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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


WILLIAM THOMAS lived on Stony Hill, was a half bushel maker; he had children:

1. Derrick, who married Keziah Smalley, daughter of James. [See Smalley.]

2. Keziah married Benjamin Smalley, son of James [See Smalley.]

3. Esther married Stephen Crane, son of Joseph. [See Joseph Crane]

4. Peggy.

5. Levi married Tabitha Hand, 18th child of Hezekiah Hand, and went to western New York.


THOMAS THOMAS was born 1777, in a house which stood on the line between Wales and England. After his father's death, a nobleman of London conceived a favorable opinion of him, took him under his care, educated and sent him to Oxford college, where he graduated; he then studied theology, was licensed, and ordained to the gospel ministly; he married Elizabeth Robison, daughter of Thomas Robison of London, and emigrated to America in 1818: went to Cincinnati, and preached in the first church there, some time. He thence removed to Paddy's Run, in Butler county; thence to Venice, in the same county, and was installed over the presbyterian church there; and died 9th October, 1831; they had children: (1st Gen.)

1. Mary, who married Nelson Gelpin, from Connecticut.

2. Elizabeth, who died in infancy.

3. Thomas Ebenezer, who graduated at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, studied theology, was licensed, preached at Harrison, below Cincinnati, and removed from thence to Hamilton, and was pastor of the presbyterian church there, till he was appointed, in 1849, president of Hanover college, Jefferson county, Indiana. He married Lydia Fisher, daughter of Nathaniel Fisher, of Boston.

4. Elizabeth married Charles Burrows, son of Eden, of Franklin, Ohio, formerly of Elizabethtown, in N. J.

5. Alfred is a lawyer, of Hamilton, Ohio; he married Mary Eliza Fisher, sister of Thomas E's wife.

6. Sarah Robison is unmarried.

7. Anne married David Linton, son of David, a quaker.

8. John, born 20th July, 1822, is a lawyer of Hamilton, Ohio: he married 23d May, 1850, Huldah R. Littell, daughter of John Littell, Esq. of Essex county, N. J.

MARY THOMAS, and Nelson Gelpin had children:

1. Sarah Gelpin married, 15th May, 1850, Rev. Mr. Crow, pastor of the church at South Hanover, Jefferson county, Indiana.

2. Thomas Gelpin; 3. Huldah Gelpin; 4. Alfred Gelpin. 5. John Gelpin; 6. Sarah Robison Gelpin. 7. Mary Spencer Gelpin; 8. David Gelpin.

REV. THOMAS E. THOMAS and Lydia Fisher had children: 1. Ebenezer; 2. Mary May; 3. Elizabeth; 4. Alfred. 5. John.

ELIZABETH THOMAS and Charles Burrows had children:

1. Richard Burrows; 2. Mary Burrows. 3. Sarah Burrows, who died in infancy. 4. Thomas Burrows; 5. Jane Burrows.

ALFRED THOMAS and Mary Eliza Fisher had children: 1. Eliza Lillie; 2. Anne.

ANNE THOMAS and David Linton had children: 1. Anna Linton; 2. _____ _____ ; 3. _____ _____ .

JOHN THOMAS and Huldah R. Littell, had children: 1. Clara Linton, and others.


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