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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


NATHANIEL ROFF, lived near Union Village, in Essex County. He married, 7th November, 1773, Jemima Shipman, daughter of Jabez, and had children:

1. Jane, who married James Craig, son of James, son of James, son of Alderman Andrew Craig. [See Craig.]

2. Betsey married 16th July, 1773, Daniel Moore, son of Isaac. [See Moore.]

3. Deborah married Daniel Smalley, son of David Smalley Esq. [See Smalley.]

4. Phebe married William Stevens, son of Jonathan. [See Stevens.]

5. Jonathan married Sally Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer, and had children: 1. Betsey; 2. Peter; 3. John; 4. David; 5. James; 6. William; 7. Mary; 8. Phebe.

6. David married a daughter of John Shadwell, of Mayslick, Kentucky.

7. Henry married Rachel Lambert, daughter of James, of Westfield. [See Lambert.]

8. James.

HENRY ROFF, (son of Nathaniel,) and Rachel Lambert, lived in New York, and had children:

1. Phebe, who married Lewis Dingy, and had children: 1. Charles Dingy; 2. Louisa Dingy; 3. Phebe Eliza Dingy; 4. Lewis Dingy.

2. Anne Eliza married John M. Force, of New York, and had children: 1. Mary Force, and others.

3. Mary Jane married James Hope, of New York, both died, leaving 3 children:1. Phebe Anne Hope; 2. Josephine Hope; 3. Mary Jane Hope, who died young.

4. Charles married Mariah Dunlap, of New York, and had a son, Henry.

Nathaniel Roff may have been brother of Richard Roff, Sen. He with his sons, Jonathan, David, James, and William Stevens, removed to Kentucky, before A. D. 1800.


RICHARD ROFF lived where Oliver Steele lately lived; he was some years sheriff of Somerset county. He had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Ebenezer, who married Abby Roberts, and lived near Mount Bethel.

2. Nelly married Simeon Millham, and had no children.

3. Betsey married Isaac Vail, and lived at Green Brook.

And by a 2d wife, he had children:

4. Richard married Amy Allen, daughter of David Allen, Sen.

5. Nathaniel married. 1st, Johannah Rogers, daughter of Simeon; 2d, Lvdia Tainor; 3. Sally, the widow of Zacheus Day.

6. Moses married Betsey Ludlow, lived near Mount Bethel.

7. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Wright; 2d, Moses Rogers, son of Nathaniel; 3d, Jotham Loree.

8. Jonathan married Phebe Ludlow, sister of Moses' wife, and left no children.

9. Francis, a son, who died at about 24 or 25 years, unmarried.

EBENEZER ROFF, and Abby Roberts had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Mary, who married William Stites, son of Isaac. [See Stites.]

2. Israel married, 1st, Abby Smalley, daughter of John, son of James Smalley; 2d, Rhoda Drake; and by his first wife, he had a daughter:

1. Keziah, who married George Giles, son of Samuel, of New Market.

And by his 2d, wife, Rhoda Drake, had children: 

2. Phebe; 3. Abby; 4. William; 5. Watson.

3. Anne married James Moore, 14th December, 1813, son of Joseph, and had children:

1. Ruth Moore, who married Cornelius Van Ness.
2. Betsey Moore married James Hancock.
3. Julia Anne Moore married _____ _____ .
4. Mary Moore married Theodore Housal.

4. Hiram, who died at about 22 years.

5. Betsey, who married Allen Willet, son of Thomas Willet, and had a son, Runyon Willet, and she died.

6. William, who died at about 20 years.

7. Sally, who married, after her her sister Betsey died, the same Allen Willet, and had children:

1. Harrison Willet, who married Rachel Stites, daughter of Amos; 2. Lewis Willet.

BETSEY ROFF, (3d child of Richard,) and Isaac Vail had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Joel Vail, who married Phebe Webster, of Plainfield.

2. Lydia Vail married Mr. _____ Vandyke.

RICHARD ROFF, (son of Richard,) and Amy Allen, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sally, who married Alvan Morse, from New England, and went to the Lakes, New York.

2. David, who went to Wheeling, and married, and lives there.

3. John married, 1st, Lavina Cheeseman; 2d, Sally Hamilton, daughter of David, son of John; had no children.

4. Mary married John Morris, of Metuchen.

5. Aaron married Polly _____ , of Lamington, and lived there.

6. Eliza went to Ohio, with her uncle Col. John Allen.

7. Caroline married Christopher Lefevre; lived at Jersey City.

NATHANIEL ROFF, (5th child of Richard,) and Johannah Rogers had but one child: (3d, 4th Gen.)

1. Phebe, who married Isaac Bird, and had children:

1. Margaret Bird, who married Jacob Van Ness; 2. Mary Bird married _____ _____ ; 3. Roff Bird married _____ _____ ; 4. George Bird married _____ _____ ; 5. Anne Bird; 6. _____ ; 7. Isaac Bird, Jun.

And by his 2d, wife, Lydia Tainor, he had children:

2. Johannah, who married Israel Wilson, son of Hopewell, and had children: 1. Caroline Wilson, who married 1st, William Coon; 2d, Moses Hughes.

3. Sally married Samuel Leonard, of New Vernon; live in Morristown, and had children: 1. William Leonard; 2d, Lydia Leonard, who married Cornelius Mesler, of Morristown; 3. Levi Leonard, who died at 24 years; 4. Isaac Leonard, who enlisted, and went to Mexico and did not return; 5. Jane Leonard.

4. Mary, who died unmarried

5. Anne, who married 1st, Elijah Day, son of Zacheus, by his first wife, and had children: 1. Nathaniel Day; 2. Erastus Day; 3. Mary Day; 4. Henry Day; 5. Sarah Day; 6 Abby Anne Day. Elijah Day then died, and she married Nathaniel Edgar, as his 2d wife, and had children: 7. Theodore Edgar; 8. Elizabeth Edgar; 9. Jane Edgar.

6. Jane, born 10th August, 1809, married William Hoit, son of John, from Connecticut, and had children:

1. William Hoit, born 1st January, 1846.

2. Anne Augusta Hoit, born 26th April, 1840; when her husband, William Hoit, died, and she married Clarkson Wilson, born 4th June, 1817, son of Zachariah, son of Hopewell, and had children:

3. Harriet Wilson, born 10th July, 1840.

4. Clarkson Wilson, born 6th February, 1844.

NOTE.--Clarkson Wilson, by his first wife, Prudence Anne Lincoln, had children: 1. Sarah Wilson; 2. Elizabeth Wilson.

7. Nathaniel Roff, Jun.

8. Agar Lindley Roff, married Julia Scudder, of Westfield, and had children: 1. Firman; 2. Albert; 3. _____ ; 4. Cornelia; and by his 3d wife, Sally, Nathaniel Roff had a son,

9. Elias.

MOSES ROFF, (6th child of Richard,) and Betsey Ludlow, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Deborah, who married Mr. Mundy, and went to Ohio.

2. Mariah married David Loree, nephew of Jonathan, before named.

3. Phebe married _____ _____ .

4. Jonathan married _____ _____ , and went to Sussex.

NANCY ROFF, (7th child of Richard,) and Mr. Wright, had a daughter,

1. Sarah Wright. And by Moses Rogers, had children:

2. Mariah Rogers.

3. Samuel Rogers.

4. Jacob Rogers.

They removed to Redstone, Pennsylvania.


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