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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.

Additional information submitted on the SCUDDER & STEELE Families


RICHARD SCUDDER owned and lived on the farm of 100 acres now owned by John Littell, adjoining the river. He also owned about 100 acres of the farm now owned by Thomas O. Scudder. He married Rebecca Stites, daughter of Elijah Stites, of Scotch Plains. [See Stites.] He died 24th December, 1785, and left children: (2d Gen.)

1. Dr. Benjamin R. Scudder, who married Sally Wade, of Connecticut Farms; they lived at Paterson Landing, where he died.

2. Nancy married, 3d Jan. 1785, Alexander Steele, of Somerset county.

3. Stites married Elizabeth Osborn, daughter of Thomas Osborn, [see Osborn,] and died 1st April, 1812: she died 22d November, 1848.

4. Mary married James Bishop, of New Market, Middlesex county.

5. Thomas married 1st, Elizabeth Ayers, daughter of David Ayers, Esq. of Liberty Corner; and 2d, Rebecca Auten, 18th Dec. 1811; and he died in March, 1812, of typhus fever.

6. Sally married Zebulon Ayers, of Middlesex county, and lived several years where Lines Tucker now does, and finally removed to Seneca county, New-York.

DR. BENJAMIN R. SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Sally Wade had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Susan, who married, 1st, 22d Jan. 1814, Hugh Littell, son of Nathaniel Littell, Esq. He died 9th November, 1822, without children; and she married, 2d, the Rev. Peter Ditmus Freliegh, of Acquackanac, and had a son, Peter D. Freliegh, who is a lawyer, and married Caroline A. Wilkin, daughter of John C. Wilkin, of Orange county, New York. The Rev. Mr. Freliegh died, and she married, 3d, John Conklin.

2. Rhoda married Mr. _____ McRea, and had no children.

3. Nancy married Benjamin Servin, and had children: 1. Benjamin Servin; 2. Oliver Servin.

4. Sally married Jacob Van Riper, and had four children.

NANCY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and Alexander Steele, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. John Steele, who is unmarried.

2. Richard Steele is unmarried.

3. Polly Steele is unmarried.

4. Stites Steele married _____ _____ , and had children: 1. Alexander Steele; 2. Mary Anne Steele, who died young.

And then he died.

5. Rebecca Steele married Peter L. Die, had 3 children, and then died; her children were:

1. David Die, who married Emma Sayre, daughter of Coe Sayre, and had children: Warren Die; Anne Eliza Die.
2. Anne Mariah Die, who married James Gosman.
3. John Die married Eliza Coles.

6. Thomas Steele, who died at about 30 years.

7. Peggy Steele.

8. Ross Steele married Amanda Tailor; he is a merchant in Somerset county, New Jersey.

9. Hetty Steele.

Mr. A. Steele and family removed to Seneca county, N. York.

MARY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and James Bishop removed to Seneca county, New York, and had children:

1. Aury Bishop, who married Miss McDuffy, daughter of James McDuffy.

2. Letty Bishop married Samuel Miller.

3. Caty Bishop married Titus Philips, and went to Michigan.

STITES SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Elizabeth Osborn, had children:

1. Richard, who died 3d March, 1812, aged 15 years.

2. Thomas Osborn, born 24th Dec. 1799, and married Martha Vail, daughter of Daniel Vail, of Stonehouse Village; lives where his father did, and has no children.

3. Lois married Jotham Willcox, son of Daniel, and went to Seneca county, New York. [See Willcox.]

THOMAS SCUDDER, (son of Richard,) and Elizabeth Ayers lived where his father did, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Rosetta, who married Joseph Miller, of Hunterdon county, and had children: 1. Alexander Miller; 2. William Miller.

She died 1824, aged 25 years.

2. Sally, born 11th September, 1801, and married Samuel Schureman, born 20th February, 1795, son of John Schureman; they had children:

1. Eliza Schureman, born 14th April, 1819, and married Abraham Melick, and went to Illinois.

2. Mariah Schureman, born 22d January, 1821, and married 22d July, 1843, Jonathan Totten, son of Jeremiah Totten, and had no children.

3. Thomas Schureman, born 16th July, 1823, and married Catherine Colie, born 8th August, 1824, daughter of Smith Colie, of Springfield, and had children:

1. George Allein; 2. Albert Monroe; 3. William Eugene, born 4th October, 1851.
4. John Nelson Schureman, born 10th December, 1825.
5. George Bangheart Schureman, born 23d February, 1827.
6. Henry Schureman, born 16th June, 1830.
7. William Mulford Schureman, born 3d December, 18??

8. Harriet Louisa Schureman, born 23d August, 1838.
9. Joseph Perry Schureman, born 30th October, 1840.
10. Sarah Catherine Schureman, born 2d October, 1842.

Samuel Schureman died 9th September, 1849.

3. Mary, who married Godfrey C. Kline, of Hunterdon county, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Kline; 2. Rosetta Kline; 3. Isaac Kline; 4. William Kline; 5. Sarah Catherine Kline; 6. Mary Frances Kline.

4. Elizabeth, who married William B. Fisher, of Hunterdon county, and had children: 1. Jonathan Fisher; 2. Elizabeth Fisher; 3. Ellen Fisher; 4. Josephine Fisher.

SALLY SCUDDER, (daughter of Richard,) and Zebulon Ayers, had children:

1. Decator Ayers.

2. Sally Mariah Ayers, who died at about 17 years.

3. Richard S. Ayers, who married his cousin Mary Willcox, daughter of Jotham, [see Willcox,] and died without children.

4. Louisa Ayers married Denton Gurnee, and had children: 1. Francis Gurnee; 2. Augusta Gurnee.

5. Rebecca Ayers.

6. Anson Ayers.

7. Nancy Ayers.


THOMAS SCUDDER, brother of Richard, lived where George Townley lately lived and owned that farm of 100 acres, sold to Mr. Townley, and with his family removed to the west. He married, 5th April, 1773, Abigail Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark, [see Daniel Clark,] and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sarah, who married, 10th September, 1793, Nathaniel Jennings, son of Jacob. [See Jennings.]

2. Jotham; 3. Abigail, who married _____ ; 4. Ruth; 5. Clark; 6. Jane baptized 24th September, 1789; 7. Daniel Clark.

Old Mrs. Scudder, the mother of Richard and Thomas Scudder, died 10th April, 1784.


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