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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


PETER TILYOU came from France. His son, Vincent Tilyou, married, 1st, Nancy Tiebout; 2d, Jane Freeman, daughter of Joseph. He lived in New York, and by his first wife had children:

1. John, who married Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of John, of New Jersey. [See Tucker.]

2. Peter Vincent, who married, 1st, Lucy Bigelow; 2d, Sally Field.

3. Nancy, who married Mr. Spencer.

And by his 2d wife, Jane Freeman, he had children:

4. Vincent, born 24th May, 1788, and married Catherine Curry, born 25th Aug. 1791, who had an only sister, Jane Curry, and were daughters of Francis Curry.

5. Hetty married Francis Curry, brother of Vincent's wife.

6. Joseph F. married as his 2d wife, Sarah Ruckman, daughter of Levi, who obtained a divorce from him, and he married again; lives near Basking Ridge, and has several children.

JOHN TILYOU, and Elizabeth Tucker lived on Stony Hill, in New Providence, N. J., and had children:

1. Nancy, who married John Hill, son of William. [See Hill.]

2. Mary married Cornelius Frazee, son of Cornelius. [See Frazee.]

PETER V. TILYOU lived in New York. He by his 1st wife, Lucy, had a son:

1. John, who married Betsey Field, and had children:

1. Peter V.; 2. Eliza; 3. Lucy; 4. Catherine; 5. Caroline; 6. Evelina; 7. John V.; 8. Emma; 9. Thaddeus; 10. Josephine; 11. Adelaide; 12. Oscar.

And by his 2d wife, Sally Field, Peter V. Tilyou had children:

2. Christian married Mary _____ .

3. Louisa, who married Chandler Ingersoll, and had children: 1. Adeline; 2. Chandler; 3. Lucy; 4. Francina Ingersoll.

VINCENT TILYOU was a sea-captain, and traversed the seas many years. Capt. Vincent Tilyou and Catherine Curry lived in New York, and had children:

1. Jane, who married Stephen Decator Morrison, in June, 1845, and died 19th March, 1846.

2. Catherine married James D. Morrison, brother of Stephen D., and had children: 1. Catherine Morrison: 2. Vincent Morrison; 3. Mary Jane Morrison; 4. Harriet Morrison; 5. John Francis Morrison; 6. Margaret.

3. Esther.

4. Harriet Newel, who married the Rev. Shubal Stiles Parker, a Baptist Minister, who first settled in Burlington, and subsequently in New Brunswick, N. J., and had children: 1. Franklin Wheelock Parker; 2. Jane Tilyou Parker.

5. Vincentine S.

6. Vincent.

NOTE.--Jane Curry, sister of Capt. Vincent Tilyou's wife, married John B. Halsted, of New York, and had children:

1. Sarah Halsted.
2. Susan Halsted, who married Mr. Brush.
3. Jane Halsted died 17th Feb. 1849, aged 32 years, unmarried.
4. Francis Halsted; 5. Benjamin Halsted; 6. John Halstead; 7. Catherine Halsted.

HETTY TILYOU, (daughter of Vincent, Sen.,) and Francis Curry had children:

1. Jane Curry, who married Lothrip L. Sturges, and had children:

1. Mary Jane Sturges, who married Jeremiah Wardwell, and has children: 1. William Wardwell; 2. Theodore Wardwell.
2. William Sturges married Jenette Smith.
3. Charles Sturges.
4. Theodore Sturges; 5. Catherine Sturges; 6. Wallace Sturges; 7. Edwin Sturges.

2. Esther Curry married John Laws, and had children: 1. Janet Laws; 2. William Laws.

3. William Curry married Julia Washburn, and had children: 1. William Curry; 2. Richard Curry; 3. George Curry; 4. Theodore Curry.

4. Catherine Curry married George M. Clearman, and had children: 1. Lewis Clearman; 2. Mariah Clearman; 3. Mary Augusta Clearman; 4. Isaac Clearman; 5. Emma Clearman; 6. Frederick Clearman; 7. Catherine Clearman;


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