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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


RICHARD RUNYON, (whose ancestors were French,) was born 14th April, 1719. He had a sister, who married a Mr. Layton, and had children. (1st Gen.)

Peter Layton, who was called Capt. Layton, lived at Long Hill, did not marry.

Provy Layton, who married Justice John Carle, of Long Hill. [See Carle.]

A Mr. John Runyon married, 10th September, 1765, Violet Layton.

RICHARD RUNYON married Jane Van Court, born 13th August, 1727, and had children:

1. Sarah, born 30th March, 1746, and married Elias Coriell, son of Abraham, of Piscataway, and died in 1820, aged 74 years. [See Coriell.]

2. Anna, born 27th October, 1747, and married Daniel Sayre, brother of Ephraim Sayre, of Madison, and had children:

1. James Sayre, who married Deborah Dunham, daughter of John, son of John.
2. Elias Sayre married Miss Hetfield, of Elizabethtown, and had a son, Thomas O. Sayre.

3. Elias, born 7th June, 1749, married, 9th January, 1771, Deborah Clark, born 27th July, 1749, daughter of Daniel Clark. Elias Runyon died 8th March, 1793.

4. Elizabeth, born 11th December, 1750, married Moses Carpenter, of Goshen, New York; had an only daughter, Elizabeth Carpenter, and soon after died.

5. Jean, born 6th December, 1752, and died of consumption, at about 20 years.

6. Rosannah, born 3d November, 1754, and died unmarried.

7. John, born 26th November, 1756, married Polly Conklin, daughter of Stephen, of Basking Ridge, and went to Ohio, and settled near the head of the Little Miami river. He died in 1836, and she died in 1842. They had children:

1. Stephen, who died in 1813, unmarried; 2. Richard; 3. John; 4. Elias; 5. Betsey, who married Joseph McLain; 6. Debby married James McLain, brother of Joseph; 7. Polly married Mr. _____ Vance: 8. Anna, and three other daughters.

ELIAS RUNYON, (son of Richard,) and Deborah Clark lived at Long Hill, where their father did, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Richard, born 26th November, 1771, married Phebe Lewis, daughter of Isaac, of Sussex.

2. Anna, born 24th September, 1773, married Ludlow Squier, son of Thomas. [See Squier.]

3. Daniel, born 23d March, 1776, married 1st, Hope Lewis, sister of Richard's wife; she soon died, and he married 2d, Polly Squier, daughter of Thomas, of Livingston.

4. John, born 17th August, 1778, married his 2d cousin, Margaret Runyon, daughter of Richard, of Piscataway.

5. Jean, born 16th January, 1781, and died 4th February, 1781, in infancy.

6. Israel, born 16th March, 1782, married Polly Deeds, daughter of Michael, of Springfield, and died 28th September, 1813.

7. Elias, born 5th November, 1784, was a physician, married Agnes Day, daughter of Col. Israel Day, of Chatham; had no children.

8. Peter P., born 19th May, 1787, married Phebe Tenyck, daughter of Tunis Tenyck, of New Brunswick. Is a justice of the peace, and judge of the court in Middlesex county.

9. Jane, born 29th December, 1790, married Savage Wright, from Virginia, and lives in Piscataway.

RICHARD RUNYON, (son of Elias,) and Phebe Lewis lived in New Brunswick, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sally, born November, 1797, married John Dunham Martin, son of Arauna, of New Brunswick, and had children:

1. Mary Martin, who married Charles Martin, son of Still Martin, of New York.
2. Richard Runyon Martin; 3. Arauna Martin; 4. Isaac Lewis Martin.

2. Debby, born February, 1799, married Ambrose F. Randolph, son of Still F. Randolph, and had children:

1. Still Randolph; 2. Richard Runyon Randolph; 3. Howard Malcom Randolph.

3. Jane, born _____ , 1802, married James Boyce, son of George and had children: 1. Susan Hankinson Boyce married Dr. Sears, of N. Y.; 2. Charles Decilding Boyce; 3. Peter Boyce; 4. Albert Boyce; 5. Henry Boyce.

DANIEL RUNYON, (son of Elias,) owns his father's farm at Long Hill; was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1834, and acted in that office fifteen years. He and Polly Squier had children:

1. Caroline, who is unmarried.

2. Phebe, who married Augustus Stewart, son of Christopher, of Plainfield; went to Illinois, and had children:

1. John Runyon Stewart; 2. Mary Ellen Stewart; 3. Edward Stewart.

3. George married Mary Giles, daughter of John Giles; lives in Plainfield, and had children: 1. William Henry; 2. Alfred; 3. John.

PETER P. RUNYON, (son of Elias,) and Phebe Tenyck had children:

1. Trembly, who died young.

2. Debby.

3. Mary, who married Peter C. Onderdonk, son of John.

4. John, twin to Mary, died at about 6 or 7 years.

5. Elias married Emily Fitz Randolph, daughter of David, editor of the N. B. Fredonian.

6. Susan married Mahlon Runyon, son of Abel.

7. Virginia.


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