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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN STITES was born in England, in the year A. D. 1595. Tradition says that he emigrated from London to New England in the time of Oliver Cromwell. He finally settled on Long Island, and died there in 1717, aged 122 years.

RICHARD STITES. son of John, was born 1640. He lived at Hempstead, L. I. and died 1702, aged 62 years.

WILLIAM STITES, son of Richard, was born at Hempstead, in 1676. He removed to Springfield, N. J. and died there in 1727, aged 51 years. William Stites had children: (4th Gen.)

1. John, born 1706 at Hempstead; died at Springfield, 1782.

2. Hezekiah, born 1708, " " " " 1728.

3. Richard, born 1715, " " " " 1727.

4. Rebecca, born 1717, and married Jacob Carle. [See Carle.

5. William, Jun. died at Mount Bethel, aged 91 years.

6. Elijah born 1721, and died at Scotch Plains, 1765.

7. Benjamin married Betsey Willcox, daughter of Peter Willcox, Jun. and lived and died at Scotch Plains.

JOHN STITES, eldest son of William, was an Alderman of the borough of Elizabeth, lived near Scudder's Mills, on Rahway River. He married Miss Rushmore, of Long Island, a sister of the wife of Thomas Thompson, Sen. [See Thompson.] They had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Hezekiah, who became a physician, and settled at Cranbury, Middlesex county.

2. Sarah. His wife then died, and he married Miss Hampton, and had other children:

3. A daughter, who married the Rev. Mr. Gano, of New York.

4. A daughter, who married the Rev. Mr. Manning, and went to Rhode Island.

5. Abigail married Isaac Woodruff, Esq. of Elizabethtown.

6. John married, in New York, returned to Elizabethtown, and after a time went to the West.

7. Richard married Sarah Thompson, daughter of the above named Thomas Thompson, [see Thompson,] and had children.

1. Abby, who married John, son of Andrew Miller, and Sarah Ross, she is the mother of Cornelia, the wife of Gideon Ross, Esq. and lives with him.

2. Richard, born 1777, and died in Savannah, Georgia, in 1813 leaving a son, Richard W. Stites, now, (1850,) living in Morristown.

WILLIAM STITES, Jun. (5th child of William,) lived at Mount Bethel, Somerset county; he married Miss Searing, and had children: (4th Gen.)

1. John; 2. William 3d.

3. Isaac married Anna Butler, daughter of Amos, and died 7th August, 1830, aged 76 years.

William Stites, Jun. married, 2d, Sarah, widow of Amos Butler, by whom he had no children.

ISAAC STITES, (son of William, Jun.) and Anna Butler, had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Elijah, who married Phebe Bird, daughter of George, and had children:

1. Searing; 2. Ellis; 3. Rosannah; 4. Elijah: 5. Hezekiah; 6. Isaac.

2. Samuel married Patty Martin, daughter of Ephraim Martin; they removed to Illinois, and had 14children.

3. John married Ruth Moore, daughter of Joseph, and had children:

1. Jacob; 2. Samuel; 3. Phebe; 4. John; 5. Joseph; 6. Peter; 7. Susan; 8. Eliza: 9. William; 10, Benjamin; 11. Harriet.

4. Sarah married John Jennings, son of Benjamin.

5. William married, 1st, Mary Roff, daughter of Ebenezer, and had children:

1. Mahala, who married David Simmons lives in Elizabethtown
2. Mary Anne married William Bonnel, of Elizabethtown.
3. Israel, who went to Michigan.
4. Amy, who married Charles Whitmore.
5. Martha Jane married _____ _____ .

He married, 2d, the widow Lydia Garrison, and had a son Joel, and died in New Providence.

6. Amos, who married Agnes Kelly, daughter of Samuel, and had children:

1. Samuel Kelly; 2. Anna; 3. Rachel; 4. Debby; 5. William Harrison; 6. Amos Butler; 7. Isaac A.

ELIJAH STITES. (son of William Stites, Sen.) lived at Scotch Plains. He married _____ _____ , and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Rebecca. who married Richard Scudder. [See Scudder.]

2. Elijah.

3. Nancy, who married David Ross.

4. Prudence married John Rino. of Piscataway.

5. Chloe married Elias Miller, of Westfield.

6. Han ah married Peter Rino, brother of John.

7. Abner married, 18th Feb. 1786, Huldah Crane, daughter of Isaac, of New Providence.

ABNER STITES lived in New Providence, was a Capt. of the Militia, and an elder in the Presbyterian church. He died 29th August, 1831, his wife died 24th June 1835, aged 71 years. He and Huldah Crane had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Elijah is a merchant in Springfield. He married Jane Wade, daughter of Jonas Wade, Esq. of Springfield, and has no living children.

2. William is a paper manufacturer of Springfield; was a Justice of the Peace, and Judge of the court; has been several times a member of the legislature. He married Hannah B. Smith, daughter of Capt. John Smith; had an only daughter, Jane Robison, who married Dr. John C. Elmer, of Mendham, son of Dr. Horace Elmer.

3. Huldah Grant married John Thompson, son of Jabez. [See Thompson.]

4. John M. Stites is a tanner and currier in New Providence. He is an elder in the presbyterian chnrch. He married his cousin Jane Bonnel, daughter of Nathaniel 3d. He was born 2d Sept 1797, she was born 3d July, 1795; they had children:

1. William Crane, born 16th Nov. 1829.
2. Huldah, born 21th July, 1833.

5. Chloe married Ezra Fairchild, of Mendham. He is principal of a classical school on Long Island; they had children:

1. Emily Fairchild.

2. Elias Fairchild, who married, 16th March, 1850, Agnes Anderson, daughter of Robert Anderson, Esq. of Plainlield, she died about 9 months thereafter.

6. Abner, born 24th Sep. 1803, is a merchant in Springfield; married Charlotte Bonnel, born 27th Aug. 1814, daughter of Sylvanus, son of John Bonnel, and have children: 1. Edward Morris born 12th October, 1847; 2. Charlotte Morrell, born March, 1850.

7. Apollos married Mary Bryant, daughter of Simeon Bryant. of Springfield; lives in New York, and has two children, Theodore and Matilda.

BENJAMIN STITES, (son of William Stites, Sen.) and Betsey Willcox, had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Henry, who died at Redstone, on his way to Cincinnati.

2. Benjamin, Jun, married, and went to Cincinnati.

3. Elijah went to Cincinnati.

4. Hezekiah went also to Cincinnati.

5. Isaiah married Mary Foster, daughter of Jacob Foster, of Lyons Farms.

NOTE--The wife of Benjamin Stites, Jun. was said to be the first white woman that ever landed at Cincinnati.

ISAIAH STITES, (son of Benjamin,) and Mary Foster lived at Scotch Plains, and had children: (6th Gen.)

1. Jacob Foster, who married Sarah Frazee, daughter of Henry, and sister of Maxwell.

2. Henry married Mary Clark, of Westfield.

3. Benjan in married Eliza Anne Drake, daughter of Nathaniel Drake, of Scotch Plains; he is a grocer in Newark.

JACOB F. STITES, (son of Isaiah,) and Sarah Frazee, had children: (7th Gen.)

1. Isaiah, who married, 1st, Miss Drake; 2d, Sarah _____ , and has no children.

2. Mary, who died at 14 or 15 years.

3. Charlotte married Philemon Dunn, and had a son, Albert Dunn; 4. Henry.

HENRY STITES, (son of Isaiah,) and Mary Clark, had children:

1. Eliza, who married Talmadge Ross, son of John, son of Talmadge.

2. John, who married and lives in New York.

3. Anne married Gershom Littell, son of Gershom.

4. Aaron married and lives in New York.

BENJAMIN STITES, (son of Isaiah,) and Eliza Anne Drake, had children: (2d 3d Gen.)

1. Huldah, who married James Cleaver, son of William H. Cleaver; 2. Julia; 3. Mary; 4. Caroline; 5. Benjamin.


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