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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


ISAAC SAYRE came from New England; he married Jane Swaine, daughter of Matthias Swaine. They lived between the mountains, south west of Springfield, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Elizabeth, who married Enoch Vreeland, son of Brown Vreeland, and lived where Jonathan Gillam now lives.

2. Matthias married, 27th September, 1767, Patience Thompson, daughter of Aaron, of Long Hill. [See Aaron Thompson.]

3. Catherine married Timothy Griffin, of New Providence. [See Griffiin.]

4 Isaac married, 22d February, 1774, Elizabeth Roll, daughter of John Roll, Sen. [See Roll.] She died, 26th September, 1850, in her 92d year, after being a long time a widow.

MATTHIAS SAYRE, (son of Isaac,) and Patience Thompson, had children:

1. Caleb, who went to the west, unmarried.

2. Chloe, who married John Scudder, of Westfield, and went to the west.

3. Noah married Rachel Hubbel, and went to the west.

4. Matthias Swaine Sayre went to sea, and died unmarried.

ISAAC SAYRE, Jun. (son of Isaac,) and Elizabeth Roll lived where his father did, and had children:

1. John, who married Abby Brown, of Connecticut, sister of Jonathan Brown, of Chatham; he lived in Passaic Valley, in Chatham township, opposite the Methodist church. He was horribly shot through the window of his house, about 1835, the ball passing through his mouth, and knocking out several of his teeth; he died the 2d day after.

2. Mary Brooks Sayre married Noah Ross, son of James Ross, and brother of Brooks Roll's wife. [See Brooks Roll.]

3. Brooks married Polly Conklin, daughter of Joshua Conklin. [See Conklin.]

4. Jane married Ralph Elstone, went to Ohio, and had an only son, Cornelius Elstone.

5. Catherine married Moses Thompson.

6. Betsey married Aaron Briant, son of Cornelius; he died he 2d March, 1850.

7. Anthony Swaine Sayre married Mariah Armstrong, of Long Island.

8. Hannah married Israel Ward, son of Joshua, and had a daughter, Jane Anne Ward, who married 1st, Jona Swaine, son of Benjamin; and 2d, George W. Ogden, son of Richard, and had a daughter, Susan Ogden.

JOHN SAYRE, (son of Isaac Sayre, Jun.,) and Abby Brown, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. William, who married Nancy D. Bonnel, daughter of William Bonnel, son of Capt. Nathaniel, and had children:

1. Elizabeth BonnelSayre; 2. John Francis Sayre; 3. George Sayre; 4. Emily Brown Sayre; 5. Sarah Doty Sayre; 6. Daniel Brown Sayre.

2. Betsey, who married Aaron Johnson, son of Gabriel Johnson Esq. and had children: 1. William C.; 2. Rebecca. [See Johnson.]

BROOKS SAYRE, (son of Isaac Sayre, Jun.,) and Polly Conklin, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Elizabeth, who married Henry Faitoute, son of Moses, of Union; 2. William; 3. Mary married Joseph Kain, a carpenter, of Somerville; 4. Isaac; 5. Hannah; 6. Brooks Sayre, Jun.

CATHERINE SAYRE, (5th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and Moses Thompson, had children:

1. Sarah Thompson, who married Elias Morgan, son of Elias, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Mary Elizabeth Morgan, who married William Day, son of Josiah Day, of Chatham; 2. John Sayre Morgan; 3. Sarah Catherine Morgan; 4. Abby Mariah Morgan; 5. Elias Allen Morgan; 6. James Henry Morgan.

2. Aaron Ogden Thompson, who married Eliza Wood, from Newburgh, and had a son, William Thompson.

3. Eliza Ogden Thompson married John H. Jaques, and had a son, David Jaques, when she died.

4. Isaac Moses Thompson married Mary Smalley, daughter of Abner Smalley, and Mary Roll, 9th child of Abraham Roll, and have children: 1. Abner Thompson; 2. _____ .

BETSEY SAYRE, (6th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and Aaron Briant, had children:

1. Mary Briant, who married Daniel Kissam, son of Richard, and had children:

1. Samuel Kissam, born 1827; 2. John R. Kissam, born 1829; 3. Franklin Kissam, born 1840; 4. Nancy Kissam, born 1845.

2. Isaac Briant; 3. Hannah Briant married William Kent, son of Nathaniel; 4. Abby Briant married Lewis Denman, son of John, of Canoe Brook; 5. William H. Briant; 6. Emily Briant.

ANTHONY S. SAYRE, (7th child of Isaac Sayre, Jun.) and Mariah Armstrong, lived where his father did, and had children:

1 Etheniel, a daughter, born 1827; 2. Allavosto, a son, born 1829; 3. Vozifri, a son, born 1830; 4. Vinelia, a daughter, born 1833; 5. Fla Alva, a daughter, born 1838.


EPHRAIM SAYRE lived on and owned Lot No. 51, Addition of the Elizabethtown lots, where Squier Pariot now lives. He had a son David, who married, 20th December, 1766, Rachel Roffe. He died 3d October, 1781, aged 42 years, and his widow married, 2d, Thomas Osborn, [see Osborn.] and after his death she married, 3d, Col. Jedediah Swan, of Scotch Plains. He also had a son Daniel, who married Anna Runyon, daughter of Richard Runyon, Sen., and had children: 1. James, who married 30th January, 1796, Deborah Dunham, daughter of John, Jun. and lived at Madison; 2. Elias, a clock maker, of Elizabethtown, who married _____ _____ , and had a son, Thomas O. Sayre.

Ephraim Sayre had a son, _____ _____ , who went to Virginia, whose son William came from thence to this Valley, and married Miss Canfield, of Monroe, Morris county, and died 15th December, 1820, leaving several children.

And still another son, William, who lived where his father did. He married Esther High, daughter of John High 1st, of Westfield, and had no children. He was an elder in the presbyterian church in New Providence. His wife Esther died, and he married, 2d, Anna, the widow of Jonathan Acken, of Scotch Plains, and removed to Plainfield, where he died. [See Dr. Anthony Littell]


EZEKIEL SAYRE lived in 1788, on Stony Hill, where John Marshall now lives. He had children:

1. Levi, who was baptized 31st January, 1768.

2. John, who was baptized 29th October, 1771.

3. Huldah, who married in Ohio, Col. John Wallace.

4. Pierson married in New Jersey.

5. Benjamin. 6. Rachel.

Mr. Ezekiel Sayre removed to Ohio before 1800, and lived near Reading, Hamilton county.

NOTE.--See another Ezekiel Sayre, son-in-law of John Bonnel, page 50.


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