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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DAVID OAKLEY of Long Island, had sons:

1. David, Jun., who continued at Long Island.

2. Ephriam, who was born 1700, and married Sarah, who died 9th April, 1761, aged 52 years; he died 3d April, 1761; they were buried in the New Providence church yard. I have no account of their children.

3. Thomas came to New Jersey, lived in Morris county, near Passaic river, above Jonathan C. Bonnel's factory and paper mill.

He married Betsey French of Westfield, and had three children, who all died, and his wife also died, and he married her sister, Nancy French, and had three children, and his 2d wife died, and he married Nancy Clark, of Long Island, and had 8 other children.

4. Sylvanus came to New Jersey, and lived where John Willcox now lives. His 1st wife's name was Martha, who died 23d August, 1768, aged 43 years, and he married 2d, 8th December, 1768, Sarah Davis, widow of Isaac, and mother of Jonathan and Elijah Davis. [See Bedell.] And he married, 3d, Mary, the widow of Henry Clark, of Westfield, and daughter of Richard Valentine. He died 23d May, 1787, aged 63 years.

SYLVANUS OAKLEY, (4th child of David, 1st,) had children:

1. Ephriam, married 5th July, 1774, Susanah Raimond.

2. Matthew, baptized 24th February, 1765.

3. David, baptized 1st November, 1767.

4. Isaac, who died 23d September, 1768. And by his 2d, wife Sarah, widow, of Isaac Davis, he had other children:

5. Esther, baptized 21st, January, 1770.

6. Nancy married, 1791, James Bedell, son of William, and went to Ohio. [See Bedell.]

7. John, who did not marry; he was lame, had a wooden leg.

8. Polly married John Abel, and went to Ohio. (His daughter Nancy went to the Shakers.)

9. Elzabeth, who died 11th October, 1791, aged 11 years.

EPHRAIM OAKLEY, (eldest son of Sylvanus,) and Susannah Raimond, had children:

1. Rachel, who married her cousin, Sylvanus Oakley, son of Thomas.

2. Isaac, who went to the Beech Woods, Wayne Co., Penn.

3. Peter Raimond Oakley, who went to Ohio.

4. Hannah, who married Cooper Osborn.

5. Patty married, 1st, David Miller; 2d, David Goble, 31st October, 1787.

6. Sylvanus married Jane Noble, daughter of George Noble.

7. David, who went to the Beech Woods, with Col. Seely, of Chatham.

THOMAS OAKLEY, (3d son of David,) by his 2d, wife, Nancy French, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sylvanus, who married Rachel Oakley, eldest daughter of Ephraim.

2. Dorcas, married 2d July, 1795, Josiah Day, son of Nathaniel Day, of Chatham. [See Day.]

3. David, who went to the south.

Thomas Oakley, by his 3d, wife, Nancy Clark, had other children:

4. Jonathan, married at Haverstraw, New York, and lived and died there.

5. Phebe married Elijah Day, brother of Josiah, and went to Ohio.

6. Aaron, born 15th August, 1783, married, 9th November, 1804, Sarah Doty, born 20th August, 1788, daughter of Joseph Doty, 3d, and lived on Stony Hill.

7. Johannah married Richard Minthorn, and went to the Lakes, New York.

8. Jeremiah, who went to the south.

9. Daniel, married 10th September, 1814, Lockey Cory, daughter of George; lives at Franklin Place.

10. Clark married Lucy Wood, of Spotswood; lives on Staten Island.

11. Lot, who died young.

AARON OAKLEY, (son of Thomas,) and Sarah Doty, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Ira, who died at 19 years.

2. David Austin, who married Eliza Douglas, daughter of Peter, of New Vernon.

3. Elias Runyon Oakley went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and there married Mary Anne Turner. She died April, 1847, and he removed to Iowa.

4. Rosetta D. married Ebenezer Sturges, son of Benjamin, of Green Village.

5. Edward H. A. Oakley.

6. Aaron Doty Oakley married, 1st, Sarah J. Housey. She died, and he married, 2d, Sarah A. Minnick, daughter of Jacob, of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

7. Sarah E. married, 7th Feb. 1847, John G. Hovey, of Worcester, Massachusetts.

8. Nancy C. Oakley.

DANIEL O. KLEY, (son of Thomas,) and Lockey Cory, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. William.

2. Julianne, who married Daniel Paxton, and had children: 1. Eliza Anne; 2. Lewis.

3. Electa married Charles R. Morehouse; has no children.

4. Nancy; 5. Sarah; 6. Ezra; 7. Daniel Thomas.


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