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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


RICHARD SMITH lived on Long Island, and had children: (Gen.)

1. Richard Smith, Jun. who married, and removed to Herkimer county, New York.

2. Thomas married Lois Sutton, sister of Abner and Jeremy Sutton; he lived where Ephraim Stelle does, at Stonchouse Village.

3. Cornelius married Dorcas Tingley, and lived near Pluckemin

4. Elijah married Mary Sutton, sister of Lois, wife of Thomas, and lived on the west end of Long Hill, where his son Abner now lives.

5. John, who lived near Lake Champlain, New York.

6. Sally;

7. Hannah.

THOMAS SMITH, (2d son of Richard,) and Lois Sutton, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Richard, who married Jemima Hayden.

2. Thomas is unmarried.

3. Rhoda married Jacob Van Ness, and lived near the Sterling farm.

4. Sarah married her cousin Abner Smith, son of Elijah.

CORNELIUS SMITH, (3d son of Richard,) and Dorcas Tingley. had children:

1. Ebenezer.

2. John, who married Mrs. Coon.

3. Mary married Mr. Bateman.

4. Betsey married Andrew Compton.

ELIJAH SMITH, (4th son of Richard,) and Mary Sutton, had children:

1. Richard, who married Rachel Worth, daughter of Benjamin, and went to Nova Scotia.

2. Betsey, who died at the age of 16 or 17 years.

3. Laura married Clark Winans, near Rahway.

4. Abner married his cousin Sarah Smith, daughter of Thomas.

5. Elijah, Jun. married Sarah McCoy daughter of James McCoy, of Basking Ridge, and had a daughter Rachel, when he died. His daughter Rachel married Elias Dayton, son of John, of Basking Ridge, and had several children, when she died, and Mr. Dayton married Sarah Caroline Heath, daughter of Daniel Heath. [See Heath, page 181.]

6. Jacamiah married, 1st, Catherine Wilson, daughter of Samuel Wilson; 2d, Mary Sickle, daughter of George Sickle, of Stanhope, Sussex county.

7. Anne married George Collyer, son of John Collyer, of Basking Ridge, and had a son, James Collyer, when she died.

8. Silas, who was drowned at about 16 years of age.

RICHARD SMITH, (1st son of Elijah,) and Rachel Worth had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Grace, who married William Wright.

2. John went to Western New York.

3. Madison married Sarah Trane.

4. Mary, who died at 19 or 20 years.

5. Eliza married Mr. Woodard, in Western N. Y.

6. Aretta married Asa Merrel.

7. Harrison.

8. Richard.

9. Jane married her sousin, Elijah Smith, son of Abner.

10. Annitia, who went to Illinois.

LAURA SMITH, (3d child of Elijah,) and Clark Winans had children: 1. Elijah Smith Winans, who married Miss Quick, daughter of John Quick; 2. Betsey Winans; 3. Benjamin Winans; 4. David Winans; 5. William Winans.

ABNER SMITH, (4th child of Elijah,) and Sarah Smith had children:

1. Sophia Anne.

2. John Sutton, who married Julia Bonnel, daughter of Jonathan C. Bonnel. He was a physician, and died 16th Aug. 1841, without children.

3. Elijah married his cousin, Jane Smith, daughter of Richard Smith. She died at about 20 years, without children, and he went to Illinois.

4. Sarah married Nathaniel Gillam, son of Peter, of Mendham.

5. Mary Elizabeth married Adolphus Cone, and went to Illinois; 6. Cornelia.

JACAMIAH SMITH, (6th child of Elijah,) and Catherine Wilson had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Phinehas, who married Susan White, of Brooklyn, N. Y. and had children: 1. Walter; 2. George; 3. Howard; and died 4th February, 1848.

2. Silas, who died at 18 months.

3. Samuel lives in Brooklyn, N. Y.

4. Laura Anne, born 13th January, 1820, and married James C. Blazier, born 28th April, 1810, son of Philip Blazier, and had children:

1. Catherine Blazier, born 27th June, 1842.
2. Silas Blazier, born 3d October, 1843.
3. Philip Ira Blazier, born 27th August, 1845.
4. Susan Blazier, born 16th February, 1848.

5. Martha married Asa F. Curtis, son of John Curtis, and had children: 1. Cornelia and Caroline Curtis, twins; 3. George Curtis. Caroline died young.

6. Richard; 7. Daniel; 8. John.

And by his 2d wife, Mary Sickle, had other children:

9. Catherine; 10. Andrew; 11. Dayton; 12. George. 13. Abner; 14. Sarah.

Jacamiah Smith died 8th September, 1847.


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