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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


BENJAMIN SQUIER lived in Westfield, and had sons:

1. Ellis, who married, 23d January, 1769, Rebecca, daughter of Amos Potter 1st. [See Potter.]

2. Meeker, who married Rachel, daughter of Stephen Meeker, of Essex county, New Jersey.

3. William, who married Sarah Conklin.

ELLIS SQUIER, son of Benjamin Squier, of Westfield, lived in New Providence, where the Franklin school-house now stands. He and Rebecca Potter had children:

1. Mary, who married Jeremiah H. Osborn, son of Jonathan H. Osborn, [see Osborn,] she died without children, and he married 2d, Polly Clark, daughter of Stephanus, and had children:

1. Squier Osborn who married Anne Bond, daughter of Nathaniel
2. Louisa Osborn, who married Joseph Bond, son of Nathaniel.
3. Sarah Osborn, who married Peter Hendrickson, and had a daughter, Mariah, who married George Potts.
4. Moses Osborn, who did not marry.

2. Rhoda was baptized, 8th August, 1773, and died young.

3. Johannah married, 13th March, 1794, Samuel Baldwin, son of Gabriel. [See Baldwin.]

4. David, born 1777, who married, November, 1805, in Ohio, Sally Gard, born 11th Feb. 1778, daughter of Daniel, and sister of the Rev. Stephen Gard, and had three daughters; when he died, and his widow Sally married Maxwell Potter, son of Russel Potter, and had a daughter Sarah Anne Potter.

5. Timothy married in Ohio, 1st, a widow Briggs; 2d, Rebecca Tucker, daughter of John, of Springdale. (not of Henry Tucker's family,) and had three daughters.

6. Mary 2d, baptized 19th Feb. 1794, and married in Ohio, David Sergeant, son of Sampson Sergeant. By his 1st wife had three sons:

1. Ellis Sergeant; 2. Sampson Sergeant; 3. Timothy Sergeant. They lived and both died at Leport, Ind.

Ellis Squier and family, and Jeremiah H. Osborn, removed to Ohio, about the year 1798, and lived near the Blue Ball between the Miamis.

JOHANNAH SQUIER, (daughter of Ellis,) and Samuel Baldwin, had children:

1. Squier Baldwin, who married Sally Crowel, daughter of Samuel, of Dayton, whose wife was Elizabeth Gard.

2. Amos Baldwin, married Miss Keziah Tucker, daughter of John, and sister of Timothy Squier's second wife.

3. Sarah married Uriah Sawyer, from New England.

DAVID SQUIER, (son of Ellis,) and Sally Gard, had children:

1. Phebe, who married Benjamin Potter, son of Maxwell, son of Russel Potter. [See Russel Potter.]

2. Eliza married Philip Landis, son of Philip, and had children:

1. Elizabeth R. Landis; 2. Mary G. Landis; 3. Sarah G. Landis; 4. John Leland Landis; 5. Charles Landis; 6. David Landis; 7. Phebe Anne Landis; 8. Juliette Landis; 9. Harriet Landis; 10. Susannah Landis.

3. Juliette married Sutton Van Pelt, and had children:

1. Alexander Van Pelt; 2. David Squier Van Pelt;

3. Camilla Van Pelt. Mr. David Squier died in 1814, aged 38 years, and his widow Sally married Maxwell Potter, son of Russel Potter. [See Russel Potter.]

TIMOTHY SQUIER, (5th child of Ellis,) and Rebecca Tucker, had children:

1. Harriet Anne, who married David Benedict Groat, live in the state of New-York.

2. Samantha, who married William Stone, had two children, and he died.

3. Mary married Mr. Winters, of Logansport, Indiana.

MEEKER SQUIER, (son of Benjamin,) and Rachel Meeker lived near the Blue, Ball, Warren county, Ohio, and had children:

1. Rebecca, who married, 1st, Thomas Morton, and had children: 1. Rachel Morton; 2. Samuel Morton; 3. Meeker Morton. Rebecca married, 2d, Samuel Sergeant, (as his 2d wife,) and had other children: 4. Ivy Sergeant; 5. Eliza Sergeant; 6. Thomas Sergeant; 7. Rebecca Sergeant; 8. Phebe Anne Sergeant.

2. Anna, who married David Johnson, and had children: 1. Ithaman Johnson; 2. Phebe Johnson; 3. Rachel Johnson; 4. John Johnson.

3. William, who married Puah Osborn, daughter of Jonathan H. Osborn. [See Osborn.]

4. John, who married Mary Potter, daughter of Russel, son of Levi. [see Russel Potter,] and had children: 1. Levi; 2. Joanna; 3. Russel; 4. Rachel; 5. Rhoda Anne; 6. Mary Jane; 7. Ezekiel; 8. Ivy; 9. Adeline.

5. Ezekiel, who is not married.

6. Phebe, who married John Squier, son of Thomas, of New Jersey.

7. Stephen who married Sarah Bond, daughter of Caleb, and had children: 1. Levi; 2 Caleb; 3. Rachel; 4. Charlotte.

WILLIAM SQUIER, (3d child of Meeker Squier,) and Puah Osborn had children:

1. Jeremiah, who married Caroline Bond, a daughter of Caleb, and had children: 1. Charlotte; 2. Emmazetta; 3. Edward.

2. Ezekiel, who married 1st, Anne Conover, who had no children; 2d, Mary Martin, in 1851, daughter of Samuel and Anna Martin.

3. Deborah, who married David Eagle, and had a son, William Eagle.

4. Meeker, who married _____ _____ .

WILLIAM SQUIER, (son of Benjamin,) and Sarah Conklin lived near the Blue Ball, Ohio, and had children:

1. Caleb, who married Elizabeth Wells; 2. Abraham, who married Polly Ball, daughter of Ezekiel, of Middletown. [See Ball]; 3. David; 4. Ellis; 5. William; 6. Mary, who married John Shuckman; 7. Abigail, who married Jeremiah Masterson; 8. Sarah married Henry Row; 9. Daniel married Miss _____ Case; 10 Rebecca.


THOMAS SQUIER lived where William Mulford, now lives, in Morris county. He married, 1st, Jemima Camp, daughter of Aaron Camp, Sen, and had children:

1. Sarah, who married Jacob Tingley, and lived in Washington Valley.

2. Aaron married, Nancy Vance, daughter of Kennedy Vance, of Long Hill.

3. Stephen married Hannah Littell, daughter of Samuel, of Rockaway, Morris county.

4. Moses married, 29th April, 1790, Anna Rutan, daughter of Abraham, and went to Western Pennsylvania.

5. Ludlow married Anna Runyon, daughter of Elias, of Long Hill. He lived at Plainfield, By a second wife, Thomas Squier had a daughter.

6. Anna, who married David Coriell, son of Elias, of Long Hill. [See Coriell.]

SARAH SQUIER and Jacob Tingley had children:

1. Jemima Tingley, who married Elias Cole, son of Master William Cole. [See Cole.]

2. Anna Tingley married William D. Stewart, son of David. [See Stewart.]

3. Osee Tingley married Ralph Shotwell, son of Jacob, [See Shotwell.]

4. Squier Tingley married Ruth Smalley, daughter of Jacob, and had children:

1. Ira Tingley, who married Mary Coulter, daughter of Leffert, and lives at Martinville.
2. Sarah Tingley married Nathaniel Drake, son of Noah. [See Drake.]
3. Jacob Smalley Tingley is a carriage maker of Plainfield.
4. Isaac S. Tingley.
5. Tabitha Tingley married Benjamin Fisher, son of Jerry Fisher, and removed to Jefferson county, N. Y.

5. George Hacket Tingley, who lives in New York.

AARON SQUIER and Nancy Vance had children:

1. Betsey, who married Noah Frazee, son of Maxwell. [See Frazee.]

2. Samuel, who is not married. He lives and owns the farm on which his father and grand-father Vance lived.

3. John married Mary Meeker, daughter of Joseph Ogden Meeker, of Westfield, and had children:

1. Nancy. who married Joseph Ross. son of John Ross, of Westfield.
2. Mary married Isaac H. Potter, son of Recompense, of Plainfield. and died June, 1850, and left 3 children.
3. Ogden, who died at 16 years. 4. Agnes, who died at 9 months.

4. Thomas married Catherine Tate, of New York, and had children: 1. John; 2 Catherine, and then removed to Geneva, New York.

5. Horatio married Elizabeth Crocker, of New York, and had children: 1. Mary: 2. Caroline; 3. Horatio; 4. Samuel.

Aaron Squier died 9th Aug. 1818, aged 57 years. His wife died 15th June, 1801, aged 39 years. His son John died 2d April, 1834, aged 39 years.

STEPHEN SQUIER and Hannah Littell lived on Staten Island, N. Y., and had children:

1. William, who married Sally Merrel, daughter of John Merrel, and had children:

1. Fanny, who is unmarried.
2. John, who was drowned, at 17 or 18 years of age.
3. Stephen married Barbara Van Name, daughter of Simon.
4. Caty married _____ _____ . 5. Eliza married _____ _____ .

2. Sally married Samuel Sharp, son of William, and had children:

1. Charles Snowden Sharp.
2. Elizabeth Sharp, who married, 1st, Mr. Chandler; 2d Mr. Sayre.
3. William Sharp.
4. Priscilla Sharp. Mr. Sharp removed to Western New York.

3. Thomas married Charlotte Parsons, daughter of Jonathan. He is a tailor; lives in Madison, and had children:

1. Anna; 2. Mary Elizabeth married Effingham Townley, son of Enos B. [see Townley;] 3. Israel Rickey; 4. Hannah Mariah; 5. Harriet; 6. Helen Coriell; 7. Horace Sheldon; 8. Emily Parsons, who died at 17 months old.

4. Betsey married Abel Van Camp, and had children:

1. Hannah Mariah Van Camp, who married William Wilson, and had children:

1. Julia Helen Wison, and others.
2. Sally Anne Van Camp married Mr. Thompson, and had children:

1. Mary Thompson: 2. Elizabeth Thompon; 3. William Thompson; 4 Charlotte Thompson.

3. Charlotte Van Camp married James Coburn.
4. Helen Rebecca Van Camp married Drake Benjamin.
5. Gilbert Van Camp; 6. Eliza Jane Van Camp.
7. Ludlow Squier Van Camp.

5. Samuel married Anne Merrel, daughter of Frederick, and had children:

1. Anne Eliza, who married Mr. Eddy.
2. John, who was drowned at about 19 years.
3. Mercereau, who died at about 20 years.
4. Sarah; 5. Mary Louisa; 6. George.

LUDLOW SQUIER, (son of Thomas,) and Anna Runyon, had children:

1. Abby, who married Richard Coriell, son of Peter. [See Coriell.]

2. Clark married Thirza Vail, daughter of Alexander Vail son of Daniel, and had children; 1. Elizabeth; 2. William; 3. Joseph. 4. Kerenhappuck; 5. Alexander.

3. Israel married Martha Kirkpatrick, daughter of Alexander, and had children:

1. Parrison; 2 Agnes; 3. Caroline; 4. John; 5. Mary. 6. Elizabeth; 7. Ludlow. and then removed to Illinois.

4. Deborah married William Darby, son of John, of Scotch Plains.

5. Jane married Elias Kirkpatrick, Esq. son of John. [See Kirkpatrick.]

6. Ludlow married Mary Wright, daughter of Savage Wright


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