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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JEREMIAH LUDLOW lived in New Providence, where James M. Morehouse now lives. He died 1st August, 1764, aged 67 years. His widow died 12th March, 1790, aged 91 years. They had two children: (1st Gen.)

1. Jeremy, who married Elizabeth Doty, daughter of Joseph Doty, 1st. He lived where Jacob Davis Mulford now lives, in Passaic Valley, Morris county, and had children:

1. Deborah, who married Jonathan Mulford, son of Captain Jonathan. [See Mulford.]

2. Joseph, who married, 8th January, 1784, Chloe Bedell, [see Jennings,] lived where his father did, and subsequently removed to Western New York.

3. Mercy, who married Dr. John Hole, son of Charles, [see Hole,] and removed to Ohio, a few miles below Dayton.

4. A daughter, who had a daughter, who married Samuel Muchmore, of Madison.

2. Cornelius, who lived on Long Hill, and became a Colonel of the militia in Morris county. He married, 1st, Catherine Cooper, daughter of Daniel Cooper, Sen., and had one son; 2d, Martha Lyon, and had six other children--she died 9th October, 1790; 3d, Polly Wall. He died 27th April, 1812, aged 84 years.

COL. CORNELIUS LUDLOW, (son of Jeremiah,) and his 1st wife, Catherine Cooper, had but one child: (2d Gen.)

1. John, who married, 19th October, 1772, 1st, Catherine Cooper, his cousin, daughter of Daniel Cooper, Jun., and had five children; 2d, Susan Demun, daughter of John, and had six other children.

2. Agnes, who married, 15th Oct. 1774, Jonathan Pierson.

3. Patty, who married William Remsen, of Elizabethtown.

4. Benjamin, who became Major General of the militia of New Jersey. He married Eleanor Harris, daughter of Benjamin Harris, of Morris county, and sister of the wife of John McCarter.

5. Israel, who married Charlotte Chambers, of Chambersburgh, Penn. He went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and was one of the surveyors of Symmes' Purchase, between the two Miami rivers, before 1800.

6. Elizabeth, who married Col. Israel Day, son of Timothy, of Chatham. [See Day.]

7. William, who married Betsey Haines, daughter of Samuel Haines, of Vealtown, and sister of Ruth, 2d wife of Nathaniel Whitaker; and removed to Mill Creek, Ohio; had six or more children; removed to Oxford, Butler county, and was superintendent of the building of the college there. His children were named: 1. Israel; 2. Samuel; 3. Betsey; and others.

JOHN LUDLOW, (1st child of Col. Cornelius Ludlow,) and Catherine Cooper, had children, who all married in Ohio: (3d Gen.)

1. Sarah married John Lyon, and had no children.

2. Agnes married Silas Hurin, son of Seth. [See Hurin.]

3. Stephen married, 1st, Jane Porter; 2d, Le Anne Bell.

4. Cooper married, 1st, Elizabeth Reeder, daughter of Jacob; 2d, Elizabeth Layton, daughter of Judge Layton, of Mad River.

5. Lydia married Ogden Ross, son of Matthias, formerly of Springfield.

His wife Catherine then died, and by his 2d wife, Susan Demun, he had other children:

6. William married Charlotte Hand, daughter of John Hand, from Morris county.

7. Betsey married Matthew Patten, of Dayton.

8. Mary married Alexander Pendery.

9. Martha died at 15 years.

10. Susan married, 1st, Stephen Cummings; 2d, David Bingham, son of David.

11. John married Hetty Niles.

12. Ruth married James Baxter.

13. Catherine married John Long.

John Ludlow removed to Ohio about 1790, or shortly after, with his family, and lived near White's Station, on Mill Creek, in Hamilton county.

STEPHEN LUDLOW, (1st son of John, son of Col. Cornelius,) and Jane Porter, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Oliver, who married Miss _____ Conwell.

2. Mary Anne, who died at 14 years.

3. Catherine, who died at 13 years.

4. John is unmarried.

COOPER LUDLOW, (2d son of John, son of Cornelius,) had children:

1. Ellen, who married _____ ; 2. Stephen married _____ ; 3. John married Elmira _____ ; 4. Mary Anne.

LYDIA LUDLOW, (5th child of John, son of Col. Cornelius,) and Ogden Ross, had children:

1. Mary Ross, who married Joseph Gaston, had a son, John Gaston, and died.

2. Martha Catherine Ross married William Bigham, son of David, and had children: 1. Lydia Bigham; 2. John R. Bigham; 3. Caroline Bigham; 4. Ross Bigham; 5. Darwin Bigham; 6. George Bigham.

3. Caroline Ross married Chamberlain Andrew, and had a son, John Andrew.

4. Sarah Ross married James Andrew.

5. John Ross lives at Lowell, Mass., and married Fanny Waldron, of Boston.

6. Charlotte Ross married John Matthews, and had children: 1. Louisa Matthews; 2. Jenny Matthews.

7. Harriet Ross.

8. Denman Ross lives at Lowell, Mass.; married Mary Waldron, of Boston.

9. Jane Ross married Holland Smith, and had a daughter, Jenny Smith, who died young.

10. Lydia Ross married Cyrus Warren.

WILLIAM LUDLOW, (6th child of John, son of Col. Cornelius,) and Charlotte Hand, had children: 1. Israel, who married Eliza McMullen; 2. John; 3. Harriet; 4. Caroline; 5. Elizabeth; 6. George.

BETSEY LUDLOW, (7th child of John,) and Matthew Patten, lived at Dayton, and had children:

1. Margaret Patten, who married James Douglass.

2. Susan Patten married William Wilson, merchant at Hamilton, and had children: 1. Charles Wilson; 2. Elizabeth Wilson; 3. William Wilson; 4. James Hurin Wilson; 5. Ebenezer Thomas Wilson.

3. Anne Patten married Hugh Wilson, brother of William, and went to Indiana.

4. Eliza Patten married Rev. David Reed; lives in Jefferson county, Indiana.

5. Mary Patten.

6. Amanda Patten married _____ _____ .

7. William Patten married Mary Anne Duffield, daughter of Robert.

8. Sarah Bell Patten.

9. Martha Jane Patten.

10. Sophia Patten, who died of cholera, 21st July, 1850, at Hamilton.

MARY LUDLOW, (8th child of John,) married Alexander Pendery, and had children:

1. Ludlow Pendery; 2. Goodlow Pendery; 3. Martha Pendery; 4. Ralph Pendery; 5. William Pendery; 6. Finley Pendery; 7. Susan Jane Pendery; 8. Israel Pendery.

SUSAN LUDLOW, (daughter of John,) and Stephen Cummings, had one daughter, Martha Jane Cummings, who married John W. Owens; and by David Bingham had children: 1. Mary Judith Bingham; 2. George Bingham; 3. William Douglass Bingham; 4. Susan Frances Bingham; 5. David Bingham.

JOHN LUDLOW, (son of John,) and Hetty Niles, had children: 1. Harriet, who married Dr. _____ Freeman; 2. Stephen married _____ _____ ; 3. John.

RUTH LUDLOW, (daughter of John,) and James Baxter, had children: 1. Susan Jane married, and died; 2. Martha Jane married J. H. Harper; 3. Andrew James Baxter; 4. John Ludlow Baxter.

CHARLOTTE LUDLOW, (daughter of John,) and John Long, had children: 1. Susan Long; 2. Josephine Long; 3. John Ludlow Long.

AGNES LUDLOW, (2d child of Col. Cornelius Ludlow,) and Jonathan Pierson, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Jonathan Pierson, Jun, who married Matilda Davis, lived at Hamilton, Ohio, was a judge of the court there, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Nancy Pierson, who married Moses Kline, and had children: 1. James Kline; 2. Matilda Kline; 3. Sam Kline.

2. Theodore Pierson.
3. Ellen Pierson, who married _____ _____ .
4. Isabella Pierson, who married William Kain.
5. Joseph Pierson.

2. Polly Pierson married Gen. Solomon Doughty, son of Joshua Doty, of Long Hill, and had children:

1. Agnes Doughty, who married Doctor John D. Jackson, of Rockaway, and had children: 1. Edward E. Jackson, who married Miss Osborn; 2. Charlotte Jackson married Mr. _____ Robison, son of Sheriff Collin Robison, of Morristown; 3. Mary Jackson married Mr. _____ Chandler; 4. John Jackson, Jun., is a physician; 5. Agnes Jackson; 6. Laura Jackson.

2. Joshua Doughty. who married Susan Southard, daughter of Col. Isaac Southard, of Somerville, is a merchant, and president of the Somerville Bank there, and had children: 1. Louisa Doughty; 2. Sarah Doughty; 3. Mary Doughty; 4. John Rolan Doughty; 5. Joshua Doughty; 6. Susan Doughty.

3. Elizabeth Pierson Doughty was born 1803, married Doct. Charles H. Jackson, and died 28th July, 1838, without children:
4. Sineus Pierson Doughty, born 1808, and died 20th October, 1832, unmarried.
5. Sarah Mariah Doughty, born 13th July, 1814, and died 25th July, 1838, three days before her sister Elizabeth, unmarried.

6. Eugene S. Doughty, who married Elizabeth Underdunk, a widow, of Somerville, is a lumber merchant there, and had a son, Eugene. He was elected a member of the legislature in 1850 and 1851.

3. Betsey Pierson, daughter of Jonathan Pierson married Col. Solomon Boyle, of Long Hill, son of Solomon Boyle, Jun. [See Col. Boyle.]

4. Sineus Pierson, who died in Ohio, a young man, unmarried.

GENERAL BENJAMIN LUDLOW, (son of Col. Cornelius Ludlow,) lived on Long Hill, where his father did. He was major-general of militia, judge of the court of Morris county, and was several times elected to the legislature, as member of the general assembly, and member of the legislative council. (3d Gen.)

General Benjamin Ludlow, (4th child of Col. Cornelius Ludlow,) and Eleanor Harris, had children:

1. Cornelius, who married Julia Anne Disborough, of New Brunswick, and had children: 1. George; 2. Jane; and three others. He was a justice of the peace, and judge of court of Morris county. He died 24th November, 1836.

2. Israel, born 1796, and died 21st Dec. 1819, unmarried.

3. Mary, who married Dr. John W. Craig, now of Plainfield, and died 1846, without children.

4. Martha, born 1801, and died 17th November, 1802.

5. Susan, born 1803, and died 27th March, 1823, unmarried.

6. George Harris, born 1805. He was successively a justice of the peace, sheriff, and clerk of Morris county, and is now in the lunatic asylum at Trenton, on account of insanity.

7. Martha, 2d, who married her cousin, George H. McCarter, 17th November, 1840, and died about 1845, without children.

8. Eliza, born 1809, and died 19th March, 1838, unmarried.

9. Charlotte Chambers, born 1810, died 22d July, 1830, unmarried.

10. Eleanor, born 181-, and died 4th March, 1849, unmarried.

11. Benjamin, born 8th August, 1817, and died 17th November following.

General Ben. Ludlow born 1763, and died 27th January, 1817. His wife Eleanor born 1771, and died 4th September, 1819, aged 48 years.

ISRAEL LUDLOW, (5th child of Col Cornelius Ludlow,) and Charlotte Chambers, of Cincinnati, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. James C. Ludlow, who lived on Mill Creek, a farmer, married Miss _____ Clarkson, and had children:

1. Sarah Bella, who married Salmon B Chase, who was in 1850, a senator of the United States.
2. James Dunlop.
3. Charlotte Chambers married Charles A. Jones, a lawyer of New Orleans, La.
4. Reuhama.
5. Benjamin.
6. Hadassa.

2. Sarah Bella married Jephtha D. Garrard, a lawyer in Cincinnati, and son of Governor Garrard, of Kentucky, and had children:

1. Israel Garrard, a lawyer in Cincinnati.
2. Kenner Garrard.
3. Lewis Garrard.
4. Jephtha D. Garrard.

Mr. Garrard died in 1836, and his widow Sarah Bella married John McLean, one of the judges of the United States supreme court, and had a son, Ludlow McLean, who died young.

3. A daughter, who married Col. Ambrose Dudley, of Cincinnati, and had a daughter, Louisa Dudley, who married John G. D. Burrows, a merchant of Cincinnati.

4. Israel, who married in Kentucky, and died 184-.


OBADIAH LUDLUM, and Sarah his wife, came from Long Island, and settled in Westfield, they had but one child that grew up to manhood, who was named Obadiah, who married Phebe Marsh, of Westfield, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Jacob, who married Margaret Pool, of Elizabethtown, daughter of William Pool, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Phebe, who married Jacob Woodruff.
2. Jacob married Miss Lydia Clark.
3. Caroline, who died unmarried.
4. John married Margaret Emerson, and had children: (5th,)

1. Margaret, who married Isaac Scudder, son of Israel; 2. Sarah; 3. Gideon; 4. Mary Elizabeth.

2. Sarah married David Crane. of Elizabethtown. (3d Gen.)

3. Watson, who went to the South, and died unmarried.

4. Samuel, who married _____ _____ .

5. Smith married Ruth Badgley.

6. Patty married Daniel Munson, of New York.

7. Betsey married Ebenezer Stevenson, of New York.

8. Joseph, born 17th December, 1779, married Betsey Morehouse, daughter of Simeon.

9. Joanna, born 26th September, 1781, married Daniel Cory, son of Elder Daniel Cory, of Long Hill. [See Cory.]

10. Ezra married Rachel Segoine, of New York, and lived and died there.

Obadiah Ludlum, Jun, died, and his widow married Elder Daniel Cory, of Long Hill.

The family now spell the name Ludlow.

JOSEPH LUDLOW, (son of Obadiah Ludlum, Jun.,) and Betsey Morehouse, lived on Stony Hill, he was an elder in the Presbyterian church there, and had children:

1. Aaron M., who married, 1st, Eliza DeHart; she died, and he married, 2d, Jane Osborn, daughter of John.

2. Ezra married Deborah Crane, daughter of John, of New Providence; 2d, Mary Crane, daughter of John Crane, of Newark.

3. Amos married Catherine W. Hart, daughter of John, of New York, and went to Lebanon, Ohio; his wife died, and he married there, 2d, Rosanna Simonton; she died, and he married, 3d, Hannah Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, late of Salem county, New Jersey.

4. Smith, who died an infant.

5. Hannah died 1st January, 1832, aged 22 years.

6. Joseph Marsh married Phebe Anne Dunham, of Westfield, had one son, when she died, and he married Jane Maxwell, of Connecticut Farms.

7. Israel, who died an infant.

8. Nancy married John M. Kindall, son of Joshua. [See Kindall.]

9. Jacob, who married Deborah T. Ruckman, daughter of Levi, born 18th January, 1818, and who died 20th February, 1847, leaving two children, Watson and Phebe, and he died 24th October, 1850.

10. Eliza, who died an infant.

11. Watson went to Lebanon, Ohio, and married Mary Smith, sister of Amos's 3d wife.

12. John, who died 20th February, 1845, aged 21 years.

Mr. Joseph Ludlow died 10th October, 1849, aged nearly 70 years.

AARON M. LUDLOW, by his 1st wife, had no children. By his 2d wife. Jane Osborn, he had children:

1. Jeremiah Osborn, born 9th January, 1840.

2. Henry Martin, born 19th March, 1841.

3. Horace Judson, born 7th January, 1843.

4. William Munson, born 1st. August, 1844.

5. Eliza DeHart, born 11th February, 1846.

7. John Clark, born 19th October, 1847.

EZRA LUDLOW, and Deborah Crane, had children:

1. Levi Mulferd, who went to California.

2. Francis, who died at 9 months.

3. John Joseph.

4. Erastus, who died young.

5. Erastus, 2d.

6. John Edgar.

7. George.

8. James F. Meeker.

AMOS LUDLOW, and Catherine Hart, had children:

1. John Howe Darg.

2. Martha Anne Eliza died at 2 1/2 years.

3. Henrietta, who died at 16 days.

4. Deborah Jane, who died at 2 1/2 years.

And by his 2d, wife, Rosanna had,

5. Phebe Anne, who died at 1 1/2 years.

And by his 3d wife, Hannah, had,

6. Catherine Wheeler.

7. Joseph LeRoy; 8. Josephine; 9. Mary Elizabeth.

WATSON LUDLOW, and Mary Smith, had children: 1. Samuel Joseph; 2. Elizabeth Anne; 3. Semantha Jane; 4. Sarah M.


MATTHIAS LUDLOW married Sarah Williams, daughter of Benjamin, lived in Westfield, and had children:

1. Ebenezer, who married Abigail Littell, daughter of John, son of Benjamin. [See Littell.]

2. Benjamin married Keziah Clark, of Westfield.

3. Cornelius married Abby Pierson, daughter of William, of Westfield.

4. William married, as his 2d wife, Sarah Martin, daughter of Alexander, of Long Hill.

5. Sally married William Lane, of Woodbridge.

6. Lewis married Betsey Davis, daughter of Deacon Jacob Davis, of Westfield.

7. Isaac was a physician, married Nancy Cutter, daughter of Camp Cutter.

LEWIS LUDLOW, and Betsey Davis, had children:

1. Malancton, who died a young man, unmarried.

2. Sarah, who married succesively William Miller, son of Lewis, Caleb Miller, son of Nathaniel, and William Day, an Englishman. By William Miller she had a son, 

1. Lewis Miller, who married Martha Hand. daughter of Matthias, son of Nehemiah. 

By Caleb Miller she had children: 

2. Israel M. Miller; 

3. Mary Miller. 

And by William Day, an Englishman, she had children: 

4. Catherine Day; 

5. William Day; and two others.

3. Benjamin, who married Fanny Smalley, daughter of Abner, son of James Smalley, and had a daughter,

1. Elizabeth Ludlow, who married John Badgley, a grandson of Jonathan.

His wife Fanny died, and he went to Buffalo, New York, and there married again.


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