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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DANIEL VAIL, who was the son of Isaac and Christiana Vail, removed from Green Brook, below Plainfield to the west end of Long Hill, near Stonehouse Village, in Somerset Co. He married Mary McEowen, sister of William McEowen, Esq. of Pluckemin, and had children:

1. Anne, who marriel John Hill, (merchant,) son of William Hill, of Basking Ridge and had no children.

2. Daniel married Dinah Vandeveer, daughter of Jacobus Vandeveer, of Bedminster.

3. Catherine married Dr. Hugh McEowen, cousin of William McEowen, Esq. She died 22d December, 1851.

4. Jacob married Sarah Fitz Randolph, daughter of Edward, of Green Brook, and live in Rahway Township.

5. Harriet married Frazee Cole, son of Joseph [See Cole.]
[Harriet Vail m. Frazee Cole 1 Oct 1808; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

6. Alexander married Eliza Kirkpatrick, daughter of Alexander.

7. Martha born 22d November, 1798, and married, May, 1823 Thomas O. Scudder, born 24th December, 1799, son of Stites, son of Richard of New Providence, and had no children. [See Scudder.]
[Martha Vail m. Thomas Osborn Scudder 6 May 1823; Groom of New Providence NJ; Bride of Westfield; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

8. Israel married Mariah Barkalo, daughter of Stoffel, of the Sterling Farm, near Basking Ridge.

DANIEL VAIL, (2d child of Daniel,) and Dinah Vandeveer, had children:

1. Mariah, who married Abner Cory, son of Parkhurst, and had children: 1. Martha Jane Cory; 2. Phebe Cory, who married Mr. Whitenack.

2. Catherine married Abraham Smith, below Plainfield.

3. Alexander married Nancy Southard, daughter of Lot, son of the Hon. Henry Southard.

4. Caroline married Cornelius Barkalo, son of Stoffel, of Basking Ridge, and had children: 1. Virginia Barkalo; 2. Israel Barkalo.

CATHERINE VAIL, (3d child of Daniel,) and Dr. Hugh McEowen had children:

1. Mary McEowen, who married Dr. Edward A. Darcey; removed to Illinois, and had children: 1. Caroline Darcey; 2. Catherine Darcey.

2. Matilda McEowen married Rev Elias Fairchild, D. D. of Mendham; he is secretary and agent of the Foreign Evangelical Society; they live in Newark, and have no children.

3. Alexander McEowen married Margaret Brown, daughter of Elias Brown, Esq. of Pluckemin, whose wife was daughter of William McEowen, Esq. above named; lives where his father did.

JACOB VAIL, (4th child of Daniel,) and Sarah Fitz Randolph had children: 1. Althea 2. Mary; 3. Nelson; 4. Eden; 5. Nerr; 6. Margaret; 7. Israel.

ALEXANDER VAIL, (6th child of Daniel,) and Eliza Kirkpatrick had children:

1. Kerenhappuc, who married Doct. William Cole, son of Elias, and had children: 1. Mary Cole; 2 Martha Cole. [See Cole.]

2. Thirza, who married Clark Squier, son of Ludlow. [See Squier.]

Mr. Vail then died, and his widow married William B. Gaston, Esq., of Somerville. [See Kirkpatrick.]

ISRAEL VAIL, (8th child of Daniel,) and Mariah Barkalo had children:

1. William, who died at about 11 years:

wpe1.jpg (466494 bytes)
Tombstone of William Vail
In Memory of
William McEowen
Son of Israel & Mary Vail
who departed this life
Nov 20th 1845
In the 16th year of his age.
(Contributed by John Hoens [johnhoens @])

2. Oscar; 3. Christopher Barkalo; 4. Anna Mariah; 5. Martha; 6. Daniel; 7. Melinda.

JAMES VAIL was a brother of Daniel Vail, Sen., and lived at the Stone House Village. He married Betsey Carle, eldest daughter of Jonas Carle, and had children:

1. Isaac, who married Agnes Cooper, daughter of Daniel, son of John, and had children: 1. John Cooper Vail; 2. Lydia Anne, who married Charles Ross, merchant, of Elizabethtown.

2. Anna, who married Edward Vail, son of Joel, below Plainfield, and had no children.

3. James married Mary Simpson, daughter of James Simpson, of Mount Bethel, and had children: 1. Isabel; 2. Isaac.

Jacob Vail, another son of Isaac Vail; lived near Stone House Village; he died an old man without children.


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