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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DAVID SAMSON lived on the north side of Long Hill, where Philemon Dickerson now lives; he married Hannah Bonnel, sister of Nathaniel Bonnel 1st, and had children: (1st Gen.)

1. Stephen, who died, at about 23 years.

2. Jacob, who died, at about 21 years.

3. Sebra, who married Mr. Armstrong, and removed to Pennsylvania.

4. Mary married Moses Hand, son of William. [See Hand.]

5. Isaac married Mary Day, daughter of Stephen Day, Esq., of Chatham. He lived and died in Springfield.

6. Moses is unmarried; lives with the widow of Peter Dickerson.

7. Aaron went to sea on board a vessel of war, and did not return.

8. Abraham married Chloe Bonnel, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel.

9. Benjamin married Abigail Ball, daughter of Jeremiah Ball, and grand-daughter of Jeremiah Hart. [See Ball and Hart.]

ISAAC SAMSON, (son of David,) and Mary Day had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Nancy, who married Aaron Dean, son of John, of Springfield.

2. Joanna married Mr. Freeman, of Union Township.

3. David, born May, 1791, married Betsey Johnson, daughter of Uzel, by his 2d wife.

4. Mariah married, 11th Jan. 1809, David Nafie, of Springfield.

5. Nathan, who died in Springfield.

6. Charlotte married and went to Western New York.

7. Julia Anne, who died young.

DAVID SAMSON, (son of Isaac,) and Betsey Johnson had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Isaac Johnson Samson, who married Hannah, the widow of William Potter, of Rahway, and daughter of Mr. Garthrite. She had a son, William Potter, and they had children: 1. David Samson, born Jan. 1840; 2. John Wesley, born 14th July, 1843. Isaac Johnson Samson died 6th Dec. 1846.

2. Nathan Scudder Samson, who married Catherine Anne Rino, daughter of Wilson Rino, of Piscataway.

3. William Edgar Samson, born 11th February, 1822, married Caroline, widow of Edward Tornsee, and daughter of Mr. Powel, of Brooklyn, New York; have no children.

4. Stephen, born 11th October, 1825.

5. Mary Jane, born 27th November, 1830.

6. Mariah, born 1st June, 1833.

7. Elizabeth Day, born 13th February, 1838.

ABRAHAM SAMSON, (son of David, Sen.,) and Chloe Bonnel, lived at Madison, Morris county, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Julia, who married Wickliff Condit, son of Ebenezer _____ , and soon died.

2. Sally married Christopher Seely Miller, son of Eliphalet, of Chatham, and went to Ohio.

3. Aaron Smith, who died at 5 years.

4. Nancy Bonnel Samson.

5. Zebra

6. Aminda married James B. Condit, brother of Wickliff; live in Licking county, Ohio.

7. Elizabeth Shaver married Oswald Joseph Burnet, son of William, of Morris county.

8. Mary Malvina married John Radley, son of William, of Ohio, and live there.

9. Enoch Nelson; 10. Anne Mariah; 11. Wickliff Condit.

Mr. Abraham Samson died about the 1st July, 1851.

NOTE.--Nancy, wife of Sylvanus Bonnel, and sister of Chloe, wife of Abraham Simson, died 4th July, 1851, and her 2d son Calvin married Julia Anne Crowel, from near Philadelphia, and had children: 1. Mary; 2. William; 3. John; 4. Emma; 5. George Washington Bonnel; he lives in lowa.

BENJAMIN SAMSON, (son of David, Sen.) and Abigail Ball, removed to Knox county, Ohio; they had children:

1. Benjamin Pettit, who married Mary Jones, of Union; live in Newark.

2. Harriet married Mulford W. Casterline, son of Mrs. John Marshall. [See Daniel Willcox.]

3. Bonnel married in Newark.

4. Eliza, who died at about 15 years.

5. Hervy, who died in Newark.

6. Abeline, who married Mr. Tailor, in Ohio.

7. Hannah married Mr. Lennel, in Ohio.

8. Vashti married in Ohio.


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