rahway, and died, leaving 2 children:

1. James Andrew Clark; 2. Matilda Clark.

8. Eliza Rogers married Abraham Cobb; had 3 children:

1. John Livingston Cobb; 2. George Washington Cobb; 3. _____ Cobb.

9. James Rogers married Catherine Dunham; had 3 children:

1. George Rogers; 2. _____ Rogers; 3. Eliza Rogers.

10. John Rogers, who died 1848, aged about 24 years, unmarried.

RACHEL LAMBERT, and Henry Roff. [For their descendants, see Henry Roff, 5th child of Nathaniel Roff.] (5th Gen.)

PHEBE LAMBERT, and Simeon Coles, both died, leaving 2 children: (5th, 6th,)

1. Sarah Coles, born 14th September, 1811.

2. James Coles, who went to Matanzas, and married there, and had 3 children: (7th,)

1. James Coles; 2. Annette Coles; 3. _____ Coles.

HANNAH LAMBERT, and Benjamin Radley, had 4 children: (5th 6th,)

1. Squier Radley, born 5th September, 1812, married Susan Woodruff, daughter of Benjamin, of Westfield, and had 6 children:

1. Charlotte Radley; 2. Mary Radley; 3. Anna Radley; 4. Alfred Radley; 5. Priscilla Radley; 6. Hannah Radley.

2. Phebe Radley married her cousin, Isaac Littell, son of John and Deborah Littell; had children: (7th Gen.)

1. Norman Leslie Littell, born 10th December, 1839.
2. Courtland Baker Littell, born 25th September, 1841.
3. Augusta Littell, born 3d October, 1844.
4. George M. Dallas Littell, born 27th January, 1847.

3. Hannah Radley married George Force, and had children:

1. Georgiana Force.
2. Walter Force.

4. Anne Elizabeth Radley.

SIMEON LAMBERT, and Freelove Littell, lived where his father did, at the old windmill, and had 10 children: (5th, 6th Gen.)

1. John Lambert, born 20th December, 1824.

2. Freelove Lambert, born 23d February, 1827.

3. Rachel Lambert, born 15th June, 1830.

4. Julia Lambert, born 8th June, 1832.

5. James Lambert, born 26th April, 1834.

6. Martha Anne Lambert, born 19th December, 1837.

7. Isaac Lambert, born 2d April, 1839.

8. Sarah Elizabeth Lambert, born 16th December, 1842.

9. Matilda Lambert, born 9th November, 1844.

10. Irene Lambert, born 19th January, 1848.

ENOCH LAMBERT, and Adaline Force, had 2 children:

1. Mary, who married Wickliff Williams, and had children: 1. Lewis Williams: 2. Susan Radley Williams.

2. Susan married John Newman, son of Jeremiah, of Woodbridge; children: 1. Mary Newman; 2. _____ _____ .

JOHN LAMBERT went to New Orleans, married, and lives there.

SUSAN LAMBERT, and Isaac Brokaw, had children: 1. Isaac Brokaw, born 17th September, 1842.


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