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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


Three brothers by the name of Riggs lived in Massachusetts, and removed from there to Connecticut. Edward Riggs, one of the three, removed from Connecticut to Newark, N. J. and had a son Joseph Riggs, who lived and died in Orange, and he was the father of Zebulon Riggs, the father of

PRESERVE RIGGS, of Mendham, who married Puah Hudson, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Elias, born 1st April, 1770, who was a presbyterian minister, and preached a few years at Perth Amboy, and came to New Providence in October, 1806, and was installed the 16th June, 1807, and continued in the ministry there till his death, which occurred the 25th February, 1825, aged 54 years, respected and beloved by all his people,

2. Silas, who married Harriet Rose, of Long Island, and lived at Succasunna Plains.

3. Mary married Mr. Blachley, of Mendham, and had a son, Moses Blachley.

4. Hannah married David Cook, brother of the Rev. Henry Cook, of Metuchen; lived at Geneva, New York, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Elias Cook.
2. William Cook.
3. Charles Cook, who married his cousin Anna Mariah Cook, daughter of the Rev. Henry Cook, of Metuchen.
4. Caroline Cook, who married Herman Camp, lived at Trumansburg, Tomkins county, New York.
5. Sarah Cook, who died unmarried.

5. Elizabeth married Dr. Absalom Woodruff, son of Dr. Absalom Woodruff, of Mendham; she died without children. He married Matilda Jones, of Morristown, and lives there.

6. Nancy married William Camp Gildersleeve, son of the Rev. Mr. Gildersleeve, of Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. She died at Wilkesbarre, and left children:

1. Elizabeth Gildersleeve.
2. Mary Gildersleeve.
3. Norman Gildersleeve, who at about 17 years.

7. Sarah, who married Robert Stoddart, Esq. a lawyer, of Geneva, and had children:

1. John Stoddart; 2. Elizabeth Stoddart; 3. Anne Stoddart; 4. Luther Stoddart; 5. George Stoddart; 6. Sarah Stoddart; 7. Elias Stoddart.

REV. ELIAS RIGGS, (son of Preserve,) married Margaret Congar, daughter of David Congar, of New Windsor, Orange county, New York, and widow of David Hudson, of Newark, who was son of David Hudson, of Mendham, brother of the wife of Preserve Riggs, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Joseph Lewis, who is a presbyterian minister, and married Elizabeth Anne Roosa, daughter of Egbert Roosa, of Wells, Bradford county, Penn, where he is settled as a pastor. He had children: (5th Gen.) 1. Edward Hinman; 2. William Congar.

2. Elias, who married Martha Jane Dalzel, of Mendham. He became a presbyterian minister, and with his wife went in October, 1832, as missionaries to Greece, and from thence to Smyrna, in Asia; they had children: 1. Elizabeth; 2. Margaret; 3. Edward; 4. Emma Louisa.

3. Margaret married, 1st Oct. 1834, James Mitchel Ray, a native of Cauldwell, Essex county, N. J. now a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, and is cashier of the state bank of Indiana. They had children: 1. Anna Axtel Ray; 2. Harriet Martha Ray; 3. Louisa Montfort Ray; and have lost six children.

4. Hannah married the Rev. Joseph Y. Montfort, of Greensburgh, Indiana, son of Rev. Francis Montfort, of Ohio. They had children:

1. Elias Riggs Montfort.
2. Francis Cosat Montfort.
3. Margaret Congar Montfort.

5. Phebe married, 8th Sept. 1845, Rev. Samuel S. Potter, son of Isaac. He is a presbyterian minister, settled in 1850, in Lawrenceburgh, Indiana. They had children:

1. Margaret Riggs Potter.
2. Joseph Lewis Potter.

6. Elizabeth married, 25th Aug. 1842, Antrim Robbins Forsyth, merchant of Greensburgh Indiana, son of John Forsyth, of Trenton, N. J. and had chidren:

1. Elias Riggs Forsyth.
2. William Congar Forsyth, who died in infancy.

Mrs. Elizabeth Forsyth died 7th Sept. 1848. Mrs. Margaret Riggs, widow of the Rev. Elias Riggs, died at the house of her son Joseph, in Wells, Bradford county, Penn. on the 28th March, 1851, aged 69 years and 4 days, and was buried April 2d, by the side of her husband in the New Providence church yard.

SILAS RIGGS, (son of Preserve Riggs,) and Harriet Rose, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Peter.
2. Nancy, who married Caleb Wheeler.
3. Alexander married _____ _____ , in Pennsylvania.
4. Albert married Nancy Stansborough.
5. Edward, who died at Louisville. Kentucky, in 1846.
6. Elizabeth married Alpha Durham, and live at Tunkhannock.
7. Harriet married Erastus W. Ripley, and went to Iowa. He is at the head of the college at Davenport, Iowa.
8. Charles Warren, who died February, 1848, at about 21 years.


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