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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JEREMIAH RADDIN lived near Blue Brook, above Feltville. He married, 13th July, 1775, Lucretia Willcox, daughter of William Willcox, Sen., and had children:

1. Betsey, who married William Willcox, son of Noah Willcox, Sen. [See Willcox.]

2. William married, 6th February, 1807, Hannah Clark, daughter of Elias Clark, Sen., on Stony Hill.

3. Jane married, 1st, Jonas Price, son of Rice Price; 2d, Samuel Clark, son of Ichabod Clark, of Westfield; 3d, Smith Hallock, son of Thomas Hallock. [See Hallock.]

4. Susan married John Clark, son of lchabod, son of Elias Clark, Sen.

WILLIAM RADDIN, (son of Jeremiah,) and Hannah Clark, lived where his father did, and had children: (2d, 3d Gen.)

1. Jeremy, born April, 1806, married Abby Frazee, born 27th August, 1806, daughter of Reuben Frazee and Joanna Willcox.

2. Freeman married Fanny Anderson, daughter of Robert, son of James.

3. Susan married Samuel Heady, of Clinton.

4. Ellis, who went to Chicago.

5. David, born February, 1818, married Phebe Morehouse, born 29th July, 1824, daughter of John Morehouse, of Elizabethtown, and had children: 1. John, born 29th Nov. 1846; 2. Hetty Amelia, born 29th Nov. 1849.

6. Eliza married John C. Hays, son of Oliver Hays, of Union Township.

7. John; 8. Samuel.

William Raddin died, and his widow married Anthony Badgley, son of Anthony.

JEREMY RADDIN, (son of William, son of Jeremiah,) and Abby Frazee, had children:

1. Reuben, born 27th July, 1824, and married Phebe Atkins, daughter of John.

2. Mary, born 5th April, 1830, and married Henry Burrel, of Newark.

3. William, _____ , married _____ , lives in Newark.

4. Ellis, born 30th December, 1834.

5. Hervy. born 24th March, 1837.

6. Eliza Jane, born 9th May, 1839.

7. Abby, born 7th February, 1846.


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