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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


PETER RUTAN owned two 100 acre lots, Nos. 28 and 29 addition of the Elizabethtown lots, and now owned by the heirs of Nicholas Van Winkle, Joseph H., Patten, and others. He had a son, Abraham, that survived him; who owned the eastern half of the 200 acre tract, and lived on it near the spring.

ABRAHAM RUTAN was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church of New Providence. He married, _____ ; she died 15th Dec. 1788,; they had 5 sons and 8 daughters: (2d Gen. 3d Gen.)

1. John, who married, 20th March, 1774, Catherine Jones, and went to the west.

2. Samuel married Eleanor Bedell, daughter of Jacob, and went west. [See Bedell.]

3. Peter, born 1757, and died 12th April, 1802, aged 45 years, unmarried.

4. Joseph, born 1769, married, 14th June, 1791, Hannah Baker, daughter of Thomas Baker, Jun. She died 26th July, 1804, aged 34 years, and he married, 2d, Rachel Hole, daughter of Uzel Johnson's 2d wife. He died 19th March, 1809, aged 40 years.

5. Abraham married Hannah Shipman, daughter of Abraham, of Munroe, Morris county. He died 25th Dec. 1804, aged 30 years, and left two children. Manning and Eliza; Eliza died young; Manning married Miss Hurd, and lived at Dover. Morris county, and subsequently removed to Greenville. Montcalm county, Michigan.

6. Sally, who married, 6th June, 1775, Simeon Simpson, son of Alexander, as his 2d wife. [See Simpson.]

7. Hannah married John Cauldwell, son of William. [See Cauldwell.]

8. Mary married, 7th April, 1785, Matthias Roll, and went to Ohio. [See Roll.]

9. Rosannah married, 20th Dec. 1786, Thomas Parrot, son of William. [See Parrot.]

10. Martha married, 17th Oct. 1787, Moses Camp, son of Aaron. [See Camp.]

11. Charity married John Miller, and had a son, James Miller, who lived it New Vernon, and a daughter, Anna, who married in Pennsylvania, Samuel Ayers, and lived near Rossville, Ohio.

James Miller, son of Charity Rutan, and John Miller, married Anna Collard, and had children: 1. John Miller; 2. Charity Miller, who married Nathaniel Bonnel, of Green Village, as his 2d wife; 3. Ebenezer Miller married Hannah Winters, of N. Y.; 4. Mary Miller; 5. Joseph Miller married Sarah Messler, daughter of John Vleit Messler; 6. James Miller; 7. Margaret Miller married Mr. Logan.

12. Anna married, 29th April, 1790, Moses Squier, son of Thomas. [See Squier.]

13. Elizabeth married, 14th June, 1791, Abraham Cauldwell, son of William. [See Cauldwell.]

JOSEPH RUTAN, (son of Abraham, son of Peter,) lived where his father did. He and Hannah Baker had children: (3d, 4th Gen.)

1. Daniel, who married Jane Cauldwell, daughter of Hugh, and had children:

1. Hugh, who died in Newark, unmarried, aged about 24 years.
2. Hannah, also died in Newark, unmarried, aged about 24 years.

Daniel Rutan died 6th Feb. 1820, aged 28 years. His widow, Jane, died 2d Feb. 1849, aged 61 years.

2. Abigail, born 19th March, 1795, and married Peter D. Valentine, son of Jonathan. [See Valentine.]

3. Abraham, who died 9th May, 1811, aged 15 years

4. Samuel married Lockey Meeker, daughter of Joseph O. Meeker, of Scotch Plains, and died 1st April, 1827, aged 28 years. [See Dunham.]

And by his 2d wife, Rachel Hole, Joseph Rutan had children:

5. Eliza, who married Barnabas Earl, and went to Kalamazoo county, Michigan.

6. Joseph married Sally Anne Fornote, daughter of William, of Rahway.

JOSEPH RUTAN, (son of Joseph,) and Sally Anne Fornote, lived in Rahway, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Mary Elizabeth, who married, 4th August, 1844, William Harris Smith, son of Adam Smith, of Bound Brook. He died in Feb. 1848, leaving a daughter, Mary Williams Smith.

2. Henrietta Adams; 3. Jane Anne; 4. Francis Adelia; 5. Hannah Baker. Joseph Rutan, Jun., died in April, 1844.


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