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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


EPHRIAM SUTTON lived on Sutton's Hill, (2d mountain,) west of William Allen's, and married, and had children:

1. Jesse.

2. William, who married Lavina, a Duteh girl, had children:

1. James; 2. Enoch, who married Betsey Clark, daughter of Elias. [See Clark.] 3. Henry; 4. Mary, who married John Sibbens. 5. David married Sally Parker, danghter of Judah; 6. William Jun. 7. Catherine; 8. Sally; 9. John.

The family all removed to Ohio together.


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