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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


THOMAS TERRIL came up from Rahway, and settled on Stony Hill, about one mile east of Mount B thel Church; he married Mary Dunn, daughter of Philemon Dunn, of Piscataway; he was a justice of the peace, and had children:

1. Lewis, who married Aula Van Lew, of New York, and lived, and died there, without children

2. Squier married Rebecca Kirkpatrick, daughter of Alexander; he was justice of the peace, and judge of the court of Somerset county.

3. Gertrude, who died at 42 years, unmarried.

4. Lucinda married Clarkson Steile, son of Oliver. [See Stelle.]

5. Charity married Robert F. Kirkpatrick, son of Alexander, [See Kirkpatrick]

6. Harriet married David Coon, son of Capt. Israel Coon; she died, and left three children: 1. George Coon; 2. Walter Coon; 3. Firman Coon.

7. John, who died at about 13 years.

8. Drake married Elizabeth Stelle, daughter of Ephraim, son of Oliver. He died 1842, aged 37 years.

9. Madison married Mary Stelle, daughter of Isaac, son of Oliver.

SQUIER TERRIL, Esq. and Rebecca Kirkpatrick had children:

1. Aula, who married Badgley Gottra, son of James Gottra, Esq.

2. Mary married Silas Smalley, son of Andrew Smalley, Esq.

3. Jane married John Ross. son of John of Bound Brook.

4. Anne; 5. Thomas; 6. Margaret; 7. Edward; 8. Walter. 9. George.

DRAKE TERRIL and Elizabeth Stelle, had children: 1. Harriet; 2. Mary Anne; 3. Ephraim; 4. Sarah Jane. 5. Elizabeth; 6. Margaret.

MADISON TERRIL and Mary Stelle had children: 1. Lewis; 2. Clarissa, who died at 9 years; 3. Rachel. 4. Jason; 5. Isaac; 6. George.


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