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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


WILLIAM SPENCER, Esq. merchant of Chatham, was son of Henry Spencer of Elizabethtown; he was born July, 1765, and died suddenly, in his chair, 29th July, 1848. (3d Gen.)

He married Alpha Genung, born 1768, daughter of Thomas Genung; he was justice of the peace, and kept a store in Chatham some 50 years: they had children:

1. Polly, who married Jonathan Walker, son of Asher, of Long Hill. [See Walker]

2. Sally married Thomas Bond, the younger.

3. Charles married Amelia Bruen, daughter of Jonathan Bruen, of Madison.

4. Hannah married, 1st, Miller Squier, son of Henry Squier, of Long Hill; 2d, James Balentine.

5. Samuel married Prudence Mulford, daughter of Jeremiah, of Livingston.

6. Phebe married Stephen Young.

7. William Hervy married, 1st, Jane Clark, daughter of D. S. Clark, Esq. of New Providence; 2d, Nancy Baker, daughter of Jeremiah Baker, of Dover.

8. Eliza married Thomas Phipps.

9. James Lyman married Caroline Willcox, daughter of John Willcox 3d.

10. Julia Anne married William Ashley.

SALLY SPENCER, and Thomas Bond had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Sanford Bond, who died young.

2. Hervy Bond, who died in infancy.

3. Hervy Bond 2d, who married Margaret Beach, daughter of William Duane Beach, and had children: 1. Hellen Bond. 2. Emma Bond.

4. Sarah Bond married James Wood, of Newark, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Wood; 2. Francis Wood.

5. Charles Bond; 6. Lewis Bond; 7. Thomas Bond.

8. Elizabeth Bond.

CHARLES SPENCER and Amelia Bruen, had children: (4th Gen.) 1. Eliza; 2. Matilda; 3. Lewis; 4. Albert; 5. Charles. 6. Joseph Ogden.

HANNAH SPENCER and Miller Squier, had children:

1. Eliza Squior, who married Mills Day, and had children: 1. Henry Day; 2. Helen Day; 3. Mary Day; 4. Electa Day.

2. Henry Squier married Catherine Garret, of Cauldwell, and had children: 1. Albert Squier, and others.

3. Phebe Anne Squier; 4. Juliette Squier.

And by James Balentine, Hannah Spencer had children:

5. Mary Balentine; 6. Sarah Balentine.

SAMUEL SPENCER and Prudence Mulford, had children:

1. Mary, who married David Sayre, son of Ezekiel, and had children: 1. Fredrick Sayre, and others.

2. Mulford married, 1st, Caroline Mills; 2d, Elizabeth Day.

3. William; 4. Julia Anne; 5. Harriet; 6. George.

PHEBE SPENCER and Stephen Young, had children: 1. Mary Young; 2. William Young; 3. Lyman Young; 4. Caroline Young.

WILLIAM HERVY SPENCER and Jane Clark, had children:

1. William Nelson; 2. John Morris.

And by his 2d, wife Nancy Baker, had children:

3. Alpha Jane; 4. Margaret; 5. Mary; 6. Phebe.

ELIZA SPENCER and Thomas Phipps, had children: 1. Eliza Phipps; 2. William Phipps; 3. Thomas Phipps; 4. Emma Phipps.

JAMES L. SPENCER and Caroline Willcox, had children:

1. Elizabeth Caroline, who married Elias Allen, son of David Allen, had children: 1. Cornelia Allen, and others.

2. John Lyman, who married, 13th January, 1852, Mary Allen, daughter of David.

3. Emily Arno; 4. Lewis Craig; 5. William Francis.

6. Henry Newton; 7. Georgiana and Josephine, twins.

JULIA ANNE SPENCER and William Ashley, had children:

1. George Ashley; 2. John Hervy Ashley; 3, William Ashley; 4. Amelia Ashley; 5. Lyman Ashley.


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