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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JAMES TOTTEN was probably the son of Sylvanus Totten, who lived in this neighborhood in 1765.

He lived on the north side of Long Hill, where Noah Williams lately lived; he married Hester Propo, who died 7th June, 1773; he died 7th May, 1774; they had children:

1. Sarah, who married, 16th March, 1767, Moses Blancher.

2. David married, 25th January, 1775, Sarah Pierson.

3. John married Rhoda Marsh, of Rahway, sister of Daniel Marsh.

John Totten died 11th September, 1810, aged 56 years.

Rhoda his widow died 20th January, 1835, aged 82 years.

DAVID TOTTEN, (son of James,) and Sarah Pierson lived in Sterling's Valley, and had children:

1. Mary, who married Israel Brant.

2. Elizabeth married Mr. Boylan.

3. John married Tempe Conklin, daughter of Joshua. [See Conklin.]

4. Joseph married, 17th June, 1820, Mariah Hathaway, of Morristown.

5. James married Sally Freeman, daughter of Philip.

6. Martha married John Robert Littell, son of Robert. [See Littell.]

7. Rachel married Amos Stevens, son of John. [See Stevens.]

JOHN TOTTEN, (son of David,) and Tempe Conklin, had children:

1. Betsey, who married John Putnam, son of Miles, live in Green Valley, near Plainfield, and had children:

1. Andrew Jackson Putnam; 2. Miles Putnam; 3. John Davis Putnam; 4. Randolph; Putnam; 5. Lewis Craig Putnam, twin to Randolph; 6. Mary Putnam; 7. Harriet Putnam.

2. David married Mary Anne Thompson, daughter of Jane, daughter of Hezekiah Thompson, and had children: 1. Jane; 2. Elias; 3. David.

3. Anne married Samuel Pangborn, of Green Valley, and had children:

1. Eli Pangborn; 2. Benjamin Pangborn; 3. John Pangborn; 4. Drake Pangborn; 5. Mary Adeline Pangborn; 6. Abel Stewart Pangborn.

4. James married Eliza Wood, daughter of Silas, of Logansville, and had children: 1. Phebe; 2. Mary Anne, 3. William; 4. Abby; 5. Ellen; 6. Catherine Elizabeth; 7. Carter; 8. Fanny.

5. Abby married Abel Stewart, son of William D. Stewart, Esq. [See Stewart.]

6. Eunice married Alexander Cameron, son of Elisha, of Sterling's Valley.

7. Joshua married, 1st, Emeline Foster; 2d, Caroline Spinning, daughter of John, of Elizabethtown, and had children:

1. Henry Francis; 2. John Spinning Totten.

8. Cornelius married Martha Jones, daughter of Thomas D. Jones, and had children: 1. Georgiana; 2. a daughter, who died young.

JAMES TOTTEN. (son of David,) and Sally Freeman, had children:

1. Nancy, who married William Ayers, son of David, of Union, and had children: 1. Lewis Ayers, born 1835; 2. Mary Jane Ayers, born 1838.

2. Silas married Adeline Mc Cormic.

3. Freeman married Jane Whitenack, and had children: 1. Eugene; 2 Sarah Elizabeth; 3. Thomas; 4. Linus.

4. Linus, who died at about 17 years.

5. Jane married William Fulkerson.

6. William married Eliza Squier, daughter of John.

7. Hervey; 8. George Washington, 9. John Henry, twins.

10. Jackson.

JOHN TOTTEN, (son of James 1st.) and Rhoda Marsh, lived in Passaic Valley, and had children:

1. Benjamin, who died in infancy.

2. Betsey, born 1785, and married 29th March, 1798, Joshua Kindall, son of Job Kindall, of Burlington county, and had children:

1. John Marsh Kindall, who married, 8th March, 1838, Nancy Ludlow, daughter of Joseph, and had children:

1. Joshua; 2. Hannah Ludlow; 3. John Ludlow. 4. Sarah Anne.

2. Anne Doty Kindall married Ezra Wooden, son of Gideon, of Green Valley, and had children: 1. Elizabeth Wooden; 2. William Wooden; 3. Sarah Wooden; 4. Mariah Wooden; 5. Ludlow Wooden; 6. Martin Wooden; 7. Susan Wooden.

3. Margaret Kindall.
4. William Kindall, born 1823, has a daughter Frances, born March, 1843.
5. Elihu Kindall, who died of cholera, 10th July, 1849.
6. Eliza Kindall; 7. Mariah Kindall.

Mr. Joshua Kindall died 6th December, 1831, aged 51 yrs.


SAMUEL TOTTEN, (brother of James Totten 1st) lived a little south of the corner store south of the church, and kept a tavern there. He died 25th June, 1775; his widow died 17th March, 1790; they had children:

1. Samuel Totten, Jun. who married 9th June, 1785, Martha Tuttle.

2. Martha married, 31st July, 1788, Joseph Day, [See Day.]

3. Jonathan married, 15th October, 1792, Esther Wood, daughter of Jeremiah Wood.

Mr. Jonathan Totten died 24th February, 1837, aged 68 years.

JONATHAN TOTTEN, (son of Samuel,) and Esther Wood, had children:

1. Jane, who ma ried John McClasky Schureman, son of John, and had children: 1. Jonathan Schureman, who married Keziah; 2. Samuel Schureman married Cornelia Dickerson, daughter of Philemon; 3. Henrietta.

Jane then died, and Mr. Schureman married again, Mrs. Melick, who had a son, Abraham Melick, who married Eliza Schureman, daughter of Samuel Schureman, brother of John McClasky. By this 2d wife, J. McC. Schureman had a son, Leonard Schureman, who is a stone cutter, in Morristown.

2. Nancy, who married Jacob Nixon, and had children:

1. Pamelia Nixon, who married Mr. Dunn; lives in Morristown, and keeps a large milliners' shop.
2. Harriet Jane Nixon married Aaron Hedden, son of Thomas.

3. Jeremiah married Hannah Price, daughter of Rice Price: live in Roxbury, Morris county.

4. Betsey, who lived in New-York, and died 31st Jan. 1852, unmarried.

5. Esther, who married Ezra Williams, son of Noah; lives in New-York, and have no children

6. Abraham Morrel, who died 20th Dec. 1827, aged 27 years.

7. Joseph Wood married, 31st July 1823, Jemima Douglas, daughter of Jesse V. Douglas, of Springfield.

JEREMIAH TOTTEN, (son of Jonathan,) and Hannah Price, had children:

1. Samuel, who married Sarah Anne Osborn, daughter of John, and had children: 1. John Osborn, and others.

2. Jonathan, born 1st Sept. 1821, married, 22d July 1843, Mariah Schureman, daughter of Samuel, have no children. [See Scudder.]

3. William; 4. Jane; 5. Benjamin; 6. Abigail; 7 Agnes. 8. Hannah; 9. Anne; 10. Edwin.

JOSEPH W. TOTTEN, (son of Jonathan,) and Jemima Douglas, had children:

1. Abraham Morrel. 2. William Pierson. 3. Mary Elizabeth.

4. Hetty Mariah, who married _____ , and died at 19 years.

5. Charles Jackson; 6. John; 7. Jonathan.


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