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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN SHOTWELL came from England, and settled on the road between Scotch Plains and Plainfield; he married, 1st, Miss Smith, daughter of Shubal Smith; 2d, Mary Webster; he had children: (2d Gen.)

1. John Smith Shotwell, who married 1st, Miss Webster, sister of his father's 2d, wife; 2d, Phebe Shotwell, daughter of Joseph Shotwell, of Woodbridge.

2. Jacob married Bersheba Pound, daughter of Elijah Pound, of Piscataway.

3. William married Elizabeth Pound, sister of Jacob's wife.

4. Isaiah married Constant Lippencott, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth county.

5. James married Elsee, widow of William Runyon, and daughof Andrew Smalley, of Harris's Lane.

6. Hugh married Rosetta Arrison, of Sussex, daughter of John Arrison, who lived at Wyoming, and was driven out from there by the Indians, in time of the war.

7. Mary married John Stevens, and had a son, John Stevens.

8. Sarah married, 1st, Ralph Smith, son of Ralph Smith, of Hanover, and had no children by him; 2d, Capt. William Piatt, son of John Piatt, from France.

9. Martha married Jonathan Hand Osborn, son of Jonathan Osborn, of Scotch Plains.

JOHN SMITH SHOTWELL, (1st son of John,) by his first wife, Miss Webster, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. John, who died unmarried.

2. William, who lived at Long Hill, near Franklin Place, and died unmarried.

3. Samuel married Hetty Davison, a widow, and daughter of Nathan Cooper, of Chester, Morris county.

4. Susannah married David Martin, son of Alexander, of Long Hill. [See Martin]

5. Elizabeth married Dennis Hughes, from Ireland.

6. Sarah married Mr. Hamson, and had 2 children and died, viz.

1. Henry Hamson; 2. John Hamson, who married Sally Parker, daughter of Calvin, of Long Hill.

7. Mary married her cousin, Daniel Shotwell, son of Jacob, as his 1st wife.

8. Joseph Smith Shotwell married Deborah Fox, daughter of George Fox.

9. Nathan, who died unmarried.

JACOB SHOTWELL, (2d son of John,) and Bersheba Pound had children:

1. Sarah, who died at 29 years, unmarried.

2. Ralph, who married, 1st, Betsey Marsh, daughter of William Marsh, of Ash Swamp; 2d, Osee Tingley, daughter of Jacob Tingley, of Washington Valley.

3. Daniel married, 1st, his cousin Mary Shotwell, daughter of Smith Shotwell; 2d, Phebe Cole, daughter of Master William Cole.

4 Elijah, born October, 1779, married his cousin Jemima Piatt, daughter of Capt. William Piatt.

5. John, (twin to Elijah,) married Massy Smith, daughter of Samuel Smith, of Newark, and had no children.

RALPH SHOTWELL, (son of Jacob,) and his first wife, Betsey Marsh, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Jacob, who married Dorcas Drake, daughter of Noah Drake.

2. Sarah married Richard Manning, son of Isaac Manning, of Plainfield.

3. Bersheba married Isaac Line, son of Amos Line, and went to French Creek, New York.

4. Mary married Smith Line, brother of Isaac. And by his 2d wife, Osee Tingley had other children:

5. John.

6. Betsey married James Bullman, near Rahway.

7. Anne married Alfred Berry, of Dover; lives in Plainfield.

8. David married Amelia Clark, daughter of David Clark, of Westfield.

DANIEL SHOTWELL, (3d child of Jacob,) and his first wife, Mary Shotwell, had but one son:

1. John Smith Shotwell, who lives in New York. And by his 2d wife, Phebe Cole, had children:

2. Mary, who married James Bruen, and had children: 1. Margaret Bruen, who married Patrick De Corsey, from Ireland; 2. Phebe Bruen; 3. Philip Bruen; 4. Catherine Bruen; 5. George W. Bruen; 6. Mary Bruen.

3. Elizabeth married Daniel Hatfield, son of Daniel, and had children: 1. Jacob Shotwell Hatfield; 2. Sarah Hatfield; 3. William Hatfield.

4. William, who went to Illinois.

5. Sarah, who married Corra Meeker, son of Jotham Meeker, and had children: 1. Phebe Meeker; 2. John Meeker; 3. Jotham Meeker

6. Rachel married William Williamson, son of Piatt Williamson, and had children: 1. Piatt Williamson; 2. Rebecca Anne Williamson.

7. Jemima married, 25th Sep. 1849, Silas Cole, son of Elias Cole.

8. Emeline Davis Cole married Mulford Cole, son of Elias, and had children: 1. Elias Cole; 2 Phebe Cole; 3. Jemima.

Daniel Shotwell died 8th August, 1851.

ELIJAH SHOTWELL, (4th child of Jacob,) and Jemima Piatt, had but one child:

1. William Piatt Shotwell, who was a Justice of the Peace; married Harriet Pearce, daughter of Noah Pearce, and had children: 1. Greenleaf Shotwell, married Elizabeth Cleveland, daughter of Ezra Cleveland, of Elizabethtown, and died 30th May, 1849; 2. Caroline Piatt Shotwell; 3. Ellen Jemima Shotwell; 4. William Piatt Shotwell.

WILLIAM SHOTWELL, (3d child of John 1st,) and Elizabeth Pound had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Rachel, who married Richard Dell, at Dover, and lives there.

2. Catherine.

3. Anne married Jesse Wilson, of Sussex.

4. Phebe married Isaac Wilson, of Sussex.

5. Elizabeth married Joseph Adams, of Sussex.

6. Elijah married Miss Birdsal, in Canada.

7. Johh married Miss Marsh, in Canada.

8. Smith; 9. Sarah.

William Shotwell with all his family, excepting Rachel, removed to Canada.

ISAIAH SHOTWELL, (4th child of John,) and Constant Lippencott, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Mary, who married Thomas Lane, near Rahway.

2. Jedediah married Anna Pound, daughter of Samuel, of Piscataway.

3. Abel married Betsey Vail, daughter of Abraham, of Green Brook.

4. Peter married Phebe Vail, sister of Abel's wife.

5. Thomas married Elizabeth Satterthwaite, daughter of Joshua, of Shrewsbury, and lived there.

6. William died unmarried at about 60 years; he was crazy.

7. Joseph L. married Christain Vail, sister of Betsey and Phebe.

8. Samuel married Sarah Rich, daughter of Joseph, of Pennsylvania, and lived there.

9. Edmund married Sarah Shepperd, of Philadelphia, and lived there.

10. Hugh married Hannah Cole, and lived at Morestown, Pennsylvania.

JAMES SHOTWELL, (5th child of John,) and Elsee Smalley, lived in Sussex, and had chidren: (3d Gen.)

1. William.

2. Jonathan lived in Warren county, and died 14th Jan. 1850, aged 55 years.

3. Charles.

4. Nancy married, 1st, Mr. Vleit; 2d, Mr. Smuch, of Sussex.

5. Clarissa.

HUGH SHOTWELL, (6th son of John,) and Rosetta Arrison, removed to Harrison co. Ohio, and had children:

1. John, who married Sarah Shanklin, and had children: 1. Catherine: 2. Rosetta; 3. Susannah; 4. Emily; 5. Caroline.

2. Esther married, 1st, Timothy Smith, and had children:

1. John Smith; 2. Rosetta Smith; 3. James Smith; 4. Hugh S. Smith; 5. Timothy Smith.

Esther married, 2d, George Seaton, and had other children: 6 Jonathan Seaton; 7. Charlotte Anne Seaton.

3. Susannah married Charles Wintermute, and had children;

1. William; 2. Joseph; 3. Rosetta. 4. Esther Wintermute; they lived in Sussex.

4. Charlotte married Ephraim Sayre, and had children: 1. Hugh; 2. William; 3. Wesley; 4. Nancy Sayre.

5. Nancy married, 1st, Peter Van Dolah, and had children:

1. William Van Dolah, who married Julia Walton.
2. John Van Dolah married Amelia _____ _____ .

Nancy married, 2d, Jacob Ebert; live in Hamilton Ohio, and had children:

3. Margaret Ebert.
4. Rosetta Ebert.
5. Sarah Ebert, who married, 22d July, 1851, Mr. Lewis, a lawyer, of Hamilton.
6. Jerome Ebert.

6. William lives in Cadiz Ohio; married Rhoda Beebe and had children:

1. Stewart Beebe; 2. William, who died at 25 years.
3. Theodore; 4. Walter, who died at 16 years.
5. Loretta; 6. Joseph.

7. Joseph lives in Lima, Allen county, Ohio. He married his cousin Mary Allison, and had children:

1. Jeptha, who married Nancy Cooper.
2. George; 3. Louisa.

8. Arrison Shotwell lives in Harrisoncounty, Ohio. He married Mary Dickerson, and had children:

1. Elizabeth; 2. Victoria; 3. Judson, and others.

SARAH SHOTWELL, (8th child of John,) and Capt. William Piatt had children:

1. James Piatt, who married Rachel Baird.

2. Jemima Piatt married Elijah Shotwell, son of Jacob. [See Elijah Shotwell.]

3. William F. Piatt, born 9th October, 1788, and married, 1st Eliza T. Littell, daughter of Nathaniel Littell, Esq. and had children:

1. Mariah M. Piat, who married Joel Wilson, son of John Wilson, Esq and had children:

1. William Piatt Wilson; 2. Mercy Wilson; 3. Eliza Wilson.

2. James Mortimer Piatt, who went to sea and was lost.
His wife Eliza died 29th November, 1827, and he married Caroline Kempton, widow of Capt. Kempton, of N. Y. where they both lived, and had a daughter, Eliza C. Kempton Piatt.

Capt. William Piatt was a Capt. in the U. S. service, and was killed by the Indians, in 1794: his widow died in 1850, aged about 94 years.

William F. Piatt was a physician in New-York, and died 7th May, 1848; his 2d wife Caroline had died previous to his death. [See Nathaniel Littell, son of David]

MARTHA SHOTWELL, (9th child of John,) and Jonathan Hand Osborn, had children:

1. Corra Osborn, who is a physician and lives in Westfield. He married, 1st, Mary Hand, daughter of William Hand; 2d, Hannah Downer, daughter of Samuel Downer, of Westfield.

2. John Osborn married Nelly Tunison, daughter of Maj. Tunison, of Somerville.

3. Amos Osborn married Lockey Woodruff, daughter of Reuben, of Westfield; 4. Letitia King Osborn married Dennis Vail, son of Wm. Vail.

DR. CORRA OSBORN, and his 1st wife, Mary Hand, had children:

1. Mahlon Osborn, who went to St. Louis, and married Mary Frothingham. (3d Gen.)

2. Mary Osborn married Samuel Hays, son of Dr. Samuel Hays, of Newark.

3. Letitia Osborn married David Miller, son of John Miller, of Westfield

4. Anne Osborn married Nathan Williams, son of Solomon.

And by his 2d wife, Hannah Downer, he had children:

5. Corra Osborn, born _____ _____ , 1830.

6. Jonathan Osborn, born _____ _____ , 1832.


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