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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.

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SAMUEL POTTER, the ancestor of the Potter family, in this region of county, came from Wales, in England; he had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Hannah, who was born 1691; 

2. Daniel, born 1692.

3. Sarah, born 1696; 

4. Samuel, Jun., born 1699.

5. Joseph, born 1702; 

6. Elizabeth, twin to Joseph, born 1702.

7. Noadiah, born 1704, and lived at Vauxhall, in Clinton township; 8. Mary, born 1708.

DANIEL POTTER 1st, (2d child of Samuel 1st,) lived in Connecticut Farms, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Daniel 2d, born 1723: he died by accident, 15th Oct, 1774.

2. Amos 1st, born 1725.

3. Samuel 3d, born 1727; he was a Col. in the Revolutionary War.

These three brothers came up from Connecticut Farms, and took charge and possession of Lots No. 6, No. 26 and No. 27, of the Elizabethtown Lots, drawn by their father, Daniel Potter, and also Lot No. 22, drawn by David Potter, at the Summit of the Morris and Essex Rail Road.

Daniel Potter 2d, lived where his son Amos Potter, Esq., afterwards lived. Amos Potter, lived in a house opposite to that built by John Blackburn.

Samuel Potter, (the Col.,) lived at the Cross Roads, a little west of the Summit.

DANIEL POTTER 2d, (son of Daniel, son of Samuel Potter 1st,) by a first wife, had a son, David Potter, who married Deborah Parsons, daughter of William Parsons, Esq. She became crazy Deb, and died childless. And for a second wife, Daniel Potter 2d married Catherine Lacy, sister of David Lacy. They had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Hannah, who married Daniel Hart, son of Jeremiah. [See Hart,]

2. Catherine married John Mascho. [See Mascho.]

3. Sally married Silas Howel, of Hanover, Morris county, and lived there.

4. Jacob married, 14th May, 1775, Susannah, daughter of elder John Clark. He was ordained an elder in the Presbyterian church, 4th November, 1794, and was an efficient member of the church and a useful member of society.
[Jacob Potter m. 14 May 1775 Susannah Clark by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943]

5. Amos married, first Sarah Clark, sister of Jacob's wife; second, Elizabeth, the widow of Capt. Benjamin Pettit, by whom he had no children.

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6. Phebe married John Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See Stevens.]

7. Noadiah married Polly Clark, daughter of Abraham, of Westfield, and went to Ohio.
[Noadiah Potter m. 15 May 1783 Mary Clark; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

8. Jotham, who died 21st August, 1777, aged 13 years.

9. Daniel 3d married, 28th April, 1791, Phebe Stanbury, daughter of Capt. Samuel Stanbury, of Long Hill, and had children: (5th Gen.)
[Daniel Potter m. 28 Apr 1791 Phebe Stanbury by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

1. Recompence Stanbury Potter, who married _____ .
2. Phebe married Mr. Martin, of Plainfield.

Daniel Potter 3d lost his wife, and he married Agnes Van Court, below Plainfield, who after Mr. Potter's death married Stephen Whitaker, of Yates county, N. Y. [See Whitaker.]

JACOB POTTER, (4th child of Daniel 2d,) and Susannah Clark, had children: (he died 30th April, 1841, aged 86; she died 23d March, 1841, aged 84 years, both ripe for heaven) (5th Gen.)

1. Jerusha, who died September, 1777, aged 1 year.

2. Jerusha 2d, born 3d Jan. 1788, and died 7th March, 1796.

3. Susannah born, _____ 1780, and died 26th March, 1795.

4. Jonas, born 23d Dec. 1782, and died 9th April, 1800.

5. Nathan, who married Elizabeth Day, daughter of Moses Day, of Chatham.

6. Mary married Joseph Halsey, and went to Ohio, near Lebanon, and had children:

1. Mary Halsey, who married John Dynes.
2. Abby Halsey married James Dynes, cousin of John.
3. David Halsey; 4. Joseph Halsey; 5. Jacob Halsey.

7. Amos married, 1st September, 1814, Phebe Denman, daughter of Joseph, of Springfield, and had children:

1. Caroline, born 14th November, 1815, married James F. Kent, of the state of New York.
2. Mary married Sidney A. Lyon, son of Lewis Lyon, of Springfield.
3. Sarah Willis Potter.
4. James Miller Potter married Jane Elizabeth Ramsey, of Rahway.
5. Charlotte Denman Potter, who died at 19 years, unmarried.
6. William Clark Potter.
7. Eliza, who died 21st October, 1839, aged 2 years.
8. Phebe Anne.
9. Israel Milton Potter, born 8th January, 1835.

8. David married in Ohio, Rhoda Potter, daughter of Russel, son of Amos Potter 1st. He lived near Middletown, Ohio.

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9. Moses M. Potter, who died 10th October, 1815, aged 16 years, 5 months and 4 days.

10. Jacob M. Potter, who died at 18 years.

DAVID POTTER (son of Jacob) had children:

1. Jacob, who died young; 2. Mary Elizabeth, who married Hervy Hathaway; 3. Russel; 4. Louisa; 5. Susan. 

David Potter's wife Rhoda then died, and he married Elizabeth Starr.

AMOS POTTER, Esq. (5th child of Daniel Potter 2d,) and Sarah Clark had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Hannah, who married Moses Thompson, son of Thomas, of Long Hill. [See Thompson.]

2. Jotham, born 3d Oct. 1781, married, 6th May, 1810, Phebe Pettit, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Pettit.

3. Elizabeth, who died 25th Jan. 1796, aged 12 years and 2 months.

4. Sally married, 21st Feb. 1808, Stephen B. Osborn, son of Smith S. [See Osborn.]

5. Charlotte married, 14th November, 1816, Jotham Meeker Baldwin, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Jotham Baldwin.
2. Elizabeth Baldwin, who married Isaac H. Labaugh, of New York.
3. James Baldwin, who went to Illinois.
4. Rowena Baldwin.
5. Sarah Baldwin.

They lived in N. Y. Mr. Baldwin died 16th June, 1845. Amos Potter's wife Sarah died 15th January, 1796, aged 36 years, and he married Elizabeth, the widow of Capt. Benjamin Pettit. [See Pettit.] He was a Justice of the Peace, and died 8th July, 1834, aged 77 years. His widow died 19th January, 1835, aged 73 years.

JOTHAM POTTER, (2d child of Amos Potter, Esq.) was a major in the militia, a Justice of the Peace, and an elder in the Presbyterian church, ordained 30th November, 1828. He and Phebe Pettit had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Benjamin Pettit Potter, who married, 7th December, 1742, Elizabeth Griffin, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Emily; 2. Edward Griffin; 3. Ludlow, who died at 2 months.

2. Betsey Day, who married, 11th November, 1835, Ellis Bonnel, son of Philemon. [See Bonnel.]

3. Sarah C. who married, 5th January, 1837, Daniel L. Bonnel, son of William. [See Bonnel.]

4. Amos, born 1820.

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5. Ludlow Day married, 4th June, 1850, Henrietta Malvina Ketchum, daughter of Enoch Ketchum, of Pennington, Mercer county, New Jersey. He graduated at Princeton College, studied theology at the seminary there, was licensed to preach, by the presbytery of Elizabethtown, in October, 1846, and went to Brookville, Indiana, and was ordained and installed over the Presbyterian church there.

6. Mahetabel Merry.

7. Phebe Pettit.

8. Harriet Newel.

NOADIAH POTTER, (7th child of Daniel Potter 2d,) and Polly Clark, lived below Franklin, Ohio, and had children:

1. David, who married in Baltimore; lived at Hill Grove, Darke county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Mary; 2. _____ _____ ; 3. Noadiah; 4. Sidney; 5. Clayton.

2. Abraham.

3. John Clark Potter married Sally Gard, daughter of the Rev. Stephen Gard, of Trenton, Ohio; lived at Greenville, Darke county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Cecelia, who died a young woman in August, 1849, of cholera,
2. Thaddeus.

3. Polly married Baldwin Morehouse, son of James. [See Morehouse.]

5. Hiram married Hetty Fort; was a merchant in Greenville,; had no children.

6. Moses married Margaret Ainsworth, of Franklin; lived near Greenville.

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AMOS POTTER 2d, (son of Daniel Potter 1st,) had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Elizabeth, who was baptized, 25th Jan. 1767, married Daniel Doty, son of John Doty. [See Daniel Doty.]
[Betsey Potter m. 20 Dec 1787 Daniel Doty by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

2. Joanna, who died 23d Dec. 1767.

3. Daniel, who died 18th Feb. 1768.

4. John, who married, 2d May, 1770, Bethiah Lyon, daughter of Peter Lyon, and went to Ohio.

5. Russel married Rhoda Maxwell, sister of Caleb Maxwell, and went to Ohio. [See Maxwell]

6. Moses married, 29th April, 1792, Rhoda Osborn, daughter of Jonathan Howel Osborn, and went to Ohio. [See Osborn.]
[Moses Potter m. 29 Apr 1792 Rhode Osborn by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

7. Rebecca married Ellis Squier, son of Benjamin, son of John, of Westfield, and went to Ohio. [See Squier.] 
[Rebecca Potter m. 23 Jan 1769 Ellie Squire by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943]

8. Rachel, (by a 2d wife,) married Dan Cauldwell, son of William Cauldwell, and went to Ohio. [See Cauldwell.]
[Rachel Potter m. 8 May 1788 Dan Caldwell by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

Amos Potter's wife died 13th Feb. 1768.

JOHN POTTER, (son of Amos, son of Daniel 1st,) and Bethiah Lyon had children: (4th 5th Gen.)

1. Phebe, baptized 20th Nov. 1775, and married Ezekiel Wright, Jun., son of Ezekiel.

2. Rachel married Nathaniel Bond; lived near Ellis Squier's in Ohio.

3. Johannah married, 26th April, 1790, Allen Woodruff; went to Ohio, and there joined the Shakers.
[Joanna Potter m. 26 Apr 1790 Allen Woodruff by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

4. Polly married James Morehouse, son of David, of Cheapside. [See Morehouse.]
[Mary Potter m. 26 Nov 1788 James Morehouse by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

5. Daniel married, 1st, Abby Morehouse; 2d, Betsey Drew, daughter of John Drew, both of Cheapside.
[Daniel Potter m. 3 Jan 1801 Betsey Drew; Both of Springfield; by Rev. James Richards, Morristown; Morris County Marriages Book A]

6. Benjamin married Miss Dean, daughter of Thomas Dean.

7. John married Christiana Potter, daughter of Isaac, son of Col. Samuel, and removed to Sussex, and had children:

1. John Chatfield; 2. Samuel Bebout; 3. Benjamin; 4. Jonathan; 5. Isaac Warren; 6. Henrietta Amanda. (6th G.)

RACHEL POTTER, (2d child of John Potter, son of Amos,) and Nathaniel Bond, had children;

1. John Bond, who married Eliza Crowel, daughter of Moses Crowel, of N. Jersey, and had children:

1. Julia Anne; 2. Elias; 3. Nathaniel; 4. Crowel; 5. Mary Jane; 6. Henry; 7. Ezra Bond.

2. Joseph Bond, who married Lavisy Osborn, daughter of Jeremiah H. Osborn, [see Osborn,] and had children:

1. Caroine; 2. Benjamin; 3. Alfred; 4. Edwin; 5. Squier; 6. Milton.

3. Anna Bond married Squier Osborn, brother of Joseph Bond's wife, and had children: 1. Rachel Osborn; 2. Sarah Osborn.

4. Martha. 5. Mary.

RUSSEL POTTER, (5th child of Amos, son of Daniel Potter 1st,) and Rhoda Maxwell had children:

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1. Anna, who married Samuel Martin, son of Joseph, of Pennsylvania, and had children: 1. Daniel Martin; 2. Russel Martin; 3. Rachel Martin; 4 Mary Martin; 5. Sarah Martin; 6. Ezra Martin; 7. Maxwell Martin.

2. Maxwell, who married, 1st, Elizabeth Coddington, daughter of William, of Maryland, a native of New Jersey, and had a son, Benjamin, who married Phebe Squier, daughter of David, son of Ellis Squier. Maxwell Potter married, 2d, Sally, the widow of David, son of Ellis Squier, [see Squier.] and had a daughter, Sarah Anne Potter, who married John Martin, and had a son, Edwin.

3. Levi, who married Chloe Potter, daughter of John, of Maryland, formerly of New Jersey, (not son of Amos,) and had children: 1. Rachel; 2. Charlotte; 3. Russel, and John, twins; 5. Julia Anne; 6. Elizabeth; 7. Thompson.

4. Betsey, who married Josiah Kerr, son of Josiah, of Pennsylvania, and had children: 1. Margaret Kerr; 2. Elizabeth Kerr.

5. Rhoda married David Potter, son of Jacob. [See Jacob Potter.]

BENJAMIN POTTER, (son of Maxwell,) and Phebe Squier had children:

1. Samuel Maxwell Potter, who married Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Abraham; 2. George; 3. William; 4. Philip Landis; 5. Anne Eliza; 6. Sarah Bell.

2. Hannah Potter, who married 1st, Samuel Lee, son of Elder James Lee, a baptist minister; 2d, James Emmons, and had children: 1. Maxwell Potter Lee, who married, 1851, Margaret Moore; 2. James Lee; 3. Elizabeth Lee, who married 1st, Joseph Banker, and had children: Jacob, and Franklin Banker; 2d, William Hartley. 4. Mary, who married Dudley Jones, and had 4 children. And by James Emmons, Hannah had a son, Ezra Emmons.

3. Rhoda Potter, who married Moses Morehouse, son of James Morehouse, and had children: 1. Emeline Morehouse, who married John Emmons, and had 3 children. 2. Ezra Morehouse; 3. Rhoda Anne Morehouse; 4. Mary Morehouse; 5. James Morehouse; 6. Sarah Morehouse.

4. Mary Potter married William Lucas, and had children: 1. Samuel Lucas; 2. Joel Lucas; 3. Eliza Lucas; 4. Nelson Lucas; 5. Mary Anne Lucas; 6. William Lucas; 7. Benjamin Lucas; 8. John Lucas; 9. Lucinda Lucas.

5. Ezra Potter married 1st, Mary Gard, daughter of the Rev. Stephen Gard, and had children: 1. Ann Eliza; 2. Laura; Ezra married 2d, Catherine Miller, daughter of Ellis, and had other children: 3. Frank; 4. Mary.

6. William Potter married Rachel Taylor, daughter of Joseph, and had children: 1. Charles; 2. Sarah; 3. Oscar; 4. Juliette; 5. Samuel

7. Eliza Potter, who married John Hartley, and has children: 1. Elizabeth Hartley; 2. Augustus Hartley; 3. Newton Hartley; 4. John Leland Hartley. And by his 2d wife, Levi Potter had one daughter.

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MOSES POTTER, (son of Amos, son of Daniel Potter 2d) and Rhoda Osborn, went to Ohio, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Levi, who married Sally Sutphen, from Monmouth Co. New Jersey, daughter of Abraham, and had children:

1. John Johnson Potter, who married Catherine Burge, daughter of Anthony.
2. Mariah Sutphen Potter. 3. Francis Marion Potter.

2. Rhoda married Samuel Wood; lived in Dayton, and had children: 1. Betsey, who married John Robb; 2. Jonas Wood; 3. Jerry Wood.
[Rhode Potter m. 7 Nov 1782 Samuel Wood by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

3. Sally married Stephen Paine, of New York; he died leaving three sons.

1. Moses Potter Paine, who married Mary Robison.
2. Daniel Paine married Elizabeth Young
3. Jonathan Paine married Hannah Barnet.

4. Jane, born 2d April, 1794, married John Sutphen, born 28th Sept, 1794, brother of Levi's wife.

5. Amos, who married Eleanor Denny, from Pennsylvania, and had children: 1. James; 2. Mary Magdalen; 3. Rhoda.

6. Jonathan Howel Potter, who married 3 wives, and died in 1849, of cholera. He married, 1st, Charlotte Van Scoyke, and had children: 

1. Amos Van Scoyke Potter; 2. Levi Potter; he married,

2d, Elizabeth Conover, and had a son,

3. Carleton Sutphen Potter. 

He married, 3d, Sarah Anne Bond, and had no children by her.

JANE POTTER, (4th child of Moses,) and John Sutphen lived at Middletown, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Abraham Sutphen, who married Eliza Brown, daughter of Christopher, of Virginia, and had children: 1. Levina Anne Sutphen; 2. Mariah Louisa Sutphen; 3. Sarah Lucinda Sutphen; 4. Rhoda Magdalen Sutphen.

2. Joseph Sutphen married Caroline Johnson, and had children: 1. Charles Sutphen; 2. Harriet Jane Sutphen; 3. Mary Bell Sutphen.

3. Moses Sutphen married Lucy Van Ness, and had a son, Isaac Sutphen, and died at just 30 years of age.

4. Sally Mariah Sutphen married Andrew Brown, brother of Abraham's wife, and had a daughter, Eliza Caroline Brown.

5. Carleton Waldo Sutphen married Elizabeth Cochran, daughter of Thomas, and had children: 1. John Thomas Sutphen; 2. Ruth Jane Sutphen.

6. Rhoda Jane Sutphen. 7. John Sutphen.

8. Martha Anne Sutphen. 9. Levi Potter Sutphen.

10. James Heaton Sutphen. 11. Darias Lapham Sutphen.

12. Eliza Caroline Sutphen, who died at 4 years.

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COL. SAMUEL POTTER, (son of Daniel, son of Samuel Potter 1st) married Jemima Baldwin, 5th child of John Baldwin. [See John Baldwin.] (3d Gen.)

Col. Potter died 11th July, 1802, aged 76; his wife Jemima died. 25th November, 1819, aged 89 years. He was an officer in the militia, in the revolutionary war, and an elder, and one of the principal supporters of the church of New Providence, and a justice of the peace; they had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Caleb, who married 1st, on the 23d April, 1770, Phebe Parrot; 2d, a widow Hinds.

2. Lydia married Joseph Allen, brother of Daniel. [See Allen.]

3. Samuel, who married Sarah Parsons, daughter of William Parsons, Jun., and settled on Lamington river, Bedminster township, Somerset county.

4. Isaac married 1st, Abigail Bebout, daughter of Peter, of Long Hill; 2d, Abigail Swain, daughter of John Swain, of Cheapside.

5. Enos, born 28th March, 1762, married 20th February, 1787, Rhoda Miller, daughter of Elder Moses Miller, and went to Ohio.
[Enos Potter m. 20 Feb 1787 Rhody Miller by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

6. Jemima married Mr. _____ Cory, and went up the North River.

7. Prudence married Daniel Hart, son of Jeremiah, as his 2d wife. [See Hart.]
[Prudence Potter m. 6 June 1786 Daniel Hart by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

8. Mary, baptized 5th March, 1769, married 2d December, 1787, James Thomas, of Hanover, Morris county.
[Mary Potter m. 2 Dec 1787 James Thomas by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

9. Bethuel, baptized 27th March, 1774, and died 10th October, 1776.

CALEB POTTER, (son of Col. Samuel,) and Phebe Parrot lived where Noah Frazee now does, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Abigail, who married, 5th November, 1789, Daniel Maxwell, son of John 2d. [See Maxwell.] She was drowned in January, 1800, in N. Y. Bay, by the upsetting of a ferry boat.
[Abigail Potter m. 5 Nov 1789 Daniel Maxfell by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

2. Samuel, who married, 25th March, 1797, Betsey Dunham, daughter of John Dunham, and had children:
[Samuel Potter m. 25 Mar 1797 Betsey Duning by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

1. Abigail, who married Peter Bebout, son of Stephen. [See Bebout]
2. Nancy married William B. Crane, son of Joseph, Jun, [see Crane,] and removed to Middletown, Ohio.

Mr. Caleb Potter died 27th May, 1799, aged 49 years. His first wife died 25th April, 1771, aged 31 years.

CAPT. SAMUEL POTTER, (3d child of Col. Samuel Potter,) and Sarah Parsons, lived at Lamington, and had children:

1. Jonathan, who married Hannah Woolverton, of Canada; he died in 1831, aged 53 years. He became Colonel of the militia.

2. Searing, who died at 17 years.

3. Elizabeth, who married Thomas Mulford, near Pluckemin.

4. Sarah married Hugh Bartley, son of John, and grand-son of Capt. William Logan, of Peapack; he lives in Morris county.

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5. Samuel, who died at 20 years.

Capt. Potter died 17th August, 1831.

COL. JONATHAN POTTER, (son of Capt. Samuel,) and Hannah Woolverton had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Serring, who married Elizabeth Smith.

2. Dennis married Mary Anne Hyler, daughter of Philip, and had a daughter, Margaret, who married William Bonnel, and died in 1831, aged 27 years.

3. Mariah, who died in 1809, aged 3 years.

4. Sarah married Col. John McKinstry.

5. Samuel married Jane Rue, daughter of John, of Lamington.

6. Thankful married Benjamin Dunham, son of David, at the Cross Roads.

7. Jonathan W. married Gertrude Craig, daughter of William, of New Germantown.

8. Mary married David Dunham, brother of Benjamin.

SERRING POTTER, (son of Col. Jonathan,) and Elizabeth Smith had children: (7th Gen.)

1. Joseph; 2. Jonathan; 3. Serring; 4. Edmund; 5. Hervy; 6. Elizabeth; 7. Sarah.

SARAH POTTER, (4th child of Col. Jonathan,) and Col. John McKinstry had children:

1. Jonathan McKinstry; 2. Emily McKinstry; 3. John Mc Kinstry; 4. Samuel McKinstry; 5. William McKinstry; 6. Hannah McKinstry.

SAMUEL POTTER, (5th child of Col. Jonathan,) and Jane Rue had 8 children, 5 of which are living:

1. William; 2. Jonathan; 3. Mary; 4. Hannah; 5. Emma Jane.

THANKFUL POTTER, (6th child of Col. Jonathan,) and Benjamin Dunham, had children:

1. Mary Dunham, who married, April, 1851, Philip Philhower.

2. Hannah Dunham; 3. David Halsey Dunham; 4. Jonathan Dunham; 5. Warren Dunham; 6. William Dunham; 7. Martha Dunham; 8. Sarah Dunham.

JONATHAN W. POTTER, (7th child of Col. Jonathan,) has a grist mill and a store at Morristown, and lives there. He and Gertrude Craig had children:

1. Samuel, born 1841.

2. Elizabeth, born 1844.

3. Hannah, born December, 1850.

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MARY POTTER, (8th child of Col. Jonathan,) and David Dunham had children:

1. Martha Dunham; 2. Serring Dunham; 3. David Dunham; 4. William Blauvelt Dunham, and two others, who died young.

ELIZABETH POTTER, (3d child of Capt. Samuel Potter,) and Thomas Mulford had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Samuel Mulford, who died at 28 years, unmarried.

2. William P. Mulford, who married Henrietta Britton, daughter of Col. Elihu Britton, of Elizabethtown. [See Elihu Britton.]

3. Barnabas Mulford married Margaret Todd, daughter of Major William Todd, of Bedminster, and had 6 children.

4. Eleazer Mulford married Miss Campbell, near Somerville.

5. Mahlon Mulford married Anna Price, of Elizabethtown.

6. Mary Mulford, who died in infancy.

7. Mary Elizabeth Mulford married Daniel W. Noe, son of Ellis, and had children: 1. Daniel, who died young; 2. Esther Noe.

Daniel W. Noe died, and she married Mr. Farrington.

SARAH POTTER, (4th child of Capt. Samuel,) and Hugh Bartley had children: (5th,)

1. Caroline Bartley, who married John Salmon, and had 3 children: (6th Gens)

1. Searing Salmon, who married Angeline Salmon, daughter of Joshua.
2. Harlan Page Salmon; 3d child died young.

2. Jonathan P. Bartley married Dorothy Caskey, and had 7 children. He was elected to the legislature, for the county of Morris, in 1850, and was accidently killed, in his saw-mill, in June, 1851.

3. Samuel P. Bartley married Eliza Ewalt, in Ohio; had three children, and removed to Ohio in 1850.

4. Sarah Elizabeth Bartley married Aaron Salmon, of Flanders, and had 4 children.

5. Hannah Bartley died at 18 years, unmarried.

6. A son, who died young.

7. William Bartley married Elmira Wolf, of Flanders.

8. Hugh Bartley, Jun. married Elizabeth Vroom, of German Valley.

ISAAC POTTER, (4th child of Col. Samuel Potter,) and his first wife, Abigail Bebout lived where his father did, and had children: (4th Gen. 5th Gens)

1. Nancy, who married Philemon Elmer, son of Jonathan., Jun. [See Elmer.]

2. Christiana married John Potter, son of John, son of Amos, 1st. [See John Potter.]

3. Polly, married, 1st April, 1809, Daniel Vreland, of Springfield, and had children:

1. William Alanson Vreland; 2. Eliza Vreland; 3. Caroline Vreland; 4. Abigail Bebout Vreland; 5. Lewis Vreland; 6. John Vreland.

4. Nathan married Betsey Notrip, of Sussex, and had children: 1. Israel; 2. Charlotte; 3. Mary Melvina.

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5. Israel, who died young.

6. Louisa, married 28th May, 1814, Samuel S. White, Esq., of Sussex, lived there, and had children:

1. Job Sanford White; 2. Sylvester Russel White; 3 Abigail Caroline White; 4. Nathan Potter White; 5. Thomas Gordon White; 6. Amanda White.

7. Lydia married Mr. _____ Digit, in New York, and died without children.

Mrs. Abigail Potter died 6th February, 1804, and he married 2d, Abigail Swain, daughter of John Swain, of Cheapside, and had other children:

8. Isaac Newton married Mary Ayers, daughter of David Ayers, of Union township.

9. Amanda married Benjamin Lord, a dentist, of New York.

10. Malvina married Caleb Baldwin, son of Noah, of Bloomfield.

11. Jemima, who went to Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, with her brother Samuel.

12. Samuel Sanford Potter, who graduated at college, in New York, studied theology, was licensed to preach the gospel. He preached some time in Newark. He married, 8th September, 1845, Phebe Riggs, daughter of Rev. Elias Riggs, and had children:

1. Margaret Riggs Potter; 2. Joseph Lewis Potter; and in November, 1850, removed to Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, and is settled over the Prebyterian congregation there.

Mr. Isaac Potter died 20th April, 1832, aged 73 years.

ENOS POTTER, (5th child of Col. Samuel,) and Rhoda Miller removed to Columbia, Ohio, at the mouth, of the Little Miami river, in company with Ludlow and Stites, in 1788, and from thence to Fort Washington, now Cincinnati, in 1789, and from thence, in 1793, to a section of land near Middletown, which he purchased of John Cleeves Symmes, before leaving New Jersey. They had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Azuba, born in N. Jersey, 25th January, 1788, and died 19th March, 1794. (5th Gen.)

2. Nathan, born 28th June, 1791, and married, 28th June, 1822, his cousin, Hannah Miller, daughter of Jacob; had 5 children, who all died young, and his wife died 17th April, 1834, and Nathan Potter died near Trenton, Ohio, 17th June, 1836.

3. Jonathan, born 18th December, 1793, and died 24th February, 1823, unmarried.

4. Bethuel, born 22d September, 1796, married Fanny Rogers, and had a son Jonathan, who married _____ _____ , and has 4 children; Bethuel died 23d December, 1819; his wife died previously.

5. Jemima, born 25th March, 1799, married 14th November, 1816, Aaron Flowers.

6. Samuel, born 25th October, 1801, married 18th January, 1825, Nancy Baker. She died 30th November, 1829, leaving a

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daughter, Elizabeth, born 31st August, 1826, who married John Stewart, of Cincinnati. Samuel married, 2d, Fanny Bryant, daughter of Nathaniel, May, 27th 1830, and had children: (6th Gen.)

2. Mary, born 6th March, 1831, married James Lane; 3. Martha Anne, born 17th August, 1833; 4. Mariah, born 9th October, 1835; 5. Emeline, born 25th August, 1838; 6. Margaret, born 3d February, 1841; 7. Rhoda, born 27th April, 1844; 8 Abby Ellen, born 11th May, 1846, died 5th October, 1846; 9. William B., born 30th August, 1847.

7. Mary, born 5th April, 1804, and married, 18th May, 1826, David Bryant, brother of Fanny, and had a son Enos Bryant, and she soon after died.

8. Enos Baldwin Potter, born 24th August, 1806, married 26th February, 1829, Abigail Bryant, sister of David and Fanny, and had children: 1. Harriet; 2. James; 3. Lewis, who died young; 4. Samuel. Enos B. Potter died in Dayton.

9. Aaron, born 31st March, 1809, lives in Hamilton, Ohio; is an extensive marble manufacturer. He married, 23d September, 1830, Emeline Ramsdale, who was born in Boston, Mass. 19th July, 1813. They had children: (5th Gen.)

1. A daughter, born and died in Cincinnati, 22d December, 1831. (6th Gen.)
2. Charlotte A. born in Cincinnati. 9th January, 1833.
3. Amos, born 20th February, 1834, and died 8th July, 1834.
4. Nathan, born 2d December, 1835, and died 13th Jan 1838.
5. Laura, born in Hamilton 28th April, 1839, cied 28th February, 1841.
6. Georgetta, born 16th May, 1846, died 8th December, 1849.

Mr. Enos Potter died 9th January, 1814. His widow Rhoda died 2d April, 1825.

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JOSEPH POTTER, (5th child of Samuel Potter, 1st,) and Elizabeth Woodruff had 10 children: (2d Gen.)

I have learned nothing of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th of them; the first was. (3d Gen.)

1. John, who married Hannah Beach, of Jefferson Village.

2. Sarah married John Wade, of Connecticut Farms.

3. Betsey married Henry Woodruff, of Elizabethtown.

4. A daughter, who married Mr. Hallock.

5. Phebe married Benjamin Pettit, Jun., son of Benjamin, of New Providence. [See Pettit.]

10. Matthias married Mary Day, daughter of David Day, Esq., of New Providence. [See Day.]

JOHN POTTER, (son of Joseph,) and Hannah Beach had three sons, two of which died young, the other whose name was, (3d,)

1. John married Hannah Wade, daughter of Benjamin, and had children: (4th,)

1. Elias, who died at about 25 years, unmarried. (5th Gens.)
2. Susan, who died at about 18 years, unmarried.

3. Jotham, who married Rebecca Crane, daughter of John, son of John Crane, of Westfield. Jotham was a major in the militia.

4. Benjamin married Phebe Crane, sister of Jotham's wife.
5. John married Huldah Crane, also sister of Jotham's wife, and had but one child, Mary Hannah.

MAJOR JOTHAM POTTER, (son of John, son of John,) and Rebecca Crane had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Susan, who married Joseph Potter, son of William B. Potter, son of Matthias, and had no children.

2. Betsey married David Crane, son of Oliver, of Elizabethtown, and had a son, Oliver Crane.

3. Elias married Mariah Crane, daughter of Stephen, of Elizabethtown, son of Elijah, and had children: (7th Gen.)

1. Susan Elizabeth; 2. Emeline; 3. Catherine; 4. Louisa, and went to Peoria, Illinois.

BENJAMIN POTTER, (4th child of John, son of John, son of Joseph,) and Phebe Crane, daughter of John Crane, had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Rebecca, who married Israel Rowland, of Woodbridge. (6th Gen.)

2. John married Phebe Ball, daughter of David, and had children: 1. Anna; 2. Caroline Burnet.

3. Alpheus.

4. Hannah married Mr. Fornote, and went to the South, and died.

5. Phebe married David Bird, of Woodbridge.

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MATTHIAS POTTER, (10th child of Joseph Potter 1st,) and Mary Day, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Philetta, born 16th December, 1763, and married Benjamin Brookfield, son of Benjamin, of Rahway.

2. Aletta, born 11th October, 1767, and married Aaron Thompson, 12th child of Thomas. [See Thompson.]

3. Sally, born 20th February, 1771, married John Meeker, of Springfield.

4. Polly, born 6th April, 1773, married John Crane, son of John, of Westfield, [see Crane,] and had no children.

5. Joseph, born 20th October, 1775, married Polly Horton, daughter of Joshua, of Springfield.

6. William Broadwell, born 11th April, 1781, married Catherine Magie, daughter of Michael, and sister of the Rev. David Magie, D.D. of Elizabethtown.

7. Emily, born 6th January, 1784, married Clark Townley, son of Richard Townley, [see Townley,] and had children: Jonathan and Sally Anne Townley.

PHILETTA POTTER, (1st child of Matthias,) and Benjamin Brookfield, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Mary Brookfield, who married Mr. Davis, of Ohio.

2. Amelia Brookfield married Enoch Scudder, son of Jesse, son of Benjamin.

3. Fanny Brookfield married Seth Bowden, of Newark.

4. Aletta Brookfield married Mr. _____ Ellive, of Ohio.

SALLY POTTER, (3d child of Matthias,) and John Meeker had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Cornelia Meeker, who married William Clark, son of James, of Springfield.

2. Eliza Meeker married John Clawson, of Morris Co.

3. Susan Meeker married Jacob Mulford, son of Jeremiah, son of Jeremiah Mulford, of Cheapside.

JOSEPH POTTER, (5th child of Matthias,) and Polly Horton, removed to Tomkins county, New York, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Matthias, who married _____ _____ , a daughter of Thomas Dean, North of Springfield.

2. Mary married Jarvis Beach, from New England.

WILLIAM B. POTTER, (6th child of Matthias,) and Catherine Magie, lived in Connecticut Farms. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church there. They had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Joseph, born 22d March, 1803, married Susan Potter, daughter of Major Jotham, and had no children. (4th Gen.)

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2. Samuel Smith Potter, born 26th January, 1806, and married Ellen Johnson, daughter of James, of New York, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Margaret; 2. William B.; 3. James Johnson; 4. Samuel; 5. Joseph; 6. Charles Pitman.

3. Jane Magie Potter, born 24th April, 1810, married William Darby, Jun., son of William, of Rahway, and had children: 1. Catherine Darby; 2. Sarah Darby; 3. William Darby 3d.

4. Catherine Haines Potter, born 5th October, 1812, married John Davis Crane, son of John Grant Crane, and had children: 1. Anne Nesbitt Crane; 2. Sarah Catherine Crane; 3. Albert Grant Crane; 4. John Joseph Crane.

5. David Magie Potter, born 18th September, 1815, and married Eliza Sherwood, daughter of William, son of Moses Sherwood, of New York, and had children: 1. William; 2. Charles Henry; 3. Hannah Anne, who died at about 3 years; 4. Sarah Catherine; 5. Anne Elizabeth.

6. Matthias Day Potter, born 26th September, 1818, married Harriet Hedden, of New York, and had a son:

1. Joseph Matthias Potter, and died in his 26th year.


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