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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


SAMUEL VAN SICKLE lived in Sterling Valley, a little east of William High's house; he had a brother, David Van Sickle, who married Elizabeth, the widow of Moses Bedell, and daughter of David Littell. [See David Littell, son of Samuel 1st.]

NOTE.--Sarah Thompson, daughter of Thomas Thompson, married, 1st, Mr. Van Sickle, of Long Hill, and had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Jacob Britton, son of William. [See Britton] She married, 2d, Mr. Rutan, who had a son, Peter, who lived in Albany, N. Y.; 3d, James Enos, or Innes, of Long Hill.

SAMUEL VAN SICKLE had children:

1. Zachariah, who married, 30th Oct. 1763, Mary Littell, born 4th March, 1749, daughter of Andrew Littell, a grandson of Samuel 1st.

2. John.

3. Anthony.

4. Elizabeth. (Is not this Elizabeth the wife of Jacob Britton.)

5. Christian.

6. Caty, who married Jabez Clark, son of Daniel. [See Clark.]

NOTE.--Andrew Littell was born 15th Dec. 1718, and died 1784; his wife's name was Mary, or Molly, born 5th Jan. 1725, and died very old. They had children:

1. William Littell, born 12th April, 1745. (See page 215.)

2. Sophia Littell, born 27th March, 1747.

3. Mary Littell, born 4th March, 1749, married Zachariah Van Sickle.

4. Rachel Littell, born 6th Jan. 1751.

5. Ephraim Littell, born 13th Dec. 1760.

6. Hannah Littell, born 5th Oct. 1762.

7. Temperance Littell, born 30th May, 1769.

ZACHARIAH VAN SICKLE, and Mary Littell had children:

1. Huldah, who married Jonathan Terry, son of William, of Short Hills.

2. Elias; 3. Sarah; 4. David.

5. Zachariah, Jun., who married, 20th October, 1789, Rosannah Bowman.

Zachariah Van Sickle, with his family, excepting Huldah, removed to Western Pennsylvania.

HULDAH VAN SICKLE, and Jonathan Terry had children:

1. Hannah Terry, who died in her 24th year.

2. Mary Terry, who married Asa French, son of Anderson.

3. William Terry went to the west and married there, Phebe _____ .

4. Lewis Terry married Phebe Hedden, daughter of Edward.

5. Martha Terry married, 1st, David Miller; 2. Cornelius Brokaw.

6. Ruth Terry married Jeremiah Valentine, son of Joseph. [See Valentine]

7. Sally Terry who died at 1 1/2 years.

8. Sarah Anne Terry, who is unmarried.

9. Abba Terry, who married Cutter Dollbeer, son of Samuel.

MARY TERRY, (2d child of Huldah Van Sickle and Jonathan Terry,) and Asa French had children: 1. Caroline Elmer French; 2. Mary French; 3. Noah Terry French; 4. Huldah Anne French; 5. Ezra French.

LEWIS TERRY, (4th child of Huldah Van Sickle, and Jonathan Terry,) and Phebe Hedden had children: 1. William Terry; 2. Mary Terry, who married Caleb Conklin, and went to Missouri; 3. Harriet Terry, who died in 1844, at about 25 years; 4. Jonathan Terry; 5. Edward Terry; 6. Lewis Terry, who died in 1846, at about 17 years; 7. Caroline Terry, who died in 1848, at 16 years.

MARTHA TERRY, (5th child of Huldah Van Sickle and Jonathan Terry,) and David Miller had children:

1. Carlisle Brown Miller, who married Mary Badgley, daughter of Ahijah.

2. Erastus Miller, who married Eliza Anne Badgley, daughter of Ahijah.

And by Cornehus Brokaw, Mary Terry had,

3. William Terry Brokaw, who married Sarah Mariah Manning, daughter of Squier Manning. [See Bailey, page 17.]

ABBA TERRY, (9th child of Huldah Van Sickle and Jonathan Terry,) and Cutter Dollbeer had children:

1. Huldah Anne Dollbeer, who married Thomas Richards, son of William Richards, of Springfield.

2. Erastus Miller Dollbeer; 3. Martha Elizabeth Dollbeer.

4. Lewis Faitoute Dollbeer, who died in infancy.

5. Jonathan Woodruff Dollbeer, who died in infancy.

6. John Terry Dollbeer.


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