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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOSEPH MEEKER, was in the first list of eighty associates, called "the Elizabethtown Associates," and was probably the father of Robert Meeker, Stephen Meeker, and David Meeker, who were brothers, and all settled in or near Elizabeth town.

The name of Benjamin Meeker is in the list of the 2d generation of associates, admitted in 1699.

ROBERT MEEKER had sons, James, Robert, Stephen, and David.

JAMES MEEKER, (son of Robert,) married Mary Crocheron, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Mary, who married Ephriam Sayre, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. Betsey Sayre; 2. Polly Sayre; 3. Nancy Sayre; 4. Ephraim Sayre, Jun.

2. Isaiah married Deborah, the widow of Jonathan Magie, and daughter of Joseph Halsey.

3. Francis married Walters Burrows. [See Burrows.]

4. Anna, who died a young woman.

5. Hannah married Edward Hill, of Basking Ridge.

6. Rebecca married Simeon Morehouse. [See Morehouse.]

7. James married Hannah Foster, of Lyons Farms.

8. Aaron.

9. Hetty, who married Samuel Foster, of Lyons Farms.

ISAIAH MEEKER, (son of James,) came up to Turkey, in 1775, and settled on No. 18, of the Elizabethtown lots, first owned by William Broadwell, where Abraham Kent now lives, and died there, 23d February, 1814, aged 73 years. He married Deborah, the widow of Jonathan Magie. She was the daughter of Joseph Halsey, who lived near the Wheatsheaf Tavern, between Elizabethtown and Rahway. She died 6th March, 1836. (3d Gen.)

Isaiah Meeker, (2d child of James Meeker,) and Deborah Halsey, had children:

1. Abigail, who was born 1767, and married, 9th Sept. 1824, Thomas Parrot, Esq, as his 2d wife. She died 1st July, 1846, aged 79 years. She had no children.

2. Daniel Halsey married, 19th Dec. 1790, Sally Wood, daughter of Capt. Daniel S. Wood. He died 27th May, 1798, aged 30 years.

3. Nancy, born 1771, married, 23d Dec. 1790, John Roberts son of Samuel Roberts. She died 30th July, 1842, aged 71 years. He died 22d April, 1842, aged 75 years. (4th Gen.)

4. Caleb, born 1772, married Charity Frost, daughter of John M. Frost, of Morris county. He died 8th Jan. 1815, aged 43. She died 10th Feb. 1850, aged 72 years. [See Ward.]

5. Jonathan Magie, born 2d April, 1776, and married Elizabeth Townley, born 22d August, 1780, daughter of Richard Townley, son of Effingham, and had no children.

6. Mary married Arauna Muir, of New Vernon. She died _____ . He died 27th Aug. 1838, aged 60 years.

7. Isaac, born 1778, married, 5th March, 1808, Betsey Willcox, daughter of Daniel.

DANIEL H. MEEKER, (son of Isaiah,) and Sally Wood, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. John M, who married Mary C. Budd, daughter of Doct. John C. Budd.

2. Deborah married Uzel Hand, son of Robert. [See Hand]

3. Daniel, who went to Connecticut.

NANCY MEEKER, (daughter of Isaiah,) and John Roberts, had children:

1. Phebe, born 794, and died unmarried.

2. Abigail, who married Nathan Firman Pierson, and had children: 1. John Roberts Pierson; 2. George Pierson; 3. Elizabeth Pierson; 4. Daniel Pierson; 5. Elias Pierson; 6. Jonathan Meeker Pierson.

Charlotte H, who died 2d March, 1838, aged 36 years.

JOHN M. MEEKER, (son of Daniel H., son of Isaiah,) and Mary C. Budd, had children:

1. Gertrude, who married Jabez Cook, son of Ellis Cook, of Hanover, and had children: 1. Anne Cook; 2. William Cook; 3. Mary Cook.

2. John;

3. Sarah;

4. Mary;

5. George;

6. Henrietta Meeker.

CALEB MEEKER, (son of Isaiah,) and Charity Frost, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Polly, who married Amos Willcox, son of John Willcox, Jun., and died 27th Nov. 1831, leaving a son, Theodore, who married _____ _____ , and lives in N. Y.

2. Nancy; 3. Betsey Townley; 4. Charity Frost, who all three died young.

5. Caleb Halsey Meeker, who married Hannah Gillam, daughter of John, son of James Gillam, and had children:

1. Albert, 2. Harriet; 3. Almira; 4. Mary; 5. Emma.

6. Jonathan Magie Meeker married, 1st, Almira Voder; 2d, Mary Elizabeth Delliger, of N. Y., and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Frederick; 2. Mary; 3. Alvin; 4. William; 5. Theodore; 6. Ellis.

7. Isaac, born 8th Dec. 1811, married Mehetabel Barnet Willcox, daughter of John, 3d, and had children:

1. Sarah Anne, who married, 27th Feb. 1850, Benjamin Spinning, son of John, [see Spinning;] 2. John Lewis Meeker; 3. Charity Frost Meeker; 4. Isaac Henry Meeker; 5. William Francis Meeker.

MARY MEEKER, (daughter of Isaiah,) and Arauna Muir, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. David Austin Muir, who is a dry goods merchant in Broadway, New York. He married Mary Jaques, daughter of Isaac Jaques, New York, and had children:

1. Elizabeth J. Muir, who married, 10th Nov. 1851, David G Tappen, of Morristown; 2. Frances Muir; 3. Lewis Muir; 4. Austin Muir; 5. Harry Muir.

2. Jonathan M. Muir.

3. Josiah Frost Muir, who is a paper manufacturer at Chatham. He married Almira Parkhurst, daughter of Ezra, and had children:

 1. Harriet Muir; 2. James Muir.

4. Deborah Halsey Muir.

5. Caleb Meeker Muir, who married, May, 1849, Abigail Brown, daughter of Benjamin, of Chatham.

6. Mary Caroline Muir.

7. Isaac Newton Muir, who died at 6 years.

ISAAC MEEKER, (son of Isaiah,) and Betsey Willcox, lived east of Sterling's Valley, and had children:

1. Mariah, who married Lewis Noe, Jun., son of Lewis, and had children:

1. Jonathan Meeker Noe; 2. Isaac Meeker Noe; 3. Lewis Mulford Noe.

2. Harriet, who married, 12th May, 1840, Abraham Valentine, son of Peter D. Valentine. She died 16th June, 1843, aged 31 years, without children.

3. Eliza Anne, who married, 3d April, 1841, Daniel Noe, of Woodbridge, and died without children.

JAMES MEEKER, (son of James, son of Robert Meeker,) and Hannah Foster, lived at Connecticut Farms, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Nancy, who married John Brewster, son of Timothy, and had but one child, James M. Brewster.

2. Nathan, who married Nancy Watkins, daughter of Trembly Watkins, and had children:

1. James Trembly Meeker, who married Joanna B. Munn, daughter of Doct. Jephtha B. Munn, of Chatham.
2. Elizabeth W. Meeker.

3. James F. Meeker, who married Rebecca Bloomfield; is a merchant in Elizabethtown, and had children.

1. James R. Meeker, who married Anna Halsey, daughter of John T. Halsey.
2. William Bloomfield Meeker.

4. Stephen J. Meeker, who married, 1st, Phebe Magie; 2d, Eliza Woodruff, daughter of Flave, and had children:

1. David Magie Meeker, who married Olivia Gardner, daughter of Samuel Gardner, of Clinton.
2. Phebe H. Meeker, who married Charles Brown.
3. Jane H. Meeker.
4. Hannah Meeker, who married Mr. _____ Harrison, of Orange.
5. Sally Meeker, who married John High 3d, son of John, Jun. , of Westfield. [See High.]


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