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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


Tradition in the Whitaker family says that three brothers embarked in England for America; that the ship in which they embarked was cast away, and but one of the three arrived; whose name was Jonathan Whitaker, who settled in New England; his wife's name was Elizabeth. They had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Nathaniel, who married Miss Smith.

2. Eliphalet married Ruth Bailey.

3. Elizabeth married Stephen Ogden, of Basking Ridge.

4. Mary married, 1st, Samuel Brown; 2d, Ebenezer White.

5. Jonathan, Jun. married Mary Miller.

Nathaniel Whitaker became a presbyterian minister, and settled in Norwich, Connecticut: he was sent in 1764 or 65, with Mr. Samuel Occum, an Indian preacher, to England, to collect funds for "Moore's Charity School," of Lebanon, an Indian school.

Jonathan Whitaker, Sen. removed with his family, (except Nathaniel,) from New England to New Jersey, and purchased of Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, proprietors of the Province of Pennsylvania, (by Richard Peters and Lynford Lardner, their attornies and agents,) for the sum of 225, lawful money of the State of New Jersey, a tract of land, lying on both sides of Mine Brook, in Somerset county, 407 1/2 acres, by deed bearing date 19th December, 1752; and by writing of transfer on the back of said deed, bearing date 7th day of July, 1763, for the sum of 625, current money, of East New Jersey, at eight shillings per ounce, he conveyed to Jonathan Whitaker, Jun his eldest son, the whole of the aforesaid tract of 407 1/2 acres, excepting about 163 acres previously sold and conveyed to his son Eliphalet.

ELIPHALET WHITAKER, (son of Jonathan,) married Ruth Bailey, and at length sold his farm, and removed to Georgia, and settled there, leaving two children, Samuel and Elizabeth, in New Jersey.

SAMUEL WHITAKER, (son of Eliphalet,) was born 26th November, 1756, and died 6th June, 1818, aged 61 1/2 yrs. He married, 2d March, 1783, Mary, a widow, and daughter of John Rivers. She was born 15th March, 1754, and died 2d October, 1825, aged 71 1/2 years; they had children: (4th Gen.)

1. Mary, born 20th Dec. 1784, and married, 24th Dec. 1804. John Taylor.

2. Benjamin, born 16th February, 1787, and died 27th Oct 1827.

3. Samuel, born 11th June, 1789, and died 16th May, 1818.

4. Phebe, born 9th July, 1792, and died 22d April, 1810.

5. Elisha, born 21st February, 1795, married, 28th April, 1824, Anne M. Finley, daughter of Alexander, of Basking Ridge; she was born 14th December, 1799, and died 2d October, 1842.

MARY WHITAKER, (daughter of Samuel,) and John Taylor lived in New York, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Mary Antoinette Taylor, born 10th March, 1806, and married Jabez Hays.

2. Abigail Amelia Taylor, born 7th October, 1808, and married Mr. Chandler.

3. Samuel Taylor, born 16th August, 1811, and married Harriet Jackson.

4. Phebe Taylor, born 5th September, 1813, and died 15th August, 1815.

5. Horace Taylor, born 13th November, 1815; married, and soon died.

6. Phebe Taylor, born 21st November, 1818.

7. George Edwin Taylor, born 25th August, 1821, and married Martha Durkin.

8. John Romeyn Taylor, born 27th December, 1824.

9. Susan Taylor, born 4th November, 1827, and died young.

ELISHA WHITAKER, (son of Samuel,) and Anne M. Finley lived in Newark, and had children:

1. Phebe Amelia, born 24th March, 1826, and died 14th April, 1846.

2. Samuel Elisha, born 12th February, 1831.

3. Alexander Finley, born 10th May, 1832, and died 13th April, 1833.

4. Alexander Finley, born 6th June, 1834.

5. Mary Anne, born 7th June, 1840.

6. Elisha Samuel, born 23d January, 1842, and died 10th October, 1842.

Elisha Whitaker married for his 2d wife, 12th June, 1844, Eliza M. Kinsey, widow of Jonathan Kinsey, of Philadelphia, and daughter of Nathaniel Manning; she was born 14th February, 1808.

ELIZABETH WHITAKER, (daughter of Eliphalet,) married William Roy, son of Judge John Roy, of Basking Ridge, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Hannah Roy, who married Aaron Hand, son of Jonathan; she died 21st January, 1850. [See Hand.]

2. William Roy, Jun. married Deborah Whitaker, daughter of Stephen, son of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun.; he lived in Yates county, New York.

William Roy, Sen. died, and his widow Elizabeth married Richard Hall, son of John Hall. [See John Hall.]

ELIZABETH WHITAKER, (daughter of Jonathan Whitaker, Sen.) married Stephen Ogden, of Basking Ridge, lived where Patrick Matthews now does, and had children:

1. Jonathan Ogden, who lived near Morristown, was judge of the court.

2. Nathaniel Ogden.

3. Isaac Ogden was a physician, lived at Germantown, Hunterdon county, New Jersey, and had a son Oliver Wayne Ogden, who was several years Marshall of the state of New Jersey.

4. Sally Ogden, who married John Gaston, father of Joseph Gaston, of Pluckemin, who was the father of John Gaston and William B. Gaston, Esqs. of Somerville.

MARY WHITAKER, (daughter of Jonathan Whitaker, Sen.) married, 1st, Samuel Brown; 2d, Ebenezer White, and removed to Long Island.

Mrs. White, after the death of her husband, returned to Basking Ridge, and lived in the house where General Lee was taken prisoner, in the revolutionary war. She had a daughter, Susan White, who married her cousin, Stephen Whitaker, eldest son of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun. and had an only daughter, Susan Whitaker, who married Alexander Finley. [See Finley.]


JONATHAN WHITAKER, Jun. (son of Jonathan,) and Mary Miller lived on part of the 407 acres of land purchased of his father, on Mine Brook, and had children: (3d Gen.)

1. Stephen, who married, 1st, his cousin, Susan White, daughter of Ebenezer White; she died 1st September, 1773; 2d, Ruth Conklin, daughter of Stephen Conklin, who was born in Suffolk county, Long Island, 22d December, 1753, and died in Somerset county, N. J, 21st October, 1797.

2. Phebe married Rev. Francis Peppard, and lived in Sussex. [See Peppard. (a separate section on Peppard was not included in the original book ~ BKB)]

3. Polly, who died 19th February, 1822, aged 68 years, unmarried.

4. Sally married Moses Allen, removed to Crawford county, Pennsylvania, 18 miles west of Meadville, and had children:

1. Stephen Whitaker Allen; 2. Jeremy Allen.

5. Rebecca, born 10th May, 1754, married William Conklin, Esq. son of Stephen. Mr. Conklin was an elder in the Presbyterian church at Basking Ridge. [See Conklin.]

6. Jonathan 3d married Mary Mitchel, had 13 children, and removed to Warren county, Ohio, about 1800.

7. Nathaniel, born June, 1758, and married, June, 1787, Hannah Drake, daughter of John Drake, of Mendham, and had a daughter, Sally, who married Garret Voorhies, Esq. His wife Hannah died December, 1794, and he married, 2d, Ruth Haines, daughter of Samuel Haines, near Vealtown, and had a daughter, Hannah, who married Nicholas Arrowsmith, Jun. Esq.

Nathaniel Whitaker died 27th October, 1841, and his widow Ruth died 10th November, 1844.

Jonathan Whitaker, Jun. died 1785, aged 73 years.

STEPHEN WHITAKER, (1st child of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun,) was born 10th January, 1747, and died 4th November, 1827. He and Susan White had a daughter, Susan, who married Alexander Finley. And by his 2d wife, Ruth Conklin, had children: (4th Gen.)

2. Jonathan, who married Mary Bailey, daughter of Thaddeus Bailey, of Sussex county; and lives in Yates county, New York.

3. Mary married Moses Hall, son of John, son of Richard Hall. [See Hall.]

4. Deborah married William Roy, Jun., son of William, son of John Roy, and lived in Yates county, New York. Mr. Roy was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. She died 20th July, 1851.

5. Stephen, born 21st July, 1784, and married Mary Hall, sister of Moses Hall, lives at Cleveland, Ohio; he was an Elder and Deacon in the Presbyterian Church there.

6. Ruth married, 1st, Ephraim Mallory, and had a son, John Mallory; 2d, Jacob Vandeventer, son of Jacob, of Peapack, lived in Yates county, New York. She died 16th Oct. 1850, of cancer in the breast.

7. Isaac married Acsah Cushman, of Benton, Yates Co., and went to Michigan.

8. Phebe married Moses Hall, after the death of her sister Mary, and has no children.

9. Anne married Jonathan A. Hall, son of Jonathan, and nephew of Moses, and lives near Penn Yan, New York. Mr. Hall died 24th January, 1852. [See Hall.]

Stephen Whitaker's 2d wife, Ruth, died, and he married, 3d, Polly, the widow of John Cross; she died, and he married, 4th, Agnes (Van Court,) the widow of Daniel Potter; [See Potter,] she was sister of Hannah Van Court, who married Daniel Lacy, son of David Lacy. [See Lacy.] His 4th wife Agnes died in Benton, Yates county, New York, 29th July, 1837.

JONATHAN WHITAKER, (2d child of Stephen, son of Jonathan, Jun.,) and Mary Bailey, live in Yates county, N. Y. He was an Elder and an efficient member of the Presbyterian Church at Benton; he was born 24th January, 1780; she was born 27th August, 1784. They had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Squier Bailey, born 29th May, 1807, and married, 1st, Mary Amsbury, daughter of Stephen; 2d, in 1832, Lydia C. Amsbury, sister of his first wife; she died in childbed, with her first child, 24th January, 1852, leaving an infant son.

2. Stephen Madison, born 3d June, 1809, and married Mary Anne Gage, daughter of Martin Gage, of Bellona, and is a merchant there. They had children: 1. Ephraim Seward; 2 George Homer; 3 Mary Virginia; 4. Stephen Eddy.

3. Alexander Finley, born 7th August, 1811, married, 20th June, 1843, Louisa P. Torrence, daughter of Richard Torrence. He is a Major General of Militia, and a farmer. They had children:

1. Hellen Lucinda, born 17th March, 1845.
2. Charles, who died 25th February, 1850, aged 3 months and 19 days.
3. Melville Torrence, born 26th April, 1851.

4. William Harlow, born 16th Aug, 1813, married Anne Eliza McDowel, daughter of Jonathan, and had children:

1. William Henry; 2. Jonathan; 3. Augustus; 4. Marietta; 5. Francis; 6. Alice Aurelia; and a daughter.

5. Ephraim Mallory, born 27th August, 1816, married 12th September, 1844, Eliza W. Bates, live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a merchant there, and has children: Grenville Adolbert, born 23d November, 1846, and Herbert Belletti, born October 6th, 1850.

6. Ruth Ann, born 15th November, 1818.

7. Marietta, born 21st December, 1820.

8. George W., born 27th November, 1823, and died at 20 months old.

MARY WHITAKER, (3d child of Stephen, son of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun.,) and Moses Hall, lived at Geneva, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. Jane Hall, born 25th April, 1809, and married John Humphry; live in Michigan.

2. Phebe Hall, born 5th November, 1810, married Nelson Rowley; live in Michigan.

3. Rachel Hall, born 7th November, 1812.

4. Stephen Whitaker Hall, born 5th August, 1815, married Nancy Graham, and live at Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

5. Henry Axtel Hall, born 9th February, 1817, married Susan C. Babcock; live in Geneva.

6. Mary Hall, born 9th March, 1820, married 30th September, 1847, the Rev. John Jermain Potter, of Geneva.

7. Hetty Hall, born 18th September, 1823, married Chauncey B. Ackley; live in Geneva.

DEBORAH WHITAKER, (4th child of Stephen, son of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun,) and William Roy, had children:

1. Charles Roy, who married Elizabeth Tracy, and had children: 1. William Tracy Roy; 2. Chester Roy.

2. Eliza Roy, who married Doctor Joel H. Ross, and live in New York.

DEACON STEPHEN WHITAKER, (5th child of Stephen, son of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun.,) and Mary Hall, had children:

1. John Hall Whitaker, born 6th May, 1813, and married Francis Elvina Grosvenor, daughter of Vine Grosvenor, of Pittsfield, Mass; live at Toledo, Ohio; is an iron monger. His wife died 2d September, 1849, aged 32 years, and left one child, Charles Henry, born 5th September, 1846.

2. Charles, born 13th March, 1817, and married, 1st November, 1851, Susan Littell, daughter of John Littell, Esq., son of Nathaniel, of New Providence, Essex county, New Jersey. [See Nathaniel Littell, son of David.]

3. Mary Catherine, born 13th January, 1820.

4. Stephen Conklin _____ , died suddenly of erysipelas, November, 15th 1851, after 4 days illness.

5. Henry Axtel, who died at 5 years.

6. William Henry.

7. Helen Elizabeth, who died at 11 months.

RUTH WHITAKER, (6th child of Stephen, son of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun.,) and Ephraim Mallory, lived in Yates county, New York. (5th Gen.)

NOTE--Ephraim Mallory was son of Meredith Mallory and Mary Barnum, of Connecticut; they had three children: 1. John; 2. Meredith; and 3. Ephraim Mallory.

Ruth Whitaker and Ephraim Mallory, had children:

1. John Mallory, who married Mary Lacy, daughter of Silas Lacy, son of Daniel Lacy [See Lacy] and Hannah Van Court, sister of Agnes Van Court, widow of Daniel Potter, [See Potter] the 4th wife of Stephen Whitaker, son of Jonathan, Jun. John Mallory had an only daughter, Ruth Anne, born March, 1845.

2. Deborah Mallory, born 9th November, 1811, who married Milton Curtis, son of Tracy Curtis, and had a son, Charles Curtis, born 28th November, 1833. Mr. Curtis died 17th October, 1839.

Ephraim Mallory died 1813, and his widow, Ruth, married Jacob Vandeventer, son of Jacob, of Peapack, and had children:

3. William Vandeventer, born 1819, who married Elizabeth Derry, daughter of John Derry, near Penn Yan, and had children: 1. Edward; 2. John Jacob; 3. Frank Derry Vandeventer.

4. Mary Vandeventer, born 9th November, 1820, married Doctor William Breck, born 14th November, 1818, son of Joseph Breck, and live at Springfield, Mass. and have a son, Theodore Frelinghuysen Breck.

5. Stephen Vandeventer, born 7th February, 1823, married Anne Eliza Andrews, daughter of Doctor Jerry Andrews, and have a son, William Bryant Vandeventer, born 7th December, 1843.

6. Elizabeth, who died in 1829, aged 11 months.

ISAAC WHITAKER, (7th child of Stephen, son of Jonathan, Jun.,) and Acsah Cushman, removed to Michigan. He was born 16th January, 1792; she was born 11th July, 1796. They had children:

1. Charles, born 16th November, 1818, married Laura Beach, 20th December, 1843, daughter of William Beach, and had chiildren:

1. Finley Beach, born 2d December, 1846.

2. Caroline Fidelia, born 8th May, 1849.

2. Stephen Deming, born 12th December, 1820, and married, 5th October, 1845, Caroline Kellogg, daughter of Judge Kellogg, of Sharon, Conn. and have a daughter, Adeline Matilda, born 10th August, 1848.

3. Phebe Caroline, born 24th December, 1824.

4. Isaac Milton, born 2d May, 1826.

5. Matilda Jane, born 19th July, 1828.

6. Sabrina, born 28th September, 1831, and died 15th June, 1836.

7. Byron Cushman, born 11th May, 1835.

PHEBE WHITAKER, (2d child of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun.,) and the Rev. Francis Peppard, lived in Sussex, and had children:

1. Phebe Peppard, who died in childhood.

2. Jonathan Peppard removed to Wheeling, Virginia, and from thence to Worcester, Ohio, and rendered much assistance in the establishment of the church in that new settlement. He had a numerous family.

3. Phebe Peppard 2d married John Caruthers, Esq., of Lycoming county, Pennsylvania, and had one daughter and six sons. She died about 1847, aged 80 years.

4. Elizabeth Peppard married Lewis Kerr, son of Joseph, and lived in Brook county, Virginia. She died about 1820, aged about 53 years. Lewis Kerr was many years an Elder in the Presbyterian church.

5. Nathaniel Peppard married Peggy Green, or Miss Freeman, and had a numerous family, living in Indianapolis. He has been many years a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian church.

6. Sarah Peppard married Aaron Kerr, brother of Lewis, about the year 1800; they were both born in 1777; he was elected at the age of 22 years an Elder in the Presbyterian church, at Hardwick, Sussex county, New Jersey, and about the same time elected to a seat in the Legislature of New Jersey. He subsequently removed to Washington county, Pennsylvania, and continued to serve his country and the church in a public capacity.

7. Rebecca Peppard.

8. Isaac Peppard, who died in youth.

After the death of the Rev. Francis Peppard, his widow removed with her son-in-law, Aaron Kerr, to Pennsylvania, about 1810. She died at about 80 years of age, in the triumphs of the gospel.

ELIZABETH PEPPARD and Lewis Kerr removed to Washington county, Penn. about 1808, and had children:

1. Phebe Kerr, who married Doct. John Todd, from New York, and had one son, John Todd. Doct. Todd died, and his widow Phebe married Doct. Cebar, She died about 1846.

2. Lydia Kerr married William Gordon, of Western Pennsylvania, and had 7 children, viz. Hampton, Amanda, James, and others.

3. Isaac Kerr married Miss Thompson, daughter of William, and had children, William, Amanda, Lydia, and two others.

4. Elsie Kerr married James Carson, of Brook county, Virginia, and had children, Harriet, Sarah, William, James, and others.

Mr. Lewis Kerr married, 2d, Sarah Dawson, and had other children.

NATHANIEL PEPPARD and his wife had children:

1. Elizabeth married Mr. Landis, and had a daughter, Mary, who married the Rev. Lawrence G. Hay, of the Allahabad mission, in Northern India.

2. Mary married Mr. Morris, and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

3. Hampton; 4. Phebe married _____ _____ , in Indianapolis.

5. James married _____ _____ , in Indianapolis.

6. Margaret married Mr. Demoss; lives in Indianapolis.

7. Joseph married _____ _____ ; lives in New Orleans.

8. Phebe married Mr. Beabitt; she is now a widow.

SARAH PEPPARD and Aaron Kerr had children:

1. Susan Kerr, who married Doct. Samuel Todd, brother of Doct. John Todd, and had children:

1. Barton Todd, who married _____ _____ , and lives in Washington county, Pennsylvania.
2. Jane Todd.
3. Stephen Todd married, _____ _____ , and lives in Monongahela City.
4. Andrew Oliphant Todd is a Presbyterian minister; settled in Ohio. He married, 1851, _____ _____ .
5. John Milton Todd; 6. Elizabeth Todd; 7. Hamilton Todd; 8. Samuel Erskine Todd.

Doct. Todd died, and his widow, Susan, married Mr. Applegate, near Monongahela City.

2. Francis P. Kerr, was a physician; married Jane Fleming, daughter of Daniel. He died in 1825, aged 25 years, leaving children, Daniel and Francis.

3. Elizabeth Green Kerr married Joseph Fleming, brother of Jane, and had children: 1. Kerr Fleming; 2. Alexander Fleming; 3. Susan Fleming; 4. Hampton Fleming; 5 Amanda Fleming; 6. Joseph Fleming; 7. Hervy Fleming.

4. Joseph Kerr, born 5th Feb. 1806, is a Presbyterian minister; was ordained in 1833, and soon went as a missionary to the Indians, west of Missouri, and subsequently settled in Poland, Ohio, near the west line of Pennsylvania. He married Mary Anne Caldwell, daughter of William Caldwell, of Pittsburg, and had children: 1. E. Byington; 2. Joseph Brainerd; 3. Clarissa; 4. Elliot; 5. Walter Lowry; 6. Anna Jane.

5. Phebe Kerr married James Hair, of Washington county, Pennsylvania, and have children: 1. Hamilton Hair, and others.

6. Hampton Kerr married Jane Lee, daughter of John Lee, of Washington county, Pennsylvania, and had children: 1. Lee Anne; 2. Aaron.

7. Amanda Kerr married, first, Rev. Joseph Reed, and had one child, Sarah Elizabeth Reed. Mr. Reed died, and she married, 2d, Henry Haman, of Pittsburg, and lives there.

8. Aaron Hervy Kerr is a Presbyterian minister in Ontario, Indiana; was licensed in 1847. He married, in 1848, Elizabeth Craig, daughter of the Hon. Walter Craig, of Penn.

Walter Ker, the ancestor of the Kerrs, before named, was banished from Scotland, in the time of the persecution, and was permitted to remove to America. He came to N. Jersey, and settled in Freehold, in the year 1685, and as a layman was eminently useful in the establishment of the gospel in that region; his descendants have been blessed as useful members of the church of Christ. He had a son, Samuel, who had two sons, Samuel and Joseph. Joseph had sons, Lewis and Aaron Kerr.

Samuel had a son Jacob, who was a minister of the gospel, and Pastor for thirty years over two churches near Salsbury, Maryland, and died in 1795.

Rev. Jacob Kerr had a son, Doct. Samuel Kerr, of Prince Anne, Somerset county, Maryland, who had a son, Rev. Jacob W. E. Kerr, Pastor of the Presbyterian church at Deerfield, West Jersey Presbytry

JONATHAN WHITAKER 3d, (6th child of Jonathan, Jun.) and Mary Mitchel lived in Warren county, Ohio. He died July, 1840, aged 79 years; his widow died November, 1850, aged 87 years; they had children:

1. Nathaniel, who married Nancy Hayden.

2. Abigail, who died young.

3. Jonathan M., who married, 1st, Jane Irvin; 2d, Anne McIntire; 3d, Polly Miller, daughter of John Miller, of Springdale; he removed to Centreville, Indiana.

4. William, twin to Jonathan M. married Sarah Skinner, sister of Richard Skinner, who married Catherine Hurin, [see Hurin,] and daughter of Daniel Skinner.

5. Sarah married David Reeder, son of Daniel, of Pleasant Ridge, and removed to Illinois,

6. Abigail married Daniel Skinner, son of Abraham, brother of Daniel.

7. Benjamin married, 1st, Catherine Felter; 2d, Hannah Miller, sister of Jonathan's 3d wife, and has living children:

1. Jonathan, who married Nancy Cox.
2. Mary.

8. Stephen married Huldah Skinner, sister of Daniel, Abigail's husband; lives near Mason, Hamilton county, Ohio.

9. James, born 22d October, 1798, married Mary Abbot, daughter of John; he is a mason, lives in Huntsville, Ohio.

10. Polly Halsted married Joseph Runyon, of Lebanon, and had children, Courtland Runyon and Mary Runyon.

JONATHAN M. WHITAKER and Jane Irvin, had children:

1. James Irvin, who married Mary McClure.

2. Mary Halsted married Alexander Morrow, son of Richard.

3. Nancy Jane, who died at about 18 years.

4. William Mitchel married Sarah Jane McKannis, daughter of Robert.

5. Sarah lives in Piqua.

Jonathan M. Whitaker, by Anne McIntire, had children:

6. David Newton, who died at about 23 years.

7. Martha died at about 13 years.

8. Jonathan Milton, born 25th October, 1829, lives at Piqua.

9. Margaret Anne died at about one year.

10. Mary Jane lives at Reading.

By his 3d wife, Polly Miller, he had no children.

WILLIAM WHITAKER, (4th child of Jonathan 3d, 6th child of Jonathan, Jun.) and Sarah Skinner, had children:

1. Mary M. who married Daniel Morris, and went to Texas.

2. Jonathan Miller went to Texas, and married there, Cynthia Robins.

3. Martha Anne married David Enyart, son of David.

4. Sarah Skinner married Nelson Littleton, of Middletown.

5. Phebe Mills, twin to Sarah Skinner, married, 1st, Daniel Pauly; 2d, Ambrose Voorhies.

6. Isabel Skinner married Paulaski Whelan.

7. Amanda married Andrew May, Jun. lives in Indiana.

8. Rebecca Reeder; 9. Richard.

10. William Pitt Skinner went to Texas.

11. Caroline

JAMES WHITAKER. (9th child of Jonathan 3d,) and Mary Abbot lived at Huntsville, and had children:

1. John, who married Hannah Jane Clifton; live in Rossville, and had children: 1. Laura; 2. Clement.

2. Jonathan married, 1st, Elizabeth Jaques, who had no children; 2d, Charlotte Harper, lived in Tennessee, and had children: 1. Austin; 2. Mary Anne.

3. Stephen married Sarah Irvin; live in Butler county, Ohio.

4. Joseph married Emily Jones; live about 40 miles west of Hamilton, Ohio, in Indiana.

5. Benjamin; 6. Ichabod; 7. James. 8. Albert, born 10th June, 1842.

NOTE.--The widow Mitchel, mother of Jonathan Whitaker's wife, Mary Mitchel, married William Conklin, Sen. as his 2d wife.

NATHANIEL WHITAKER, (7th child of Jonathan Whitaker, Jun.,) and Hannah Drake had one daughter, Sally, who married Garret Voorhies, Esq.; lives where her father did, and had children: (5th Gen.)

1. John Voorhies, born 14th June, 1817.

2. Matilda Voorhies married, 8th Jan. 1851, Charles Barker, an Englishman. She died in childbed, Sept. 28th 1851; had twins, born 21st Sept. and both died before her.

3. Anne Voorhies married, Dec. 1849, William Heath, son of Robert.

4. Hannah Voorhies married, 28th Oct. 1847, James Garritson Kline, son of John, son of David Kline, of Reddington, Somerset county, and had a daughter, Dorothy Kline, born 17th Nov. 1849.

5. Ellen Voorhies; 6. Garret Voorhies. 7. Nathaniel Whitaker Voorhies. 8. Samuel Scott Voorhies; 9. Mary Voorhies.

10. Ruth Elizabeth Voorhies; 11. Ralph Voorhies.

Nathaniel Whitaker, by his 2d wife, Ruth Haines, had but one daughter, Hannah, who married Nicholas Arrowsmith, Jun. Esq. son of Nicholas, Esq. of Peapack, and had children:

1. Theodore Arrowsmith.

2. Elizabeth Barnet Arrowsmith, who married Charles Dayton, of New Brunswick, merchant, son of Jesse Dayton, of Fort Plain, and had children: 1. Mary Elizabeth Dayton; 2. Anna Whitaker Dayton; 3. Emma Dayton; 4. Charles Meredith Dayton; 5. Frances Salina Dayton; 6. James Dayton.

3. Henrietta Arrowsmith, who married, 22d November, 1848, Doctor Alexander N. Dougherty, of Newark, and had a son, Alexander Dougherty.


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