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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN MILLER lived in Westfield, and had children: (1st Gen.)

1. Enoch, who married Hannah Baker, who was born 1702, and lived in Westfield.

2. John, Jun. also lived in Westfield.

ENOCH MILLER, (son of John,) and Hannah Baker, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Enoch, Jun., who married Eliza Ross. [Enoch Miller m. Kezia Ross 25 May 1783; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

2. Andrew married Sarah Ross. [m. 6 Jan 1760; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

3. Moses married, 1st, Azuba Meeker, of Elizabethtown; 2d, Molly Riley, an Irish girl; 3d, Hannah, widow of Benjamin Bonnel, son of Benjamin Bonnel, Esq. He lived at Union Village, in Passaic Valley, and was an elder in the Presbyterian church of New Providence.

4. Jacob, born March, 1747, married [8 Mar 1778; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Lucretia Marsh, daughter of Joshua, of Westfield, lived on Long Hill, and removed to Butler county, Ohio.

5. Jedediah.

6. Lydia married Robert Goble, and went to Ohio, and then to Indiana. They had children: 1. Robert Goble; 2. Abby Goble married Robert Shafer; 3. Hannah Goble; 4. _____ Goble.

7. Elizabeth married William Scrawfoot; lived at Springfield, N. J.

8. Josiah married Jemima Ward, of Cheapside; lived in Westfield.

9. Hannah, twin to Josiah, married [14 Apr 1771; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] David Littell, Esq., son of David, and lived at Cheapside, in Livingston township. [See David Littell.]

ELDER MOSES MILLER, (3d son of Enoch,) and Azuba Meeker, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Rhoda, who married, 20th Feb. 1787 [Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey], Enos Potter, son of Col. Samuel Potter. [See Potter.]

2. Sally married [9 Aug 1796; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Nathaniel Crane, son of Caleb Crane and Elizabeth Townley, of Elizabethtown.

3. Rachel married Smith Miller, 8th Jan. 1792 [Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey], son of Moses, son of John Miller, Jun., son of John. [See Moses Miller.]

4. Lewis married Betsey Noe, daughter of John, of Long Hill. She died 15th June, 1811, aged 59 years, and he married again. He died 8th Feb. 1850.

5. Charity married, 1st, Noah Meeker, of Union; 2d, Thomas Conn, from Ireland, 31st March, 1811.

6. Elizabeth married Zophar Williams, son of John, of Livingston.

Elder Miller died _____ _____ . Azuba his wife died 13th April, 1809, aged 68 years. Zophar Williams died 23d Sept. 1847.

LEWIS MILLER, (son of Elder Moses, son of Enoch Miller,) and Betsey Noe, lived in Warren, Somerset county, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Phebe, who married James C. Lyon, son of John. She died 28th Aug. 1835, aged 32 years.

2. Mary married Samuel Osborn, son of Nehemiah. [See Osborn.] She died.

3. Charlotte married Mr. _____ Badgley.

4. Lewis Noe Miller married, 1st, Anne Pennington, and had a son; he married, 2d, Harriet Ruckman, daughter of Levi, and had a son, Levi; 3d, Lockey Moore, daughter of Jesse.

5. Rhoda Anne married John Adams, of Martinville.

6. Eliza married Stephen Haff, and has a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Haff.

7. Meeker married _____ _____ .

SALLY MILLER, (daughter of Elder Moses,) and Nathaniel Crane, lived in Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Elihu Crane, who married Eliza Miller, daughter of Kennedy Miller, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Sarah Crane, who died 1850, aged 20 years; 2. Nathaniel Martin Crane.

2. Moses Miller Crane married Phebe Williams, daughter of John, of Long Hill, and had children:

1. Annar Crane, who married Mr. _____ Miller; 2. Jane Crane; 3. John Williams Crane.

3. Betsey Crane married Parmer Kenyon, and had children: 1. Henry Kenyon; 2. Sarah Kenyon; 3. John Kenyon.

4. Mary Crane.

5. Abigail Crane married Henry Kiggins, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Charles Kiggins; 2. Symmes Crane Kiggins; 3. Theodore Kiggins, who died young.

CHARITY MILLER, (daughter of Elder Moses,) and Noah Meeker, had children: (5th Gen.)

1. William Meeker, who married Eliza Osborn, daughter of Nehemiah, and had children:

1. John W. Meeker; 2. Theodore Meeker.

2. Allen Meeker married Aletta Woodruff, daughter of Benjamin, of Union.

3. Nathaniel Crane Meeker married Electa Dove She died, and lelt one child, Mary Elizabeth Hortensia Meeker, and he went to Brazos, Texas.

4. Job Meeker married Patty Pangborn, daughter of Stephen, of Plainfield.

Noah Meeker died, and she married, 31st March, 1811, Thomas Conn, and had children:

5. George Conn, who went to the South, and married Charlotte Newman.

6. Benjamin Ludlow Conn.

7. Charlotte Conn married Edwin Castner; she died, leaving 2 children: 1. Sarah Elizabeth Castner; 2. Charlotte Castner.

8. Sarah Conn.

9. Mary Conn, who married John Peters, from England, lives in Elizabethtown.

10. Elizabeth Conn.

ELIZABETH MILLER, (daughter of Elder Moses,) and Zophar Williams, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. John Williams, who died at 20 years of age.

2. Polly Williams, who married Ezra Drake, son of Noah, and had one child, Elizabeth Drake, who married Freeman Tucker, son of Lines, and had two sons: 1. Williams Tucker; 2. Lines Ezra Tucker; and she died Dec. 5th, 1847.


JACOB MILLER, (4th son of Enoch,) and Lucretia Marsh, lived near Trenton. Ohio, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sarah, who married Moses Crane, son of Noah, in N. J., and had children:

1. Lucretia Crane, who married Michael Culver, and had children: 1. Moses Culver; 2. Sarah Culver; 3, Huldah Culver.

2. Noah Crane married Mary Hamilton, daughter of Andrew Hamilton, from Ireland, and had children: 1. Stephen; 2. Catherine.

3. Stephen Crane married Betsey Simpson, daughter of Aaron, and had a daughter, Huldah. [See Simpson.]

Sarah Miller married, 2d, John Martin, in Ohio, and had a daughter.

4. Huldah Martin, who married David Randolph.

2. Joanna, born July, 1787, and married, 1st, Stephen Clark, son of Samuel Clark, Esq., [see Clark,] and had children:

1. Jonas Clark, who married Susan Flenner, daughter of David, and had children: 1. Jane Clark, who married _____ _____ ; 2. Stephen Clark married _____ _____ ; 3. Elizabeth Clark; 4. Susanna Clark; 5. David Clark.

2. David Clark married Mary Slypher, and had a son, Augustus Clark.
3. Jane Clark married John Hamilton, brother of Noah Crane's wife.

Joanna Miller married, 2d, Jacob Morris, in Ohio, and had children:

4. Mary Morris, who married William Jordan.
5. Hannah Morris married Charles Porter.

3. Jacob Miller married Mary Thompson, daughter of Price; lives, near Reading, and had an only child, Jacob Miller. (4th Gen.)

4. Joshua Miller married, 1st, Sally Miller, his 2d cousin, daughter of Enoch, of N. J., and had an only child by her, Matilda, who married Moses Davis, son of Moody Davis, and lives in Indiana.

Joshua Miller married, 2d, Phebe Lyon, daughter of Nathaniel, son of Peter, and had children:

2. Eliza Anne, who married _____ _____ .
3. Charlotte, twin of Eliza Anne, married Rev. William Davis.
4. Jotham, who died unmarried, at 24 years.
5. Jacob married _____ _____ , and lives in Indiana.
6. John.
7. and 8. Martha and Lucretia, twins.

5. Elias Miller married Catherine Moore, daughter of Gershom, and had children: (Gen.)

1. Rebecca Anne, who married Joshua Bruce.
2. Ellis married Miss Johnson.
3. Lucretia.
4. Philetha married _____ _____ .
5. Mary married _____ _____ .
6. Hannah married Solomon Winters.
7. John.
8. Elias.

6. Hannah Miller married her cousin, Nathan Potter, son of Enos, and had 5 children. They and all their children have died.

7. Huldah Miller married Solomon Flenner, brother of Jonas Clark's wife, and had children:

1. William Flenner, who married Lany Flenner, daughter of Daniel, brother of David Flenner.
2. John Flenner.

8. Ellis Miller, born 17th August, 1800, married Rosanna Hamilton, born 5th January, 1805, is sister of Noah Crane's wife. He is a lumber merchant of Hamilton, Ohio; they had children:

1. William Hamilton Miller, born 16th July, 1823, and is a lawyer.
2. Jacob Miller, born 28th September, 1825.

3. Catherine Miller, born 30th August, 1827, married Ezra Potter, son of Samuel M. Potter, son of Russel, and had a daughter, Mary Potter. [See Potter.]

4. Mary Anna Miller, born 28th December, 1829, married Abner C. Campbell, son of Samuel, near Franklin; lives in Hamilton. He is a partner of his father-in-law, Ellis Miller, and has a daughter Catherine.

5. Charles Marsh Miller, born 30th October, 1839.


JOHN MILLER, Jun., (2d son of John Miller, of Westfield,) had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Moses, who married Esther Maxwell, daughter of John Maxwell, Sen., of Westfield.

2. Maline, who was a seafaring man; know not what became of him.

3. John, 3d, who married [3 Dec 1759; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Phebe Valentine, daughter of Richard, of Stony Hill. [See Valentine.]

4. Jonathan married _____ _____ , daughter of Samuel Williams, of William's Farms, and lived between Basking Ridge and Liberty Corner.

5. Mary, who married [31 Dec 1760; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Isaac Crane, of New Providence. [See Isaac Crane.]

6. Ruth married [8 Jun 1761; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Joseph Crane, brother of Isaac. [See Joseph Crane.]

7. Abigail married [31 Dec 1765, David Haines; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Mr. _____ Haines.

8. Abner.

MOSES MILLER, (son of John Miller, Jun.,) and Esther Maxwell, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Smith, who married, 8th January, 1792 [Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey], Rachel Miller, daughter of Elder Moses Miller, son of Enoch.

2. Betsey married Samuel Headly, of North Farms, towards Newark.

3. Sally married Moses Williams, son of Samuel, of Williams' Farms. [See Williams.]

4. Ezra married [28 Sep 1800, Mary Hie; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Mary High, daughter of John High, Jun., of Westfield.

SMITH MILLER, (son of Moses, son of John, Jun.,) and Rachel Miller, daughter of Elder Moses Miller, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Joseph, who died at 16 years.

2. Betsey, who married John Fisher, son of George, of Fox Hill, Hunterdon county.

3. Ezra, who went to Ohio, married _____ _____ , and had 3 children, one of which was Smith.

4. Smith Maxwell Miller, born 16th February, 1799, married Catherine Coddington, daughter of Benjamin, of Mount Bethel.

5. Mary married Daniel Alward, son of Benjamin, Sen., at Dead River.

6. Sally married Joseph Magie, son of Michael, of Elizabethtown.

7. Esther married old Minard Farley, of Hunterdon county; he died, and she married Peter Green; lives in Surgeonsville, in Hunterdon county, and has a daughter, Josephine Green.

8. Abby married William Lyon, son of Aaron, of Lyon's Farms, and has children: 1. William Lyon; 2. Baker Lyon; 3. Adelaide Lyon.

9. Azuba married Henry P. Webb, of Cauldwell, and has a son.

10. Phebe married William Bowen, of Springfield, and has children: 1. William Frederick Bowen; 2. John Joseph Bowen.

11. John Wesley married Margaret Collins, at Elizabethport, and had children: 1. William Henry; 2. Emily.

BETSEY MILLER, (daughter of Smith,) and John Fisher, had children: 1. Miller Fisher; 2. William Fisher; 3. Hannah Fisher; 4. Daniel Fisher; 5. Rachel Fisher; 6. John Fisher. (5th Gen.)

SMITH M. MILLER, (son of Smith,) and Catherine Coddington, had children:

1. Joseph, who married Mary Kinner, daughter of Alexander, of Piscataway.

2. Jane married William Wetmore, son of Samuel, of Springfield.

3. Hannah; 4. Martha; 5. Mary; 6. Caroline; 7. Minard Farley; 8. William; 9. Edward.

MARY MILLER, (daughter of Smith, son of Moses,) and Daniel Alward, lived near Dead River, and had children:

1. Benjamin Alward, who married his cousin, Amanda Lawrence, daughter of Stephen, who married Esther Alward, sister of Daniel. [See Alward.]

2. Moses Miller Alward married Sarah Drake, daughter of Abraham J. Drake, son of William.

3. Elizabeth Alward.

4. Elisha Alward, born 29th April, 1826, married, 31st August, 1847, Rachel Drake, daughter of said William Drake, of Schoolie's Mountain; 5. Daniel Alward, Jun.; 6. William Alward; 7. Esther Alward; 8. Smith M. Alward; 9. Rachel Alward

SALLY MILLER, (6th child of Smith,) and Joseph Magie, had children:

1. Joseph Magie; 2. Phebe Anne Magie; 3. Minard Farley Magie; 4. Hester Magie.

EZRA MILLER, (son of Moses, son of John, Jun.,) and Mary High, lived in Westfield, and had children: (4th 5th Gen.)

1. Eliza, who married Charles Williams, son of Nathaniel, went to Racine, Wisconsin, and had children:

1. Jane Williams, who married William Vandeveer; 2. Rebecca Williams, who died at about 20 years; 3. Alexander Williams; 4. Mary Williams; 5. Margaret Williams; 6. Anna Williams; 7. Belden Williams.

2. Rachel, who married John Drake, son of Nathaniel, of Scotch Plains, and had children:

1. Harriet Drake; 2. Ezra Drake; 3. Sarah Drake; 4. Huldah Drake; 5. Emma Augusta Drake.

3. Esther married [25 Jun 1834, Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] David B. Crane, of Newark, (son of John, son of Prince, son of Moses Crane, of Parcipany, Morris county,) and had children:

1. Mary Crane; 2. Mentor Crane; 3. Asenath Crane; 4. Moses Crane; 5. William Crane.

4. Linus High Miller married [23 Feb 1836, Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey] Abigail Price, daughter of Elihu, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Sarah ;
2. Anna ;
3. Moses ;
4. William.
[Sarah Crane Miller, c. of Linus H. & Abby, b. Feb 14, 1838, bap. Aug 4 1838; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Anna Price Miller, c. of Linus & Abby, b. July 8 1840, bap. Feb 6 1841; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Moses Howell Miller, c. of Linus &Abigail, b. Feb 20 1844, bap. Sep 20 1844; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]
[Mahlon Dickinson Miller, c. of Linus & Abby, b. May 13, 1848, bap. Feb 18 1849; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

5. Moses married Frances Durand, of Racine, and lived there, and had children:

1. William; 2. _____ _____ .

6. Ezra married, 17th Dec. 1849 [Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey], Evelina Pierson, daughter of Deacon Squier Pierson.

7. William, who went to Racine, Wisconsin.

8. Mary Anne married Aaron H. Verselas, son of George Verselas, Esq., of Germantown, Hunterdon county, and had children:

1. Mary Helen Verselas; 2. Rebecca Frances Verselas.

9. Rebecca.

JONATHAN MILLER, (son of John, Jun.,) and Miss _____ Williams had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Dickerson, who married [22 Sep 1795, Genet Kirkpatrick, Both Baskingridge, Somerset Co.;by Rev. Joseph Grover, Parsippany; Morris County Marriage Book A] Jane Kirkpatrick, daughter of David, Sen., [See Kirkpatrick.] and had children: 

1. John, who went to Ohio; 2. David, who married _____ _____ ; 3. Andrew, a lawyer; 4. Dickerson, a lawyer; 5. Caleb; 6. Samuel.

2. Phebe, who married William C. Annin, of Liberty Corner.

3. Polly, who married Capt. William Tuttle, of Morris county, and had no children.

4. Williams, who married Polly Boyle, daughter of Joseph, of, Long Hill; lived where his father did and had children: 

1. Joseph, who married two sisters; 

2. Jonathan; 

3. Elizabeth, who married [22 Oct 1844, Jacob Shults Hays, by Orlando L. Kirtland, Minister of the Gospel; Morris County Marriage Book E] Jacob Stultz Haas, son of Jacob Haas, near Liberty Corner; lives in Darke county, Ohio, near Hill Grove, and keeps a tavern; 

4. George.


EPHRAIM MILLER lived at Smalley's Bridge, in Somerset county, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Eliphalet who married _____ , daughter of Col. Seely, of Chatham.

2. Elizabeth married Jacob Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See Stevens.] And by a 2d wife _____ , Ephraim Miller had children.

3. Ephraim, who was partially insane.

4. Conklin married Mary Reel, of Virginia; lived near Dayton, Ohio, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. John, who died at about, 16 years.
2. Hannah.
3. Sarah.
4. William married Anne Eliza Sourby, daughter of William, of Dayton.
5. Samuel.
6. Martha married the Rev. Mr. Griffith, a Presbyterian Minister, from Wales.
7. Ephraim married Margaret Howey, daughter of Albert.
8. Henry married.
9. Emily.
10. Margaret, died at 4 years.

5. Sabra.

6. Hannah married Jacob Kautz, near Cincinnati, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Emily Kautz.
2. Jacob Kautz married Mary Walker.
3. Sarah Kautz married William Gallagher.
4. Margaret Kautz.

7. Meeker Miller


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