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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN LONG was a saddler, lived on Stony Hill, married Susannah Valentine, daughter of Jonah Valentine, and had children: (1st Gen.)

1. Levi, who married Abby Bond, daughter of Thomas, of Lyons Farms.

2. Catherine married Benjamin Swain, son of Jacob, of Wolf Hill. [See Swain.]

3. Susannah married, 1st, John Caffrey, from Ireland; 2d, Enoch Vreeland.

4. Michael married. 25th Dec. 1810, Lockey Stewart.

5. Joseph married Betsey Wilkison, daughter of Nathan.

6. Israel B., born 1803, married, 21st August, 1822, Polly Brown, daughter of William.

LEVI LONG, and Abby Bond, had children: (2d Gen.) 1. Marcus; 2. William; 3. Mary; 4. Hetty.

CATHERINE LONG, and Benjamin Swain, had children:

1. Hannah Swain, who married William McDonald, of Monmouth county, and had children:

1. Joseph McDonald; 2. William McDonald, Jun.; 3. Thompson McDonald; 4. Benjamin McDonald; 5. Elizabeth McDonald.

2. John Swain married _____ _____ , at Rahway, and went to the lakes.

3. Polly Swain married Abraham Simonson, and had children: 1. William Simonson; 2. Joseph Simonson; and others who died.

And Abraham Simonson died, and she married Ephraim Howard, and lives at Scotch Plains.

4. Eliza Swain married James Curtis, son of John. [See Betsey Frazee and John Curtis.]

5. Jonah Swain married Jane Ward, daughter of Israel, son of Joshua. He left her and went to the South, and died at 21 or 22 years.

6. Joel Swain, who married a daughter of Charles Rino.

7. William Swain married in Pennsylvania.

SUSANNAH LONG, and John Caffrey, had children:

1. Lucy Caffrey, who married David Edwards.

2. Barnabas Caffrey, who married in Hanover.

3. Edward Caffrey.

4. Philip Caffrey.

5. John Caffrey.

6. James Caffrey.

7. Mary Caffrey.

8. Jane Caffrey, who died at 18 years.

MICHAEL LONG, and Lockey Stewart, had children:

1. Susan, who went to Ohio.

2. Phebe, who married Elias Clark, son of David, son of Elias, Sen. She was accidentally shot, and died of the wound.

3. Hetty married Mr. Vreeland, of Newark.

4. John married Hetty Vreeland, daughter of Charles, of Springfield.

Mr. Michael Long died 5th March, 1833.

JOSEPH LONG, and Harriet Wilkison, had children:

1. Harriet, born 15th June, 1828, married John Meeker, son of Aaron, of Springfield.

2. William Henry, born 16th March, 1830.

3. Mary Elizabeth, born 25th Jan. 1832, married William Burnet, son of Timothy, of Union.

Mr. Joseph Long died 3d March, 1831.

ISRAEL B. LONG, and Polly Brown, had children:

1. Sally, who married Alexander Baker, son of Samuel, of Elizabethtown.

2. Catherine married David Curtis, son of John. [See Asa Frazee and Curtis.]

3. William.

4. Samuel, born 1830.

5. George, born 8th Sept. 1832, and died 15th Aug. 1849.

6. Jacob, born 1835.

7. Lydia Anne, born 1837.

8. Susan, born 1839.

9. Hetty, born 1843.

10. Caroline, born 1845.

11. Mary Frances, born 28th June, 1847, and died 8th August, 1849.


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