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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


WARNER TUCKER married Elizabeth Lambert, sister of James Lambert; lived in Westfield, and had children:

1. Jacob, who married Hannah Lines, daughter of Henry, and lived on the north side of the first mountain, above the Scotch Plains.

2. Ephraim married, first, Sarah Miller, of Westfield; 2d, Rhoda, the widow of Ephraim Valentine, and sister of Abraham Price.
[Ephraim Tucker m. Sarah Miller 2 July 1765; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

3. Samuel married, first, Patty Tucker, daughter of John, of Stony Hill Valley.

His 2d wife, I have not learned her name. His 3d wife was Rachel, the widow of Isaac Clark, and daughter of John Osborn. [See Osborn.]

4. Isaac married Joanna Cory, sister of Parkhurst Cory, of Warren Township.
[Isaac Tucker m. Johannah Cory 3 June 1772; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

5. Moses married Mary Masters, daughter of Gideon, on the first Mountain.

6. Mary married Moses Masters, son of Gideon, above named. The two latter removed to Ohio.
[Mary Tucker m. Moses Masters 7 Mar 1775; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

JACOB TUCKER, (son of Warner,) and Hannah Lines had children: (2d Gen)

1. Abner, who married Jemima Frazee, daughter of Asa, of Stony Hill Vallay.

2. Alfred. He with Abner, enlisted in the army, and did not return.

3. Nancy married David I. Smalley, son of James. [See Smalley.]
[Nancy Tucker m. David Smalley Jr.24 Feb 1798; Groom of Somerset Co.; Bride of Westfield by Rev. William Van Horne, pastor of the Scotch Plains Baptist church, 1785-1807; Essex County Clerk's Marriage Records; New Jersey Archives Vol XXII Marriage Records 1665-1800 pp 582-598]

4. Margaret married William Townley, son of Matthias. [See Townley.]

5. Samuel married Polly Tucker, his cousin, daughter of Ephraim; had a daughter, Rhoda, and then removed to Indiana.

6. Jacob married Polly Soper, of Pennsylvania, and had children, Jacob 3d, Benjamin, and Harriet.

EPHRAIM TUCKER, (son of Warner,) by his first wife, Sarah Miller, had children:

1. Hannah, who married John Miller, son of William, of Westfield.

2. Ephraim, Jun. married Phebe Hand, daughter of Daniel, on the first mountain, whose wife was sister of Master William Cole. [See Cole.]

3. Sally married Benjamin Tucker, son of James, (no relation.)
[Sarah Tucker m. Benjamin Tucker 12 July 1791; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

And by his 2d wife Rhoda, Ephriam Tucker had children:

4. Polly, who married her cousin Samuel, son of Jacob.

5. Benjamin.

SAMUEL TUCKER, (son of Warner,) and Patty Tucker, his first wife, had children:

1. Sally, who married Jonathan Parker, son of Judah, and had children:
[Sally Tucker m. Jonathan Parker 27 Jan 1794; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

1. Allen Parker; 2. Samuel Parker; 3. Judah Parker; 4. Harriet Parker, who married Perry Sutton; 5. Patty Parker.

2. Nancy, who married Joseph Brooks, and had a son, Samuel Brooks.

3. Chloe married John Moore, son of Isaac, and went to Cincinnati. [See Moore.]

4. Polly married Samuel Parker, brother of Jonathan

And by his 2d wife, had a son.

5. Moses. By his 3d wife, Rachel, he had no children.

ISAAC TUCKER, (son of Warner,) and Joanna. Cory, had children:

1. Polly, who married in Ohio, Mr. Enochs.

2. Hannah, who married in Ohio.

Isaac Tucker then died, and his widow married David Woodruff, and went to Ohio, and took her children with her.

I know of no relation between Warner Tucker and John Tucker.


JOHN TUCKER married Catherine Line. He lived on Stoney Hill Valley, and had children:

1. Henry, who married Polly McDaniels, and went to Ohio.

2. Mary married 7th January, 1790, Job Camp, son of Aaron, and went to Ohio. [See Camp.]

3. Susannah married Cornelius Littell, son of Jonathan, and went to Ohio. [See Littell.]
[Susanna Tucker m. Cornelius Little 11 Apr 1779; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

4. Nancy married Joseph Morse, and removed to Ohio, in 1795.
[Nancy Tucker m. Joseph Morse 31 Dec 1792; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

5. Chloe married William Ryan, 17th December, 1786, and went to Ohio.
[Chloe Tucker m. William Rion 17 Dec 1786 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

6. Moses married 27th April, 1791, Betsey Lyon, daughter of Ebenezer, and died 24th August, 1837.
[Moses Tucker m. Betsey Line 27 Apr 1791 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

7. Joseph married 30th March, 1791, Deborah Line, daughter of Joseph, she was born 22d March, 1777.
[Joseph Tucker m. Deborah Line 30 Mar 1791 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

8. Elizabeth married John Tilyou, son of Vincent. [See Tilyou.]

9. John married Betsey Stewart, daughter of Joseph, and had no children.

10. Rebecca married Jacob Binge, and went to Ohio.

11. Patty married Samuel Tucker, son of Warner. [See Warner Tucker.]

HENRY TUCKER, (1st child of John Tucker,) and Polly McDaniels, removed to Hamilton county, Ohio, about 1793. He was born 30th June, 1760. She was born 3d December, 1760, married 17th December, 1780, and had childrn: (2d Gen)

1. Elizabeth, born 11th September, 1782, and married Daniel Voorhies, son of Daniel. He was born 25th December, 1776; Elizabeth Voorhies died 11th June, 1849.

2. Sarah, born 17th Jan. 1785, married Oliver Voorhies, born 28th October, 1778; a brother of Daniel.

3. Catherine, born 30th December, 1786, married Providence White, son of Capt Jacob White, of White's Station.

4. Mary, born 10th January, 1788, married, November, 1809, Nathan Smith, son of John, of Indiana.

5. Abigail, born 1st May, 1789, married Abraham Skillman, son of Jacob, of Springdale, near her father's farm.

6. Nancy, born 24th August, 1792, married Jacob Voorhies, son of Cornelius, a brother of Daniel and Oliver.

7. Henry, Jun., born 18th March, 1794, died 29th May, 1814, unmarried.

8. Fanny, born 28th March, 1797, married Arthur S. Sorter, born 3d March, 1793, son of Thomas.

9. Charlotte, born 4th March, 1799, married Jacob A. Riddle, son of John.

10. Manning Randolph, born 14th September, 1801, married Rebecca Perlee, born 21st Feb. 1800, daughter of Peter Perlee; they were married 5th May, 1824, and lived on his father's homestead farm of 253 acres, in the valley below Springdale.

ELIZABETH TUCKER, (1st child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Daniel Voorhies, had children:

1. Clarissa Voorhies, born 3d September, 1801, and married Samuel Beaty.

2. Henry Voorhies, born 4th July, 1803, married Mary Brandenburg.

3. Sarah Voorhies, born 1st September, 1805, married Joseph Brandenburgh.

4. Alfred Voorhies, born 26th August, 1807, married Lucinda Snuck.

5. Elevesta Voorhies, born 23d October, 1809, died 11th July, 1810.

6. Eliza Voorhies, born 9th August, 1811, married Joshua Thomas.

7. Mary Voorhies, born 23d August, 1813, married Isaac Littell.

8. Catherine Voorhies, born 10th August, 1815, died 31st December, 1833.

9. Caroline Voorhies, born 14th Aug. 1817, married David Stitt.

10. Charlotte Voorhies, born 14th March, 1820, died 24th May, 1822.

11. Manning Voorhies, born 14th March, 1820, married Rachel Shepherd.

12. Rebecca Voorhies, born 3d February, 1828.

SARAH TUCKER, (2d child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Oliver Voorhies, had children:

1. Abigail Voorhies, born 1st Oct. 1802, married Samuel Sharp.

2. Mariah Voorhies, born 4th Aug. 1804, married William Cotton.

3. Nancy Voorhies, born 18th Jan. 1807, married John Cotton.

4. Tucker Voorhies, born 7th Sept. 1808, married Nancy Carter.

5. Wilson Voorhies, born 1st June, 1810, married _____ .

6. Elizabeth Voorhies, born 9th April, 1811, married Elihu Lyons.

7. Newton Voorhies, born 23d Feb, 1813, married Sarah Cotton.

8. Catherine Voorhies, born, 30th August, 1817, married Richard Carter.

9. Smith Voorhies, born 26th Aug. 1819, married Rebecca Abrams.

10. Manning Voorhies, born 1st May, 1822, married Elizabeth Jennings.

11. Mason Voorhies, born 8th Dec. 1824, married Martha Jones.

12. Jahia Voorhies, born 20th Feb. 1827, married Sarah Clingham Smith.

13. Isabel Jane Voorhies, born 6th Feb. 1829, married Jacob Wilson.

CATHERINE TUCKER, (3d child of Henry, son of John,) and Providence White, had children:

1. Jacob White, who married Margaret Austin.

2. Eliza White married Robert McNeal.

3. Nancy White.

4. Providence White.

5. Sarah White married Abraham Sanborn.

6. William White married Jane Cosner.

7. Catherine White.

MARY TUCKER, (4th child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Nathan Smith, had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Sarah Smith, born 11th Sept. 1810, married William L. Watkins.

2. Fanny Smith, born 17th Nov. 1812, married James Hunt.

3. Henry Dayton Smith, born Jan. 1815, married Margaret Conwell.

4. Caroline Smith, born 1817, married James W. Hunt.

5. Manning T. Smith, born 22d March, 1819, married Jane Wallace.

ABIGAIL TUCKER. (5th child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Abraham Skillman, had children:

1. Mary Anne Skillman, who married William P. Pendry, son of Alexander.

2. Isaac Newton Skillman married Drusilla Cheeseman, daughter of Richard.

3. Charlotte Skillman.

4. Jacob Skillman, who died at about 10 years.

5. Henry Manning Skillman.

6. Martha Anne Skillman.

7. Sarah Skillman.

NANCY TUCKER, (6th child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Jacob Voorhies ha children:

1. Margaret Voorhies born 28th March, 1814, and married, 1st, Harrison Young; 2d, Joseph McNamar.

2. Henry M. Voorhies, born 1st January, 1816, married Louisa Bennet.

3. Benjamin S. Voorhies, born 26th November, 1817, married Elizabeth Roach; lives in Cincinnati.

4. Daniel J. Voorhies, born 11th October, 1819, married Margaret Roney, daughter of Silas, and have children:

1. James Madison; 2. Nancy Tucker.

5. William Fergison Voorhies, born 23d July, 1821, married Elsie Hervey.

6. John T. Voorhies, born 16th May, 1824; died 6th May, 1851.

7. Wilson G. Voorhies, born 15th May, 1826, and died at 23 years.

8. Lydia Mariah Voorhies, born 23d July, 1828, married James Taylor.

9, and 10 twins, born 22d December, 1829, and died in infancy.

11. Mary Frances Voorhies, born 17th May, 1830, died at 16 months.

FANNY TUCKER, (8th child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Arthur S. Sorter had children:

1. Mary Jane Sorter, born 14th August, 1821, married Lewis Morse, and died 3d March, 1851.

2. Martha Anne Sorter, born 6th September, 1825, married Levi Clark, and died 22d May, 1844.

3. Arthur Sorter, born 22d November, 1828, died 14th November, 1832.

4. Absalom Sorter, born 13th October, 1830, died 10th May, 1850.

5. Arthur S. Sorter, born 4th September, 1833.

CHARLOTTE TUCKER, (9th child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Jacob A Riddle had children:

1. Manning Riddle, who married Lydia Stilwell; live in Troy.

2. Nancy Jane Riddle married, 1st, Mr. Sayre; 2d, Mr. Buckle; live at Piqua.

3. Mary, who died young; 4. Asenath.

MANNING R. TUCKER. (10th child of Henry Tucker, son of John,) and Rebecca Perlee, lives on his father's homestead farm, and had children:

1. Harriet Mariah Newel, born 14th May, 1825, and married William R. Morse, son of Henry Morse, Esq. of Dayton.

2. Mary Smith, born 15th December, 1826.

3. Peter, born 14th February, 1828, died 21st October, 1833.

4. Martha Anne, born 19th October, 1829, died 14th November, 1832.

5. Henry, born 3d October, 1831.

6. Angeline, born 16th May, 1833.

7. Manning Perlee, born 14th March, 1835.

8. Fanny, born 26th March, 1837, died 23d April, 1842.

9. John Newton, born 22d November, 1839.

NANCY TUCKER, (4th child of John,) and Joseph Morse removed to Ohio, and settled in Hamilton county, 9 miles from Cincinnati. He died 1817; she died 1836; they had children:

1. John Morse, born 1792, married, successively, Elizabeth and Anne Swallow, sisters.

2. Isaac Morse, born 1794, and died 1817, unmarried.

3. Hetty Morse, born 1796, married William Murdock, and had children:

1. Nancy Murdock; 2. John Murdock; 3. William Murdock; 4. Sarah Murdock; 5. Citizen Murdock; 6. Henry Murdock; 7. Lewis Murdock; 8. James Murdock.

Mr. Murdock died in 1835.

4. Lewis Morse, born 6th September, 1799, married 14th October, 1832, had no children.

5. Henry Morse, born 11th September, 1801, married, 1st, 28th December, 1820, Phebe Ryan half sister of Martin Ryan; 2d, Sarah K. Cheever, daughter of John M. Cheever.

6. Nancy Morse, born 1803, and married Daniel W. Turner.

7. Sarah Morse, born 1805, married Elisha Turner, brother of Daniel.

8. Joseph Morse, born 1807, and died at 2 or 3 years.

HENRY MORSE, (5th child of Joseph Morse, and Nancy Tucker,) was successively a merchant in Cincinnati; a member of the senate of Ohio, in 1834; a judge of the court of common pleas, and held other offices, civil and military; he has now retired to a farm near Dayton, Ohio. By his first wife, Phebe Ryan, he had chidren:

1. Mary Jane Morse, born 31st October, 1821, and married Mr. Dyer; lives in Arkansas.

2. Joseph Morse, born 11th January, 1825, and died 1849, unmarried.

3. William Ryan Morse, born 18th August, 1826, and married, 1851, Harriet M. N. Tucker, daughter of Manning R. Tucker, son of Henry, son of John.

4. Martha Ellen Morse, born 14th December, 1827.

5. Henry Morse, born 30th October, 1830, and died 22d December, 1832.

6. Caroline Morse, born 7th July, 1834, and died 22d July, 1834.

CHLOE TUCKER, (5th child of John,) and William Ryan had children:

1. Elizabeth Ryan, who married John T. Jones. in Ohio.

2. Martin Ryan married Hetty Price, daughter of Hezekiah.

3. Mary Ryan married Osborn Cooper.

4. William Ryan, Jun. married Saily Gray, and had children: 1. William H. Ryan; 2. Elizabeth Ryan; 3. John W. Ryan; 4. Malinda A. Ryan, who married Jacob R. Tingley.

MOSES TUCKER, (6th child of John,) and Betsey Lyon, had children:

1. Sally, who married Jonathan M. Willcox, son of Levi. [See Willcox.]

2. Clarissa married John Bryant, of Plainfield, and had children: 1. Joel Bryant; 2. Apollos Bryant; 3. Anne Eliza Bryant.

3. Abigail married David B. Jolley, son of Richard; he went to the south and died; his widow lives in New York, and has three children:

1. Richard Jolley, who married in New York, Margaret M. Fisher, daughter of Richard.
2. Robert Jolley married Martha _____ .
3. John Jolley.

4. Elizabeth married Levi Clark, Esq. son of Daniel S. Esq. and had children, Frances and Emeline Clark.

5. Polly married David Cole, son of Joseph Cole, Jun. of Scotch Plains; had an only child Mary Cole, and died.

6. Susan married Asa W. Ridge, live at Plainfield, and have children: 1. Mary Abeline Ridge; 2. Susan Elizabeth Ridge; 3. Sarah Frances Ridge; 4. Theodore Ridge; 5. John Henry Ridge; 6. Moses William Ridge.

JOSEPH TUCKER, (7th child of John,) and Deborah Line lived near Union Village, and had children:

1. Lines, who married Phebe Allen, daughter of Gideon.

2. Hetty married Daniel Allen, brother of Lines' wife. [See Allen.]

3. Frances married Elisha Jolley, son of Richard, and had children:

1. Henrietta Jolley, married Mr. Fisher, of New York.
2. Phebe Jolley, who married _____ _____ .
3. Mary Louisa Jolley married _____ _____ .
4. Betsey Meeker Jolley, who died at about 18 years.
5. Oscar Jolley; 6. William Jolley died at about 3 yrs
7. Frances Jolley, who died at 14 years.

4. Betsey married Elam Genung; they went to Indiana, where she died, leaving two children: 1. William Roy Genung; 2. Phebe Elizabeth Genung.

LINES TUCKER, (son of Joseph, son of John,) and Phebe Allen lived where his father did, and had children:

1. Susan, who married Benjamin Moor, son of Isaac B. Moor.

2. Freeman married Eliza W. Drake, daughter of Ezra Drake, and only grand-child of Zophar Williams; she died 5th December, 1847, leaving children:

1. Williams Tucker.
2. Lines Ezra Tucker, who died at about 5 months.

And Freeman Tucker married. 2d, 30th June, 1850, Hannah Mariah Norman, daughter of Samuel Jolley's 2d wife, by a former husband.

3. Amos, who died aged about 21 years.

4. Debeline married, 1st January, 1849, Joseph S. Runyon, son of Richard, of Monmouth; lives by Smalley's Bridge.

5. Mary Elizabeth married T. Hartwell Cox, son of Restors Cox.

6. Martha S.

REBECCA TUCKER, (10th child of John Tucker,) and Jacob Binge had children:

1. Polly Binge, who married John Vernon.

2. Caty Binge married Allen Parker, son of Jonathan, son of Judah.

3. John Binge married Elizabeth Coonrod.

4. Betsey Binge married Benjamin Chamberlain.


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