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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


PETER LYON was probably the son of Ebenezer Lyon, or Nathaniel Lyon, who are named in the hst of the 2d generation of "the Elizabeth Town Associates," admitted in 1699. (1st Gen.)

Peter Lyon lived on Stony Hill nearly south of Littell's Bridge. He was born 1722, and died 23d Sept. 1784, aged 62 years. He married Joanna Clark, half sister of Elias Clark, of Stony Hill. She was born 28th Dec 1726, old style. They had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Ebenezer, born 29th April, 1746, and married, 1st, Sarah Willcox, daughter of John Willcox, Sen. She died 1st June, 1795, aged 45 years. He married, 2d, Caty Drake, daughter of Edward Drake; 3d, Fanny, the mother of William Titus [See Titus.]

2. David, who went to Virginia.

3. Joanna married John Blackford, and died 12th Oct. 1783, aged 21 years.

4. Benjamin married, 8th March, 1776, Joanna Willcox, daughter of Peter, Jun. He was a carpenter; built the house on Stony Hill, east of his father's, where John Marshall lately lived. He sold out, and removed to Green county. Pennsylvania, and there married, as his 2d wife, the widow Gertrude Rogers.

5. Bethiah married, 2d May, 1770, John Potter, son of Amos Potter, Sen. [See Potter]

6. Nathaniel married Mercy Willcox, sister of Ebenezer's first wife.

7. Susan married, 15th April, 1790, John Cory, brother of Noah and Parkhurst Cory, and had a daughter, Phebe Cory, who married Cornelius Miller, son of Noah, of Westfield, and removed to Indiana, and had a daughter, Anne Miller, who married her cousin Peter Lyon, son of Ebenezer.

8. Phebe married Jonas Clark, son of Jeremiah, of Rahway, brother of Elias Clark, Sen., and had children, Peter, Jeremiah, and Polly Clark.

EBENEZER LYON, (son of Peter,) lived where his father did, and by his 1st wife, Sarah, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Elizabeth, born 28th April, 1774, and married, 27th April, 1791, Moses Tucker, son of John. [See Tucker.]

2. Mary, born 16th May, 1776, and married James Brown, son of John. [See Brown.]

3. John, born 7th Oct. 1778, and died 11th Feb. 1842. He married Tabitha Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore, and had a daughter, Sarah, born 15th May, 1809, and married Dayton Badgley, son of Anthony. [See Badgley.]

4. Rachel, born 21st August, 1781, married Henry Moore, son of Joseph, of Mount Bethel.

5. Sally, (twin to Rachel,) married Jonathan Roff, son of Nathaniel. [See Roff.]

6. Peter, born 27th Feb. 1787, married his cousin Anne Miller. daughter of Cornelius, of Indiana, and grand-daughter of Susan Lyon (sister of Ebenezer) and John Cory.

Peter Lyon left his wife, and returned to this place, and died the 25th Aug. 1851.

7. Phebe, born July 23d, 1789, and died in infancy.

8. Phebe, 2d, born 14th Dec. 1791, married William Alward, son of Benjamin, and went to French Creek. [See Alward.]

6. Mercy, born 21st May, 1795, married, 5th Feb. 1815, Squier Pope, son of Samuel, of Mount Bethel.

10. Susan, twin to Mercy, is not married. Her mind is partially alienated.

RACHEL LYON, and Henry Moore, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Henry Moore, Jun, who married Sally Allen, daughter of Gideon. [See Allen.]

2. Amos Moore married Charity Compton, daughter of James.

3. Peter Moore married Rebecca Bird, daughter of John. He was a justice of the peace.

4. Sarah Moore married Benjamin Coddington, son of Archibald.

5. John Moore married Eliza Frazee.

6. Jane Moore married Henry Bird, brother of Peter's wife.

7. Harriet Moore married George Coddington, son of William.

BENJAMIN LYON, (son of Peter,) and Joanna Willcox, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Betsey, who married Thomas Parmer.

2. Phebe married George Cook.

3. Sheba married John Kinney.

4. Nancy married John Kauffman.

5. Noah did not marry.

6. Peter married _____ _____ .

And by his 2d wife, widow Gertrude Rogers, had,

7. William married Betsey Hathaway.

8. Joanna married Ira French.

NATHANIEL LYON, (son of Peter) and Mary Willcox, had children:

1. Jotham, who lives on the Wabash River, in Indiana.

2. Mary, who married _____ _____ ; is now a widow in Indiana.

3. Phebe married Joshua Miller, in Ohio, son of Jacob. [See Jacob Miller.]

NOTE.--I know of no connection between Peter Lyon and Joseph Lyon.


JOSEPH LYON married Rebecca Littell, daughter of David, and had children:

1. Joseph, who married Barbara. _____ .

2. James married Susan Smith.

3. Samuel married Hannah _____ .

4. Thomas married Anna _____ , in Philadelphia.

5. John married Sarah Hetfield, daughter of John, of Elizabethtown, N. J.

6. William married Hannah _____ .

7. Rebecca married Thomas Clark.

8. Abigail married _____ .

9. Sarah married John Straun.

10. Mary married Abraham Kimberland.

REBECCA LYON, (7th child of Joseph,) and Thomas Clark, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Joseph Clark, who married Mary Smith.

2. William Clark married Hannah Smith, cousin of Mary.

3. James Clark married Susan Smith, a Dutch girl.

4. Thomas Clark married Anna Stout.

5. John Clark married Sarah Hetfield, daughter of Thomas, of Elizabethtown.

6. Samuel Clark married Mary _____ .

7. Abigail Clark married William Stoner.

8. Sarah Clark married John Straw.

9. Betsey Clark married _____ _____ .

10. Mary Clark married William Moore.

11. Rebecca Clark married James Thomas.

John Clark, (5th child of Thomas,) and Sarah Hetfield, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Hiram Clark, who married Elizabeth Long, daughter of Gideon.
2. Elizabeth Clark married William Weaver, son of Judge Henry Weaver.

3. Mary Clark married Silas C. Byram, son of Ebenezer, son of Naphtali, and lives near Hill Grove, Darke county, Ohio. [See Naphtali Byram.]

4. Stephen Clark married Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Andrew.
5. Susan Clark married Robert Law, son of Francis, and brother of David C. Byram's wife. [See Byram.]
6. John Clark lives on the St. Joseph's river, Michigan.
7. George Clark married _____ _____ .


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