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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


DAVID WARD married Hannah Farrand, of Newark. They lived at Chatham, and had children:

1. Enos, (Captain,) who married Mahetabel Burnet, daughter of James, of Madison.

2. David, born 19th September, 1749, married Hamutal Ladner, born 15th December, 1750, of Madison; he died 19th July, 1814; she died 1830.

3. Hannah married, (bellows) Benjamin Bonnel, son of Benjamin, Esq. [See Bonnel.]

4. Polly married Isaac Howard, and had no children.

5. Ichabod married, 1st, Johannah Day, daughter of Stephen Day, Esq., as her 2d husband.

Ichabod Ward married, 2d, June 21st, 1789, Esther, the widow of John Mills Frost, and daughter of Josiah Broadwell, Esq.
[Ichabod Ward m. Esther Frost 21 Jun 1789, by Rev. Jonathan Elmer; Presbyterian Church at New Providence, NJ GMNJ Vol 19 No 1 January 1944]

6. Phebe, who died at about 20 years, unmarried.

7. Betty married John Johnson, a wholesale grocer, of New York. [See John Johnson.]

8. Sarah married Philip Cockran, of New York; she died without children, and he married Hannah, the daughter of Capt. Enos Ward, his first wife's niece.

CAPTAIN ENOS WARD, (1st child of David,) and Mahetabel Burnet, had children:

1. Ruth, who married Gabriel Pierson, son of Benjamin.

2. Hannah married Philip Cockran, as his 2d wife, and had no children.

3. Matthias married Eleanor Bonnel, daughter of John, son of Nathaniel Bonnel 1st.

4. James married Sophia Seely, daughter of Col. Sylvanus Seely.

5. Hamutal married Paul Day, son of Thaddeus, and had no children.

RUTH WARD, (1st child of Capt. Enos Ward,) and Gabriel Pierson, had children:

1. Matthias Pierson, who married Charlotte Genung, daughter of David Genung.
[Matthias Pierson m. Charlotte Genung 9 Feb 1811; Both of Chatham, by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

2. Enos Pierson, who died at 25 years, unmarried.

3. Juliette Pierson, died at 18 years, unmarried.

4. Phebe Pierson is unmarried.

5. Sarah Pierson married Paul Day, son of Thaddeus, as his 2d wife, and had no children.
[Sarah Pierson m. Paul Day 4 Apr 1837; Groom of Township of Chatham; Bride of Township of Chatham, by Joseph M. Ogden, Minister of the Gospel; Morris County Marriages Book D]

6. Mahetabel Pierson is unmarried.

7. Benjamin Pierson died at 13 years.

8. Hannah Mariah Pierson died at 3 months.

MATTHIAS PIERSON, (1st child of Gabriel,) and Charlotte Genung, had children:

1. Juliette Pierson, who married Thomas H. Skinner.

2. Ambrose Pierson, who died at about 18 years.

3. Nancy Jane Pierson married Henry Judson.

4. Charles Pierson married Emily Trowbridge, daughter of Shubal, of Brooklyn.

5. Matthias Ward Pierson married Drusilla Startup.

6. Sarah Pierson, who died young.

MATTHIAS WARD, (3d child of Capt. Enos,) and Eleanor Bonnel, had children:

1. Philip, who married Jane Garthwaite, of Elizabethtown.

2. Mahlon married Caroline Hunt.

3. Sarah, who died at about 18 years, unmarried.

4. Mahetabel died at about 19 years, unmarried.

5. Harriet married Robert Lackron, a European.
[Harriet Ward m. Robert Laughlin 25 Mar 1832 by Rev. Joseph M. Ogden; Morris County Marriages Book C]

6. Louisa married Calvin Smith, son of Frederick, of Chatham.
[Louisa L. Ward m. Calvin D. Smith 26 May 1830; Both of Chatham by Rev. Joseph M. Ogden; Morris County Marriages Book C]

7. Laura married David Bowers, son of David, of Newark.

8. Enos died at 25 years, unmarried.

9. Juliette is unmarried.

JAMES WARD, (4th child of Captain Enos,) and Sophia Seely, had children:

1. John, who died unmarried, upwards of 20 years old.

2. Jane, who died at about 20 years, unmarried.

3. Sylvanus, who married Abby _____ , near Bethany, Pennsylvania, and lives there.

DAVID WARD 2d, (2d son of David Ward 1st,) and Hamutal Ladner had children:

1. Barnabas, born 17th Nov. 1771, and was drowned 1808. He did not marry.

2. Benjamin, born 16th May, 1774, and died 15th July, 1803. He married, 5th Oct. 1796, Lydia Young, daughter of Moses and Rosannah Young.
[Benjamin Ward m. Lydia Young 5 Oct 1796, Groom of Chatham; Bride of Hanover by Rev. Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church; GMNJ Vol 36]

3. Phebe, born 30th Oct 1781, and married, 3d April, 1802, the Rev. John Hancock, son of John and Mary Hancock, and live in East Madison.
[Phebe Ward m. John Hancock 3 Apr 1802, Both of Morris Co. by Joseph Totten, Minister; Morris County Marriages Book A]

4. John, born 4th June, 1786, married, 27th Nov. 1808, Melissa Bond, daughter of Thomas Bond, of Chatham, and died 27th March, 1837.
[John Ward m. Milicent Bond 27 Nov 1808, Both of Chatham, by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

5. Philip, born 16th March, 1789, and died in youth.

6. Farrand, born 20th Oct. 1796, married Charlotte Bruen, daughter of Carter Bruen, and died 14th July, 1835.

BENJAMIN WARD, (2d child of David Ward 2d,) and Lydia Young had children:

1. Sylvesta, born 28th July, 1797, married, 28th Feb. 1818, John R. Mulford, son of Christopher, and had no children.
[Sylvesta Ward m. John Mulford 28 Feb 1818; Groom of Hanover; Bride of Chatham, by Rev. Aaron Condit; Hanover Presbyterian Church; GMNJ Vol 37]

2. Menzies, a son, born 15th Sept. 1802, and died 6th Oct. 1815.

PHEBE WARD. (3d child of David Ward 2d,) and Rev. John Hancock had children:

1. Jane Hancock, born 8th Oct. 1803, married, 22d Feb. 1835, Vincent B. Budd, as his 2d wife, son of Doct. John C. Budd, and had children: 1 Jane Hancock Budd, born 21st June, 1836; 2. Benjamin Ward Budd, born 11th July, 1842.

2. John Wesley Hancock, born 30th Aug. 1805. He was a surveyor, and married, 17th Dec. 1828. Mary Anne C. Griswold, daughter of Chauncy, and Polly Griswold. She died 15th Feb. 1849; they had children: 
[John W. Hancock m. Mary Ann Griswold 17 Dec 1828, Both of Morris Co., by Rev. John Hancock; Morris County Marriages Book C]

1. Jane, born 9th Nov. 1829, died 20th July, 1833; 
2. John Wesley, born 6th Jan. 1831, died 22d July, 1833; 
3. Phebe, born 17th April, 1833; 
4. John Emory, born 18th July, 1835; 
5. Ellen, born 6th Nov. 1837, died 4th June, 1839; 
6. Mervin Griswold, born 25th Dec. 1839; 
7. Mary Anne, born 20th Dec. 1841; 
8. Roswell, born 24th Sept. 1845; 
9. Robert Harris, born 1st Feb. 1848.

3. Phebe Hancock, born 16th Oct. 1807. died 28th March, 1823.

4. Mary Graham Hancock, born 4th Nov. 1814.

5. Monroe Hancock, born 26th Feb. 1817, married Sally Anne Cole, daughter of Henry, and had children: 1. George Hugh, born 25th June, 1843; 2. Fletcher, born 7th July, 1848, died 5th Sept. 1849; 3. William, born 16th June. 1850.

6. Emeline Hancock, born 8th March, 1819, died 23d Nov. 1836.

JOHN WARD, (3d child of David Ward 2d,) and Melissa Bond had children:

1. Nancy Ladner, born 26th Jan. 1810, married, 27th Jan. 1828, to Vincent B. Budd, as his 1st wife, son of Doct. John C. Budd, and died Feb. 16th 1834. They had children: 1. Thomas Bond Budd, born 10th Jan. 1829; 2. Melissa Ward Budd, born 14th June, 1831; 3. Nancy Ladner Budd, born 30th Sept. 1833, died 19th Aug. 1834.

2. Lydia Young, born 28th March, 1812, married, 1st Dec. 1830, to Moses L. Bruen, son of Ichabod and Damaris Bruen, and had children: 1. John Ward Bruen, born -- Aug. 1833; 2. Laura Johnson Bruen, born June. 1838.

3. David Farrand, born 20th Nov. 1814, married, 20th Feb. 1839, to Charlotte B. Matthews, daughter of Charles, and had no children by her.

4. Julia Anne, born 27th April, 1817, married, 10th Jan. 1838, Benjamin B. Griswold, son of Chauncy Griswold, and had children: 

1. Chauncy Griswold, born 1st April, 1839; 
2. Mary Ward Griswold, born 31st May, 1841; 
3. Anna Ladner Griswold, born 5th March, 1845; 
4. Lydia Bruen Griswold, born 21st Feb. 1847.

5. Mary Bond, born 11th Nov. 1822, married, 8th Dec. 1847, to James Albright, son of Robert Albright, Esq., and had children: 1. Eliza Albright, born 1st Sept. 1848; 2. Julia Ward Albright, born 2d Sept. 1850.

FARRAND WARD, (6th child of David Ward 2d,) and Charlotte Bruen had children:

1. David Johnson, born 8th Sept. 1822.

2. Phebe Bruen, born 6th Jan. 1825, married Allen S. Felch.

3. Harriet Elenora, born 25th April, 1829, married George W. Felch. She died 23d Oct. 1849.

4. Benjamin Collins, born 2d Oct. 1832, died 4th April, 1834.

5. Benjamin Farrand, born 18th Sept. 1834.

David J. Ward married Catherine Tunis, daughter of Joseph M. and Charity Tunis, and had children: 1. Charlotte Augusta; 2. Joseph Farrand.

ICHABOD WARD, (5th child of David,) and Johannah Day had children:

1. Elijah, who married Matilda Lindsley, daughter of Judge Lindsley, of Orange.

2. Moses married Jane Day, daughter of Stephen Day, Jun.
[Moses Ward m. Jane Day 20 Feb 1808; Both of Chatham, by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

3. Damaris married Ichabod Bruen, of Madison.

4. Sally married Matthias Bonnel, son of Bellows Ben. Bonnel. [See Bonnel.]
[Sally Ward m. Matthias Bonnel 23 Aug 1807, Groom of Springfield; Bride of Chatham, by Rev. M. LaRue Perine, Bottle Hill; Morris County Marriages Book B]

Ichabod Ward, by his 2d wife, Esther, had children:

5. David, who died at about 17 years.

6. Phebe married Jonathan C. Bonnel, son of Nathaniel Bonnel 3d. [See J. C. Bonnel.]

NOTE.--Mrs. Esther Ward, by her first husband, John Mills Frost, had children:

1. Josiah Frost, who married Abigail Jones.

2. Charity Frost married Caleb Meeker, son of Isaiah. [See Meeker.]


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