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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


BENJAMIN PETTIT, Esq came from New Rochelle, in the State of New York, to Passaic Valley, and by deed dated 31st December, 1729, purchased 105 acres of land of Jona, Carle; he also purchased in 1737, of the Committee of the Freeholders of Elizabethtown, 100 acres adjoining and lying west of the other tract, and between that and Nathaniel Smith's tract, and both adjoining the River, which are in possession of his desendants to this day, on which Major Jotham Potter now lives. Benjamin Pettit, Esq. died 30th January, 1771, aged 72 years, and left children, Mary, Abigail and Benjamin Pettit, Jun. (1st Gen.)

BENJAMIN PETTIT, Jun, married Phebe Potter, daughter of Joseph Potter, and died 7th October, 1757, aged 35 years; they had children: (2d Gen.)
[Benjamin Pettet m. 6 Feb 1752 Phebe Potter by Rev. Jacob Green; Prebyterian Church Records at Hanover, Morris, NJ 1746-1796]

1. Elizabeth, born 5th March, 1753, and married, 1st, John Parker, an Uncle of the wife of Hugh Cauldwell, and 2d, John Smith, and went to Western New York.

2. Phebe, born 26th February, 1756, and married 15th June, 1772, John Brittin son of William, [see Brittin,] and had children, Pettit and Betsey Brittin.
[Phebe Pettit m. 15 June 1772 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943]

Pettit Brittin married for his 2d wife Betsey Rorback, and had children: 1. John Brittin; 2. George Brittin; 3. Sarah Brittin.

Betsey Brittin married James Primrose, and had children: 1. John Primrose; 2. Pettit Primrose; 3. Sarah Primrose; 4. Phebe Primrose; 5. Hannah Primrose; 6. George Washington Primrose.

3. Benjamin 3d, born 17th December, 1757; he was Capt. in the militia. He married in the winter of 1783 Elizabeth Day, daughter of Timothy, of Chatham, and died 25th Oct. 1794, aged 37 years. After the death of Benjamin Pettit, Jun, his widow Phebe married Kennedy Vance, of Longhill. [See Vance.]

CAPTAIN BENJAMIN PETTIT and Elizabeth Day, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Timothy Day Pettit, who married 22d November, 1806 Huldah Bonnel, daughter of Nathaniel Bonnel 3d, and died 4th August, 1808, aged 25 years, leaving a son. (4th Gen.) 1. Timothy Day Pettit, who died 25th December, 1842, aged 35 years, unmarried. (5th Gen.)

2. Benjamin Pettit 4th, who died 20th September, 1806, aged 21 years, unmarried.

3. Betsey Pettit, who died 16th January, 1795, 6 1/2 years.

4. Phebe Pettit, born 23d December, 1795, and married 6th May 1810, Jotham Potter, son of Amos Potter Esq. [See Potter.] On the death of Timothy D. Pettit 2d, in 1842, the name of Pettit became extinct, and the farm is in possession of and owned by Major Jotham Potter, and his wife Phebe Pettit.


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