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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


SMITH S. OSBORN was son of Jacob Osborn, of Long Island. He married Sarah Burnet, daughter of Stephen or Jonathan Burnet, of Long Island. She was a cousin to Col. Israel Day; he lived where George Cory now lives. He died 25th April, 1816, aged 58 years. She died 15th Sept. 1841, aged 81 years. He was a shoemaker. They had children: (1st Gen.)

1. Esther, who married Ellis Noe, son of John Noe, [see John Noe.] She died 15th Oct. 1805, aged 23 years.

2. Stephen Burnet Osborn married, 21st Feb. 1808. Sally Potter, daughter of Amos Potter, Esq., and died 22d Oct. 1844.

3. Hannah married 15th Oct. 1817, Richard Holloway, son of Elijah. They lived at the east end of Sterling Valley. She died Jan. 1848, leaving but one child, Smith S. Osborn Holloway.

4. Jacob; 5. Stratton. They went to Western New York, and both died there.

6. Ellis, who went Ohio, and died there.

7. Israel Day Osborn, who married Charlotte Vreeland, daughter of Daniel, and have no children. They live near the Franklin Mill, on the east side of the river. (2st Gen.)

STEPHEN BURNET OSBORN. (son of Smith S. Osborn,) and Sally Potter, had children: (They lived where David Flinn once lived.) (2d Gen.)

1. Esther, who married Joel Faurette, son of James Faurette, of New Brunswick. They lived near the Summit, where Col. Samuel Potter formerly lived, and have no children.

2. Mary married Daniel H. Noe, Esq., son of Frazee, son of Lewis Noe, and had a son, Lewis Henry Noe.

3. Elias married Meribah Osborn, daughter of Daniel Osborn, of Plainfield; they lived where his father did; she died 16th Feb. 848, leaving a daughter. Sarah B. Osborn, and he married, 16th Nov. 1848, Eliza Anne Pierson, daughter of John M. Parsons, and had a daughter, Harriet Newel Osborn.

4. Charlotte Potter married, 14th Feb. 1844, Ellis Bonnel, (as his 2d wife,) son of Philemon. [See Bonnel.]

5. Elizabeth, born 1830.

6. Hannah, who died 27th March, 1833, aged 13 years.

7. Phebe P., who died 16th Sept. 1834, aged 11 years.

8. Sarah Burnet, who died 21st Sept. 1834, aged 8 years.


THOMAS OSBORN was a son of Jacob, and brother of Smith S. Osborn. He came from Long Island to this Valley about 1780, and lived where Jonathan Meeker, Esq, now does. (1st Gen.)

His 1st wife's name was Luis Ellison. They had children:

1. Elizabeth, who married Stites Scudder, son of Richard. [See Scudder.]

2. Smith S. Osborn, who was a physician. He married Kitty Howel, widow of Joseph Howel, of Burlington county. Her maiden name was Kitty Reynolds. They had but one daughter, Eliza S. Osborn, who married Samuel Willcox, Esq., son of John, Jun., and lives in Newark. [See Willcox.]

Thomas Osborn's wife Lois died 18th Jan. 1783, aged 37 years, and he married, 13th May, 1783, Rachel, the widow of David Sayre, brother of Deacon William Sayre. Her maiden name was Rachel Roff. After Mr. Osborn's death, which occurred 5th of April, 1801, she married Col. Jedediah Swan, of Scotch Plains. Doct. Smith S. Osborn died 29th Sept. 1806, and his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Scudder, died 22d Nov. 1848.


JOHN OSBORN, who is named in the 2d generation of the Elizabethtown Associates, admitted in 1699, and is said to have come from Long Island, and probably the father of John Osborn, who married Puah Howel, who died 15th April, 1785, aged 60 years. They lived where Doc. Ridley Kent now does, and owned also the Lacy farm opposite to it, extending north to the river. He was born 1718, and died 1st Sept. 1776, in consequence of a kick by a horse. They had children: (1st Gen.)

1. Esther, who married, 25th Dec. 1767, Joseph Abbot, of Newark.

2. Puah, who married, 25th Oct. 1770, Joseph Marsh, of Morris county.

3. Jonathan Howel married, 5th Jan. 1766, Deborah Hart, daughter of Jeremiah; she died 11th March, 1782, aged 37 years, and he married, 2d, in the winter of 1783, Margaret Simpson, daughter of John.

4. Rachel, who married, 3d Sept. 1771, Jonathan Bailey, of Morris county. [See Bailey] He died and she married, 2d, Andrew Wade, of Morris county. [See Brown.] He died and she married, 3d, Dec. 7th, 1787, Isaac Clark, (a blind man;) lived in this valley. He died, and she married, 4th, Samuel Tucker, son of Abner Tucker. [See Tucker.] Mr. Tucker died; left her a widow again, and she lived several years, till Feb. 1840.

5. Polly married Abraham Bedell, son of Jacob Bedell. [See Bedell.]

6. Eunice, who married, 6th Nov. 1785, Capt. John Maxwell, son of John. [See Jacob Bedell and John Maxwell.]

7. John, Jun., married, 28th Dec. 1785, Mary Bebout, daughter of Peter Bebout.

8. Jane married Samuel Clark. Esq., son of elder John Clark. [See Clark.]

ESTHER OSBORN, (daughter of John,) and Joseph Abbot, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Mary Abbot, who married David Hays, merchant of Newark, and had children:

1. Esther Hays, who married Ira Tichenor, of Camptown: lives in Richmond, Virginia, and had an only child, Mary Tichenor, who married Lewis Lyman, of New York.

2. Nancy Hays, who married Henry King, of Morristown, and had children: 1. Caroline King; 2. Oliver King.

3. David Hays, who is a lawyer, and married the widow Caroline Hays, of Burlington, N. J.

2. Rebecca married William Badgley, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. Joseph Badgley, who went to Indiana; 2. Cornelius Badgley, who lives in N. York; 3. Mary Anne Badgley, who married Henry Donnington, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. William Donnington; 2. John Donnington; 3. Joseph Donnington: 4. Sarah Donnington; 5. Caroline Donnington; 6. Mary Donnington.

PUAH OSBORN, (daughter of John,) and Joseph Marsh, removed to Sussex, and had children:

1. Polly Marsh, who married John Day, son of George Day, Jun., of Long Hill. [See Day.] He died and she married Thomas Higby, of Sussex.

2. Howel Marsh married Miss Russel, daughter of James, of Sussex, and sister of Jacob B. Maxwell's wife, and lives on Long Island.

JONATHAN HOWEL OSBORN, (son of John Osborn,) and Deborah Hart, had children:

1. Jeremiah Hart Osborn, who married 1st, 23d December, 1789, Polly Squier, daughter of Ellis Squier. [See Ellis Squier.] She died 21st Nov. 1793, aged 25 years, and he married. 2d, 3d March, 1795, Polly Clark, daughter of Stephanus, and went to Ohio. [See Stephanus Clark.]

2. Jane, born 16th July, 1770, married David Parsons, son of William. [See Parsons.]

3. Rhoda married Moses Potter, son of Amos Potter, Sen., and went to Ohio. [See Partter.]

4. Sarah, who died 12th April, 1792, aged 9 months.

5. Jonathan, who died 8th January, 1789, aged 4 years.

6. Puah, who went to Ohio, and married William Squier, son of Meeker, son of Benjamin Squier. [See Squier.]

7. Sarah; 2d, who died young.

And by his 2d, wife, Margaret Simpson, J. H. Osborn had children:

8. Deborah, who married George Doty Clark, son of John, son of Elder John Clark. [See Clark.]

9. Esther, who died 12th February, 1794, aged 5 years.

10. John, born 20th April, 1787, married, 2d July, 1809, Sally Clark, born 1789, daughter of John Clark, son of Elder John Clark, and lives where his father did.

Mr. Jonathan Howel Osborn died 2d December, 1792, aged 49 years, by accident in the woods. His widow Margaret, died 7th September, 1832, aged 82 years.

JOHN OSBORN, (son of Jonathan Howel Osborn,) and Sally Clark, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Jane, who married Aaron M. Ludlow, son of Joseph. [See Ludlow.]

2. Aaron C., who died 15th October, 1826, aged 14 years, 2 mo.

3. Jonathan H., who died 18th October, 1826, aged 12 years, 1 month, and 21 days.

4. Jeremiah, who died 11th July, 1838, at Carlisle, Penn., aged 21 years, 8 months, and 12 days.

5. Margaret, born 20th August, 1809, married, 12th September, 1838, Samuel Kent, a carpenter, son of Abraham, and had children: 1. Mary Emily Kent, born 1840; 2. Sarah Anne Kent, born 1844.

6. Sarah H., who died 23d January, 1823, aged 1 year, 4 mo. 11 days.

7. Sarah Anne, who married 16th May, 1844, Samuel Totten, son of Jeremiah. [See Totten.]

8. Deborah, born June, 1826.

9. Sibbel, born 23d August, 1828, and married 24th September, 1851, Albert Pierson, son of James H. Pierson, son of Jacob S. Parsons. [See Parsons.]

10. John Clark Osborn, who died at 8 months.

RACHEL OSBORN, (daughter of John, Sen.,) married, first, Jonathan Bailey, of Morris county; [see Bailey;] 2d, Andrew Wade, of Morris county, and had a daughter, Patty, who married Thompson Brown, son of George; [see Brown;] 3d, Isaac Clark, of Morris county, in this Valley; [see Isaac Clark;] 4th, Samuel Tucker, (as his second wife,) son of Abner Tucker.] [See Tucker.]

JOHN OSBORN, Jun. (son of John,) and Mary Bebout, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Puah, who married Burrows Vanwy, of Sussex county, and had children: Jane Vanwy, who married William Completon, of Guernsey county, Ohio, and lives there.

2. Lewis married, 16th Nov. 1811, Mary Anne Cory, daughter of George, and went to Ohio.

3. Nancy married, 3d April, 1813, Daniel Wilson, son of Samuel, and went to the Lakes, New-York, and had children: 1. Jane Wilson; _____ ,

4. Jane married, 15th April, 1815, Isaac Denman, son of Joseph, of Springfield, and had children:

1. Runyon Denman, who married _____ .

2. Elizabeth Denman married Theodore Hill.

3. John Denman married _____ .
4. Mary Denman, born _____ _____ , 1823.
5. William Denman, born _____ _____ , 1828.
6. Jonathan Howel Denman, born _____ _____ , 1830.
7. George Denman, born _____ _____ , 1832.

5. Jonathan Howel Osborn married Phebe M. Sturgis, daughter of Eleazer Sturgis, of Green Village; lives at the Saw Mill on Passaic River, near Baskingridge, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Mary Jane, who married William M. Corbit, and had a son, Lewis Corbit. (4th Gen.)

2. Lewis F., who married Anne Eliza Armstrong, daughter of Lewis, of Pleasant Valley, and had children: 1. William Osborn; _____ _____ .

3. Sarah Roberts Osborn.


NEHEMIAH OSBORN came from Connecticut Farms to Long Hill; he married Mary Baldwin, daughter of Gabriel Baldwin; he died 14th March, 1846, in his 85th year. They had children: (2d Gen. 3d Gen.)

1. David L., born 4th January, 1787, and married Phebe Ward, daughter of Joshua, of Cheapside, and had children:

1. Joshua Ward; 2. David Nelson; 3. Albert H., who married Adaline Boyle, daughter of Dr William Boyle; [see Boyle;] 4. William Sanford; 5. Edwin; 6. Phebe Anne.

2. Rachel, born 30th October, 1788, and died 20th July, 1808, unmarried.

3. Ezra, born 27th March, 1790, and died at abont 30 years, unmarried.

4. Asa, born 19th Dec. 1795, married, 20th May, 1824, Jane L. Bennet, and had a daughter, Mary Jane. His wife Jane died 1827, aged 20 years, and he married Hannah Wood, daughter of Daniel S. Wood, Jun and had a daughter, Anne Eliza, born 18th January, 1831, and married, 24th Sept. 1850, Philemon Tomkins, son of A. A. Tomkins.

5. Matthias, born 20th Sept. 1797, married Elizabeth Bonnel, born 11th February, 1797, daughter of Nathaniel Bonnel 3d, and had children:

1. Mary Elizabeth, born 29th Nov. 1829.
2. Martha Jane, born 28th Sept. 1833.
3. Sarah Anne, who died in infancy.

Matthias Osborn was ordained, 30th November, 1828, an elder in the church at New Providence. (3d Gen.)

6. Nehemiah, born 8th February, 1799, lives at Sparta, in Sussex county; he married first, Miss Hunt; 2d, the widow Coursen.

7. Samuel B., born 16th February, 1804, married, 1st March, 1824, Mary N. Miller, daughter of Lewis. She died 23d February, 1844, in her 40th year, and left children: 1. Eliza; 2. Mantha; 3. David; and had several others, who died young.

8. Eliza, born 3d October, 1807, and married William Meeker, son of Noah. He lives near Succasunna Plains, Morris county [See Charity Miller, daughter of Elder Moses.]


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