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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN SMALLEY lived in Passaic Valley, Warren township, Somerset county; he married Anne Randolph, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. James, who married Abigail Jennings, sister of Jacob Jennings.

2. Isaac married Rachel Stewart, daughter of Joseph Stewart, of Washington Valley.

3. Jacob, twin to Isaac, married 1st, Tabitha Moore, daughter of John Moore; 2d, Betsey Willet, daughter of Jonathan, by whom he had no children.

4. David married Hannah Roff, sister of Henry Roff. [See Lacy.] He was a justice of the peace, and a practical surveyor.

5. Sally married Isaac Moore, brother of Jacob's 1st wife. [See Moore.]

JAMES SMALLEY, (son of John,) lived near Passaic river, where his father did, on the farm of 130 acres, now owned by John Littell; he and Abigail Jennings had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Jonas, who married, 30th September, 1793, Rebecca Wise, and went to Western Pennsylvania.

2. Abner married Mary Roll, daughter of blind Abraham Roll. [See Roll.]

3. David I. married Nancy Tucker, daughter of Jacob Tucker, son of Warner.

4. John marreid Sally Moore, daughter of Benjamin Moore, of Acquackanac.

5. Keziah married Derrick Thomas, son of William Thomas, of Stony Hill.

6. Reuben married Rhoda Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore, Sen. and removed to the Lakes, New York.

7. Jacob I. married his cousin Anne Smalley, daughter of Jacob Smalley; lived at Paterson.

8. Benjamin married Keziah Thomas, sister of Derrick.

9. Mary married Samuel Compton, of Dead River, in Somerset county.

10. Rachel married Jacob Moore, son of John Moore, Jun. of Paterson.

11. Catherine married Mr. Brown, in the Lake country, New York.

ABNER SMALLEY, (2d son of James,) and Mary Roll, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Sayre, who married, 13th February, 1823, Cornelia Parrot, daughter of Samuel.

2. Fanny married Benjamin Ludlow, son of Lewis, of Westfield, and had an only child, Elizabeth D. Ludlow, who married 26th September, 1850, John Badgley, son of Squier, son of Jonathan Badgley.

3. Mary married Isaac M. Thompson, son of Moses Thompson, and Catherine Sayre, daughter of Isaac, Jun.

DAVID I. SMALLEY, (3d son of James,) and Nancy Tucker went to the Lakes New York, and had children:

1. Abner, who married Rachel Caterline.

2. Hannah married her cousin Matthias Townley, son of William, [See Townley.]

3. Margaret married Matthew Benjamin.

4. Huldah.

5. Charlotte married Elias Parker, son of Samuel.

6. Abby married Mr. _____ Coriell,

7. Joel married Harriet Armsbury.

JACOB I. SMALLEY, (7th child of James,) and Anne, his wife, had children:

1. Louisa, who married Joseph Corley.

2. Betsey married Horace Betawnia.

3. Abraham married Betsey Bower.

4. Squier; 5. Phebe; 6. Sally Anne; 7. John; 8. Andrew Jackson.

ISAAC SMALLEY, (son of John,) and Rachel Stewart, lived on Stony Hill, where Mahlon Smalley now does, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Elias, who married Hannah Compton, daughter of Reuben Compton, and went to the Lakes, N. Y.

2. Lewis married Miss Ayers, near Liberty Corner, and went to the Lakes N. Y.

3. Nathan married Anne Shipman, daughter of John Shipman. [See Shipman.]

4. William married Caty Jobs, sister of Nicholas Jobs, Esq., of Liberty Corner.

5. Polly married Benjamin Coon, son of Levi Coon, near Mount Bethel.

6. Deborah married Samuel Martin, of Martinville.

7. Rachel married Andrew Putnam, son of Mills, of Green Vally.

NATHAN SMALLEY, (son of Isaac,) and Anne Shipman had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Nelson, who went to East Florida, and died there.

2. Cornelius, who become insane when a young man.

3. Agnes, who married, 1st Jan. 1851, Lewis Kirkpatrick, son of R. Finley Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander. [See Kirkpatrick.]


JACOB SMALLEY, (son of John,) and Tabitha Moore had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sally, who married David Randolph, son of Gilbert. [See Randolph.]

2. Anne married her cousin, Jacob T. Smalley, son of James. [See James Smalley.]

3. Phebe married Moses Ayers, son of Jonathan, of Stone House Village.

4. Ruth married Squier Tingley, son of Jacob Tingley, of Washington Valley.

5. Electa married Restors Cox, from New England; lives in Washington Valley.

6. Elizabeth, who died at 17 years, unmarried.

7. Isaac I. married Nancy, widow of James Pope, and daughter of Jonathan Drake.

8. Jacob, Jun., married Mariah Bullman, daughter of Joseph, of Long Hill, and went to Illinois.

9. Mary married Jacob Drake, brother of Isaac's wife.

10. Tabitha, who died at 6 years.

PHEBE SMALLEY, (3d child of Jacob,) and Moses Ayers had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Julia Anne Ayers, who married Israel Coddington, son of Archibald.

2. Sylvanus Ayers married Eliza Fisher.

3. Ezekiel Ayers married Miss Lockerman, daughter of Vincent E. Lockerman.

4. Jonathan Ayers married Mary Coddington, daughter of Jerry.

RUTH SMALLEY. (4th child of Jacob,) and Squier Tingley had children:

1. Ira Tingley, who married Mary Coulter, daughter of Lafferty.

2. Jacob S. Tingley is a carriage maker, at Plainfield.

3. Sally Tingley married Nathaniel Drake, son of Noah. [See Drake.]

4. Tabitha Tingley married Benjamin Fisher, son of Jerry.

5. Isaac S. Tingley is a carriage maker, at Plainfield.

ELECTA SMALLEY, (5th child of Jacob,) and Restors Cox had children:

1. Julia Anne Cox, who married Jackson Smalley, son of Samuel.

2. Marietta Cox married _____ _____ .

3. James Hartwell Cox married Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Lines. [See Tucker.]

4. Freelove Cox married Archibald Baird; 5. Martha Cox.

ISAAC I. SMALLEY, (7th child of Jacob,) and Nancy Drake had children: 1. Tabitha; 2. Jacob.

JACOB SMALLEY, (8th child of Jacob,) and Mariah Bullman had children: 1. Oscar, who married Mary Crosby, in Illinois; 2. Helen Finley married Mr. Classby, in Illinois.

MARY SMALLEY, (9th child of Jacob,) and Jacob Drake had children: 1. Theodore Drake; 2. James Drake; 3. Isaac S. Drake; 4. Francis Marion Drake; 5. Sally Anne Drake; 6. Elizabeth Drake.

DAVID SMALLEY, Esq., (son of John Smalley 1st,) and Hannah Roff had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Henry, who married Phebe Hand, daughter of Hezekiah, of Short Hills.

2. Daniel married Deborah Roff, daughter of Jonathan Roff. [See Roff.]

3. Hannah married Samuel Casad, of Warren Township.

4. Samuel married, 1st Rhoda Moore, daughter of Benjamin of Mount Bethel; 2d, Mary Pennington, daughter of John, of Dead River.

5. Prudence married John Geddis.

6. David D. married, 1st, Polly Blackford, and was a justice of the peace; 2d, Betsey Allen, daughter of William Allen.

7. Patty married John Dunham, Jun., son of John; had a daughter Hannah, when he died, and she went to Michigan.

8. Mahlon married, 1st Jan. 1816, Betsey Parrot, daughter of William.

9. Hannah married, 10th Sept. 1809, John Dunn, son of Francis Dunn, of Washington Valley.

HENRY SMALLEY (1st son of David Smalley, Esq.) and Phebe Hand, had children:

1. Chilion, who married Caroline Allen; 2. Rhoda married Mr. Latrop; 3. Henry, who married _____ ; 4. Noah.

DANIEL SMALLEY, (2d son of David Smalley, Esq.) and Deborah Roff had children:

1. Pamela, who married Levi Coon, Jun.

2. Elizabeth, who married Henry Doty, Jun.; 3. Letta married George Lavzalier; 4. Hannah married Piatt Drake, son of Andrew; 5. Roff, who went to Indiana; 6. Mahlon, who went to Lancaster, Ohio.

SAMUEL SMALLEY, (4th child of David Smalley, Esq.) and Rhoda Moore had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Keziah, who married Isaac Titus, of Washington Valley, son of John. [See Titas.]

2. David married Docia Wood, daughter of Dael S. Wood, Jun, [see Wood,] and went to Western New York, near Lake Ontario.

And by his 2d wife, Mary Pennington, he had children:

3. John, who married Phebe Wooden, daughter of Gideon Wooden.

4. Rhoda married David Weir, son of William, of Sterling Valley.

5. Amanda married Stephen Marshall, son of John. [See Marshall.]

6. Henry married Hannah Townsend, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

7. Jackson married Julia Anne Cox, daughter of Restors Cox; 8. Samuel; 9. Mary.

NOTE.--Samuel Smalley and wife and their six younger children, with their families, removed to Illinois.

DAVID D. SMALLEY, Esq. (son of David, Esq.) and Polly Blackford, had children:

1. Blackford, who went to Illinois, and married there.

2. Sally married Aaron Carter, son of Gabriel, of Madison.

3. Hannah married John Linberger, of Washington Valley.

4. Samuel.

5. Rachel married John Knapp.

6. Mary married, in Illinois, Mr. Wilson.

All the above six went to Illinois, with their families. And by his 2d wife, Betsey Allen, he had children:

7. Phebe married Peter P. Voorheis, son of Peter, near Paterson.

8. Nancy married Edward Sea, and live up the North river.

9. David D. married, 1st November, 1849, Caroline Titus, daughter of William.

MAHLON SMALLEY and Betsey Parrot, had children:

1. Catherine, who married William Cole, son of Freeman Cole, Esq. and had children:

1. Mary Cole; 2. Elizabeth Cole; 3. David Cole; 4. Adeline Cole.

2. Adeline.

3. Harriet married Elias Drake, son of Nathaniel, of Scotch Plains, and had children: 1. George Drake; 2. Augusta Drake; 4. Julia Anne.


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