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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


BENJAMIN SPINNING was probably one of the descendants of Humphrey Spinning, who was among the first of the Elizabethtown Associates. He married Charity _____ , and came up from Elizabethtown and lived where his son John Spinning now lives. He died 11th March, 1814, aged 46 years. His widow died 30th November, 1823, aged 56 years. They had children:

1. Benjamin. Jun. who married Polly Simpson, daughter of Alexander, and went to Dayton Ohio, and had children;

1. Anne, who married Caleb Burchard, live in Springfield, Illinois, and had children:

1. Cornelia Burchard;
2. Elizabeth Burchard; 3. Florence Burchard.

2. Eliza Jane married Nathan Allen, of Dayton, and had children:

1. George William Allen; 2. Almira Allen.
3. Alexander Simpson married Miss Piew; live in Green county, Ohio.
4. De Witt Clinton married Hannah Wright, daughter of John.

2. Rebecca married, 14th Feb. 1822, Thomas Martin, Jun, son of Thomas. [See Martin.]

3. Hannah married Jonathan D. Simpson, son of Isaac, and died 13th December, 1838, aged 38 years, without children.

4. John, born 19th August 1793, and married Phebe Winters, of Fishkill, New York, and had children:

1. Benjamin, who married, 27th Feb. 1850, Sarah Anne Meeker, daughter of Isaac, son of Caleb.
2. Charles; 3. Mary; 4. Jane; 5. Julia; 6. John.

5. Solomon married Margaret Winters, sister of John's wife, and had children: 1. George; 2. Catherine; 3. John; 4. Dayton.

6. Prudence married, 20th Feb. 1819, Solomon Dean, son of John, and had children:

1. Benjamin S. Dean, who married Phebe Badgley, daughter of Squier; 2. John Dean; 3. Sylvester Dean; 4. Mary Cohoon Dean, who died young


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