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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


RICHARD WALKER had three wives, one of which was Sarah; he lived in Westfield, and had children:

1. Asher, who married Phebe Miller, daughter of Daniel Miller.

And by a 2d wife, he had other children:

2. Sarah, who married Elnathan Cory, son of Ebenezer.

3. Abraham, whose wife's name was Sarah.

4. John, who married Hannah Cory, daughter of Ebenezer.
[John Walker m. Hannah Cory 2 Oct 1775 by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 18 No 4 October 1943]

5. David, and others.

Abraham and John Walker probably bought the tract of land where George Cory now lives, of Jacob Carle.

They lived on that place, between the years 1774 and 1784, and probably sold it to Smith S. Osborn, who lived there in 1784, and they removed to the west.

ASHER WALKER bought of Alexander Porter, the farm, part of which is now owned and occupied by Samuel Duryee, and lived there. He died 19th November, 1805, aged 63 years; his wife Phebe died 8th December, 1798, aged 53 years; they had children:

1. Susan, who married Henry Squier, son of Eleazer Squier, of Westfield, and had children:
[Susannah Walker m. Henry Squire 14 Feb 1787; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey]

1. Eli Squier, who married Matilda Johnson.
2. Miller, who married Hannah Spencer, daughter of William Spencer, Esq. [See Spencer]
3. Phebe married John Johnson, son of Uzel, and went to Ohio.

Susan married, 2d, Joseph Ross, and had a son Jonas.

2. Miller, who married Theodocia Brittin, daughter of Jacob. [See Brittin.]

3. Sally married David Morehouse, son of Simeon. [See Morehouse.]

4. Abraham married, 1st, Electa Bonnel, daughter of James; 2d, Elizabeth Hallock, daughter of Thomas.
[Abraham Walker m. Electa Bonnel 9 Nov 1806; Groom of Morristown; Bride of Chatham, by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]
[Abraham Walker m. Betsey Haddock 31 Mar 1810; Groom of Chatham; Bride of Westfield, by Rev. Elias Riggs, New Providence; Morris County Marriages Book B]

5. David married Roxy Miller, daughter of Ichabod, of Rahway.

6. Jonathan married, 1st, Polly Spencer, daughter of William Spencer, Esq. of Chatham; 2d, Electa Miller, daughter of Major Luke Miller, of Madison; 3d, Rhoda Johnson, of Chester, Morris county; 4th, Elizabeth, the widow of his brother Abraham.
[Jonathan Walker m. Polly Spencer 26 May 1811; Both of Chatham, by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

7. Temperance, who died 19th August, 1794, aged 23 years, unmarried.

8. Phebe married, 14th May, 1808, Peter Van Horn, of Bergen county.
[Phebe M. Walker m. Peter VanHorn14 May 1808; Groom of Bergen; Bride of Chatham, by Rev. Elias Riggs, New Providence; Morris County Marriages Book B]

9. Polly married, 5th September, 1813, Eliakim Ludlow, son of Noah, son of Cornelius, of Westfield. [See Noah Ludlow.]
[Polly Walker m. Eliakin Ludlow 5 Sep 1813; Groom of Westfield; Bride of Chatham, by Rev. Elias Riggs, New Providence; Morris County Marriages Book B]

MILLER WALKER, (2d child of Asher, son of Richard,) and Theodocia Brittin, had children:

1. Abraham Brittin Walker, who married Hetty Crowel, daughter of David A. Crowel, of Chatham, and has an only child, Henry Hartstein.

2. Isaac Brittin, who died 4th February, 1836, aged 23 years, unmarried.

3. Jacob Brittin, who went to Mobile, and married Susan Youngblood, and lives there, and had children: 1. Eugene; 2. Eugenia.

4. David, who died 27th May, 1827, aged 27 years, unmarried.

5. Eliza married, 30th August, 1838, Luke Parsons, son of Jonathan, as his 3d wife; she has no children.

Mrs. Theodocia Walker died 16th September, 1834, aged 59 1/2 years.

Mr. Miller Walker died 16th March, 1840.

ABRAHAM WALKER, (4th child of Asher,) and Electa Bonnel, his first wife, had but one child:

1. Rhoda, who married Dr. John L. Munn, son of Dr J. B. Munn, of Chatham, and had children:
[Dr. John L. Munn of Chatham d. 12 May 1890, age 75; Iron Era Newspaper, published Friday 12 Dec 1890]

1. Jephtha B. Munn; 2. George Ludlow Munn. 3. Joanna Munn.

His wife Electa died 21st November, 1808; and by his 2d wife, Elizabeth, he had children:

2. Electa, who married Thomas Garrison, live in Newark, and have children:

1. Harriet Newel Garrison; 2. Sarah Elizabeth Garrison; 3. Theodocia Backus Garrison: 4. Aruna Garrison; 5. Adelaide Garrison; 6. Thomas John Garrison.

3. Amanda married Amos Lum, son of Moses, of Newark. [See Lum.]

4. Abraham married Jane Crane, daughter of John Crane, of Newark, and have children:

1. Mary Elizabeth; 2. James Mahlon; 3. Abraham Brittin Walker.

5. David Littell Walker.

6. Mary married John Price, spectacle maker, of Newark, and have children:

1. Henry Martin Price; 2. Adelaide Price; 3. Electa Price.

7. Eliza married Henry H. Soloman, of New Brunswick, as his 2d wife, and had children: 1. Lavenia; 2. _____ _____ .

8. Sarah Anne, who died 29th June, 1838, aged 15 years.

9. Louisa Emeline, who died 4th August, 1839, aged 13 years.

Mr. Abraham Walker died 19th April, 1827, aged 52 years. His widow married Jonathan Walker.

DAVID WALKER, (5th child of Asher,) and Roxy Miller, had children:

1. David, who died 12th August, 1817, aged 2 1/2 years.

2. Chatfield, who went to Ohio, and married _____ _____ .

David Walker died 25th July, 1828. aged 44 years, and his widow went to Cincinnati, Ohio, with her son.

JONATHAN WALKER, (6th child of Asher,) and Polly Spencer, had one daughter,

Mary, who married Luke C. Dehart, of Madison, and had children:

1. William Dehart; 2. George Dehart.

And by Electa Miller, he had children:

2. John Henry.

3. Sarah Anne.

4. George.

5. Caroline.

And by his third wife, Rhoda Johnson, had

6. William. 

By his 4th wife he had no children.

PHEBE WALKER, (8th child of Asher,) and Peter Van Horn, had children:

1. Garret Van Horn; 2. Burgher Van Horn.

Mr. Van Horn died 9th February, 1825, aged 37 1/2 years; his widow Phebe, died 28th May, 1830, aged 48 years.

POLLY WALKER, (9th child of Asher,) and Eliakim Ludlow, had children:

1. Emeline Ludlow.

2. Phebe, who married Alonzo Johnson.

3. Jane married Isaac Egbert, and had a son: 1. William Henry Ludlow Egbert.

4. William, who went to Cincinnati, Ohio.


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