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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN ROSS, of Westfield, was born 24th Dec. 1715, and died 7th April, 1798. He was, in 1748, Alderman of the borough of Elizabeth; he married, 1st, June, 11th 1736, Hannah Talmadge, who was born 6th July, 1715; 2d, Joannah Crane, a widow, and daughter of Alderman William Miller. She was born 15th Sept. 1728. married Mr. Ross, 22d Jan. 1754, and died 13th Sept. 1779, without children by him, and he married, 27th Feb. 1780, 3d, Susannah, the widow of another Mr. Crane, his 2d wife's aunt, and sister of the same Alderman Miller, and she died Nov. 1797, without children by him. By his first wife, Hannah Talmadge, he had children: (2d Gen.)

1. John Ross, Jun., born 26th August, 1737, married Sarah Scudder, sister of Corbet Scudder.

2. Rebecca, born 14th June, 1739, married Cornelius Ludlow, of Westfield.

3. Timothy, born 26th Aug. 1741, married Polly Briant, daughter of John. [See Lamb.]

4. Sarah, born 11th July, 1743, married Andrew Miller, and died 4th Aug. 1817, in her 75th year.

5. Ichabod, born 24th Sept. 1745, married, 1st, Miss Davis; 2d, Betsey Lamb, daughter of John. [See Lamb.]

6. James, born 9th Nov. 1751, married 1st Hannah Thompson, daughter of Thomas, of Union Township; 2d, Sarah Thompson, elder sister of his first wife. [See Thompson.]

JOHN ROSS, Jun., (son of John) and Sarah Scudder had children:

1. Hannah, who married Samuel Freeman.

2. Sarah married Mr. Tucker.

3. Polly married John Stevens, of Rahway.

REBECCA ROSS, (2d child of John 1st,) and Cornelius Ludlow had children:

1. Noah Ludlow married Rachel Rouse Ridgeway, and had children:

1. Eliakim Ludlow, who married Polly Walker, daughter, of Asher, of Passaic Valley. [See Walker.]
2. Henry Ludlow.

2. Rebecca Ludlow.

3. John Ludlow.

TIMOTHY ROSS, (3d child of John,) and Polly Briant had one child:

1. Samuel Ross, who married Huldah Randolph, daughter, of Thomas, and had children:

1. Timothy, who married Sarah Laing, daughter of John and had children:

1. William, who died young; 2. Charles: 3. Mary, who married Mr. Decker, and died without children; 4. Harriet; 5. Daniel, who married his cousin, Susan Ross, daughter of Milan; 6. Clark; 7 Milan.

2. Milan married Susan Force, and had children; 1. Samuel; 2. Randolph; 3. John; 4. William; 5. Susan, who married her cousin, Daniel Ross, son of Timothy.

3. John, who married, and died without children.

4. Sally married Mr. Coon, who died and left her a widow.

And by a 2d wife, a daughter of Ezekiel Day, Samuel Ross had two children:

5. James; 6. _____ a daughter, who married Peter Houseman.

SARAH ROSS, (4th child of John Ross 1st,) and Andrew Miller, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Hannah Miller, who married Thomas Parcel, of Chatham.

2. Rebecca Miller married John Brokaw, of Rahway.

3. Enoch Miller married Johannah Garthwaite.

4. John Miller married Abigail Stites, daughter of Richard. [See Stites.]

5. Abner Miller married Bethiah Tryon, of Orange county, New York.

6. Timothy Miller.

7. Sarah Miller, who married James Tharp.

8. Andrew Miller.

9. Susan Miller, who married Capt. John Scudder.

JOHN MILLER, (4th child of Andrew Miller, and Sarah Ross,) and Abigail Stites, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Cornelia Miller, who married Gideon Ross, son of James, son of John Ross 1st.

2. Hezekiah Stites Miller, who married Elizabeth Burnet, sister of Samuel Burnet, of Livingston, and had children:

1. Lucinda Miller; 2. Joseph Augustus Miller; 3. Elizabeth Jenette Miller; 4. Cornelia Miller; 5. Julia Anne Miller; 6. John Stites Miller; 7. James Ross Miller; 8. Ophelia Miller; 9. George W. Miller.

ICHABOD ROSS, (5th child of John,) and Miss Davis had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Talmadge, who married Betsey Littell, daughter of Moses. [See Littell.]

2. John, who married Anna Keyt, daughter of James.

By his 2d wife, Betsey Lamb, Ichabod Ross had children:

3. Mary, who died unmarried at about 17 or 18 years.

4. Elizabeth married, 1st, Joshua Clark, son of Robert; 2d, Sanford Hicks.

5. Ichabod, Jun. married Phebe Miller, daughter of Abner Miller.

6. Hannah married Henderson Williams.

TALMADGE ROSS, (son of Ichabod, son of John,) and Betsey Littell, daughter of Moses, son of Benjamin Littell, removed to Ohio, about 12 miles north of Chilicothe, and had children; (3d Gen.)

1. Moses, who married Mary Frazee, 2d child of Moses Frazee. and Mary Terry.

2. John married Sarah Lee, daughter of Thomas Lee. He died 12th May, 1844, aged 57 years, 8 months, and 4 days.

3. Abby, born 12th July, 1791, married Charles Marsh, son of Charles, of Westfield.

4. Jacob died in 1814, unmarried, aged 22 years

5. Talmadge died in 1814, unmarried, aged 20 years.

6. Eliza, who also died unmarried.

7. Linus H. Ross married _____ _____ , and lived near Sandusky, Ohio.

8. Abraham.

9. Thompson Seabury Ross.

MOSES ROSS, (son of Talmadge,) and Mary Frazee, lived near Chilicothe, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Pamela, who married James Gay, and had five children.

2. Jacob Davis Ross married _____ _____ ; had two children.

3. Frazee Ross married _____ _____ ; had two children.

4. Talmadge Ross; 5. John Ross.

6. Resin Ross married _____ _____ ,

7. Abby Eliza Ross married _____ _____ .

8. James Ross. 9. William Ross.

JOHN ROSS, (2d son of Talmadge,) and Sarah Lee, had ten children: (3d Gen.)

1. Talmadge Ross, born 1810, and married Eliza Stites, daughter of Henry, of Scotch Plains, and had children:

1. Anne Eliza, born 1st Jan. 1836; 2. Mary Jane, born 1839; 3. John Henry Ross, born 18th May, 1845.

2. Joseph Ross, born 4th Jan. 1813, married Nancy Squier, daughter of John Squier, son of Aaron Squier, of Long Hill, and had a child, Charles Gideon Ross.

3. Eliza Ross, born 11th Feb. 1815, and married John Frazee, son of Levi Frazee, of Westfield. and had children:

1. Caleb Maxwell Frazee, born 5th Oct. 1838.
2. Susan Frazee, born 11th March, 1840.
3. Preston Frazee, born 17th August, 1842.
4. John Ross Frazee, born 1st October, 1845.
5. Henry Martin Frazee, born 6th September, 1847.

4. Susan Ross, born 23d February, 1817, and married Isaac Thom, son of James Thom, of New Market, and had children:

1. James Thom, born 24th February, 1838.
2. Sarah Anne Thom born 14th October, 1839.
3. Mary Augusta Thom, born 26th Feb. 1845.

5. John Ross, born 5th March, 1820, married Harriet Bullman. He died 22d April, 1848; she died 20th Feb. 1848, leaving no children.

6. Mary Ross, born 27th March 1822, married Clarkson Shotwell, son of Daniel Shotwell, of Plainfield, and had one child, Susan Shotwell, born 29th April, 1847.

7. James Ross, born 27th August, 1826, and married Mary Freeman, daughter of Caleb of Plainfield.

8. Moses Lee Ross, born 18th November 1828.

9. Seth Williston Ross, born 31st March, 1832.

10. Cornelia Ross, born November, 1834.

JOHN ROSS, (2d son of Ichabod,) and Anna Keyt, had children:

1. Elizabeth, who married John Miller, son of Enoch, and had children; 1. John R. Miller; 2. Catherine Miller; 3. Keziah Miller; 4. David Miller; 5. James Miller.

2. Electa married Josiah Crane, son of John 4th, and had children:

1. John Grant Crane married Abby Miller, daughter of John O. Miller. He lives on the old-John-Crane homestead.
2. Mary Crane married Hampton Cutter, son of William, of Woodbridge.
3. Anne Elizabeth Crane married Job Williams, son of Moses, of Union.
4. Josiah Crane, Jun, married Sarah Jane Miller, daughter of Jacob.

3. Mary married Miller Williams, son of Moses, and went to Ohio, where she died.

4. Anne married Benjamin Williams, son of Nathaniel, and had one daughter, Anne Williams, who married John Norris.

ELIZABETH ROSS, (4th child of Ichabod,) and her first husband, Joshua Clark, had children:

1. Mary Clark, who married Caleb M. Littell, son of Doctor Anthony. [See Littell.]

2. Amos Clark married Sarah Meeker, daughter of Samuel, of Springfield.

And by her 2d husband Sanford Hicks, Elizabeth Ross, had

3. A daughter, who married John Chatterton, of Elizabethtown.

ICHABOD ROSS Jun, (5th child of Ichabod, son of John,) and Phebe Miller, had children:

1. John, who married _____ _____ .

2. Betsey.

3. Ichabod 3d.

4. Abner married _____ _____ .

HANNAH ROSS, (6th child of Ichabod Ross, Sen.) and Henderson Williams, had children:

1. Sarah Williams, who married Peter Messier, and had a daughter, Eliza Anne Messier, who married Augustus Howel.

2. Mary Williams, who married Asa D. Vandergrift.

3. Phebe Anne Williams married John Dunham, son of John, son of John, of Passaic Valley, and had a daughter, Ellen Dunham, and then died.

4. Benjamin Williams.

5. Theodore Williams married Miss _____ Mulford.

6. Emeline Williams, who died.

JAMES ROSS, Esq. (6th son of John Ross 1st,) by his first wife, Hannah Thompson, had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Betsey, who married John Marsh Clark.

2. Sarah, born 6th May, 1777, and married Doctor Joseph Quimby, of Westfield, and died 1803, without children.

James Ross, Esq. by his 2d wife, Sarah Thompson, had children:

3. James Thompson Ross, who died unmarried.

4. Hannah married, January, 1807, Henry Baker, son of William. [See Baker.]

5. Gideon, married, 20th April, 1829, Cornelia Miller, born 8th May, 1793, daughter of John Miller, son of Andrew Miller, and Sarah Ross, daughter of John Ross 1st.

BETSEY ROSS, (daughter of James Ross, Esq.) and John Marsh Clark, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Betsey M. Clark, who married Benjamin T. Clark, son of Charles Clark, Esq.

2. James Ross Clark, born 20th June, 1793, and married Catherine Tucker, daughter of Joseph Tucker, and had children:

1. James Ross Clark, Jun. born 12th May, 1827.
2. John Joseph Clark, born 16th July, 1832.

BETSEY M. CLARK, and Benjamin T. Clark, had children:

1. James Marsh Clark, who married Miss Maxwell.

2. Sarah Anne Clark married Edwin Keyt.

3. Eveline Clark married Mr. Bryer.

4. Susan Clark married Mr. Maxwell.

5. Charles Augustus Clark married Ruth Sanford.

6. Lockey Clark married Mr. Bryer.

7. Benjamin Clark; 8. Catherine Clark; 9. Hannah Clark.

10. Gideon Clark; 11. Henry Clay Clark; 12. A daughter.

HANNAH ROSS, (4th child of James Ross, Esq.) and Henry Baker had children:

1. James Ross Baker, who died September, 1820, aged about 12 years.

2. William T. Baker, who married Elizabeth Anne Miller, daughter of Abner, and had children:

1. Catherine Baker, born 1839; 2. Elizabeth Baker.

3. Sarah Eliza Baker, who married William Radford, of New York, and had children: 

1. William Henry Radford; 2. James Radford; 3. Edwin Radford.

4. James Ross Baker 2d, who married Catherine Mundy, and had children: 1. Eliza Radford Baker.

5. Phebe Webb Baker married John Squier, son of John, son of John Squier, and had children: 1. James Wade Squier.

GIDEON ROSS, Esq. (5th child of James Ross, Esq.) was a surveyor, a justice of the peace, a major in the militia, and was several times elected a member of the legislature. He and Cornelia Miller had children:

1. James, born 17th June, 1732, and died 21st, July, 1739.

2. Cornelia, born 20th December, 1835.


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