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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


JOHN WILLIAMS, brother of Samuel, lives in Westfield, and had children: (2d Gen.)

1. Noah, who married Betsey Marsh, daughter of Joshua, of Westfield. He died 3d Jan. 1824, aged 73 years.
(Noah Williams m. Betsey Marsh 24 Dec 1772; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey)

2. John, Jun., who died unmarried.

3. Cornelius married Betsey Reddin, of Westfield; lived in New York several years, and removed to New Providence, where he died 28th Aug. 1828, aged 76 years. His wife died 2d Nov. 1818, aged 55 years, and left no children.

4. Henry married Betsey Scudder.

5. Squier married Nancy Williams, daughter of Henry.
(Squier Williams m. Anne Williams 2 Mar 1784; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey)

6. Smith married Betsey Hetfield, daughter of Deacon Hetfield, of Westfield.
(Smith Williams m. Mary Hatfield 8 Dec 1785; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey)

7. David married, 3d Aug. 1788, Hannah Marsh.
(David Williams m. 3 Aug 1788 Hannah Marsh; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey)

8. Lewis married Chloe Campbell.

9. Ezekiel married _____ _____ ; lived and died in N. York.

10. Abner went to the South, and died unmarried.

NOAH WILLIAMS, (1st son of John,) came from Westfield, and purchased the farm now owned by Edward Price, on the north side of Long Hill, and died 3d January, 1824, age 73 years He and Betsey Marsh had children: (3d Gen)

1. Ezra, who married Margaret Faitout, and for several years kept a tavern and store in the village of New Providence. His wife Margaret died, and he married, 2d, Hetty Totten, daughter of Jonathan Totten, and removed to New York, and is there a shoe maker; he has had no children.
(Ezra Williams m. Peggy Fatoot 22 Oct 1797; Presbyterian Church in Westfield New Jersey)

2. Noah, who married Polly Pool, daughter of John Pool.

3. Rachel, who married, 1st, David Cole, of Westfield, had a son, John Cole; when Mr. Cole died, and she married Ellis Noe, son of John, and had children: 1. Hester Noe; 2. Eliza; 3 Isaac Noe; 4. Daniel W. Noe; 5. David Noe. [See Ellis Noe.]

4. Daniel, who died in New York.

5. Abigail, who married William High, son of Jacob. [See High.]
(Abigail Williams m. William High 12 Oct 1805; Both of Morris Co., by Rev. Matthew La Rue Perrine, Madison; Morris County Marriages Book A)

6. Abner married Deborah Hand, daughter of Robert Hand; live in Morristown, and had children: (4th Gen)

1. Frances.
2. Mariah, who married William Crowel, of New York, and lives there.
3. David, who married _____ _____ ; 
4. Robert.
5. Margaret married Caleb Conklin, son of John Johnson Conklin, of Spring Valley.
6. Alfred married Elizabeth Wilson, of Morristown, and lives there.
7. Abner Williams, Jun.; 8. Harriet; 9. Alvira. 10. Charles; 11. Catherine.


SAMUEL WILLIAMS, (brother of John,) lived at Williams' Farms, between Westfield and Elizabethtown. He had three wives, and seventeen children; some of his children were, Joel, Samuel, Jedediah, David, Moses, Nathaniel, John, Polly, and another daughter, who married Jacob Searing.

Moses married Sally Miller, daughter of Moses Miller, of Westfield.

JOHN WILLIAMS, (son of Samuel,) came up and bought the farm of John Roll, on the north side of Long Hill; he was born 10th August, 1768, and died 25th February, 1839, aged 70 1/2 years. He married Anna Spinning, who was born 2d September, 1771, and died 6th March, 1828; they had children:

1. Anna Spinning, born 10th November, 1792; married, 3d December, 1808, John Hand, son of Benjamin, of Long Hill.

2. Ebenezer Spinning, born 28th October, 1794, and married, 17th March, 1819, 1st, Sarah Carle; 2d, Lydia Carle, daughters of Jonas Carle.
[Ebenezer S. Williams m. Lydia Carle 6 July 1837; Groom of Baskinrige[sic]; Bride of Long Hill, by Joseph Cox, Minister of the Gospel of New Vernon; Morris County Marriages Book D]

3. Mariah, born 11th December, 1796, married, 10th Jan. 1816, John W. Stiles, son of Daniel Stiles, of Elizabethtown, and live there.

4. Phebe S. born 12th January. 1800; married, 24th Feb. 1825, Moses M. Crane, son of Nathaniel Crane, of Elizabethtown, and live there.

5. Stiles, born 19th August, 1802, married Annetta Rogers, daughter of Dr. John Rogers, the widow of Mr. Van Wagener, of Luzerne county, Pennsylvania; has no children.

6 Lockey, born 23d December, 1804, married, 23d March, 1826, Cornelius Winnie, son of Martin Winnie, and had 5 children, who all died young, and then she died.

7. Elias Riggs, born 2d July, 1807, married 16th February, 1832, Mary Vandervoort, daughter of Paul Vandervoort, of Lamington; he lives where his father did.

8. Eliza Ellen, born 25th February, 1810, and married the above named Cornelius Winnie.
[Eliza E. Williams m. Cornelius Winnie 21 Feb 1837; Groom of Baskinrige; Bride of Long Hill, by Joseph Cox, Minister of the Gospel of New Vernon; Morris County Marriages Book D]

9. Harriet Edney, born 9th October, 1812, and married Jacob G. White, of New Vernon.
[Harriet Williams m. Jacob White 29 Apr 1839; Groom of New York City; Bride of Long Hill, Essex Co., by Rev. Jacob Briant, Minister of the Gospel; Morris County Marriages Book D]

ANNA S. WILLIAMS, (daughter of John, son of Samuel,) and John Hand had children:

1. Stiles Williams Hand, who married Mary Anne Boyle.

2. John Eden Hand.

3. Anna Mariah Hand married Hervy Frost, of Green Village, and went to Ohio.

4. Harriet Hand went to Ohio, and married.

5. Emma Hand went to Ohio, and married.

EBENEZER S. WILLIAMS, (son of John,) and Sarah Carle, had children:

1. Daniel Carle; 2. Theodore; 3. Sarah Anne.

He had no children by his 2d wife Lydia.

MARIAH WILLIAMS, (daughter of John,) and John W. Stiles had children:

1. David W. Stiles; 2. Henrietta Stiles; 3. Eliza Ellen Stiles; 4. Ebenezer Stiles; 5. Harriet W. Stiles; 6. Lockey Anne Stiles.

PHEBE S. WILLIAMS, (daughter of John,) and Moses M. Crane had children:

1. Elias Spencer Crane, who died at 14 years.

2. Anna W. Crane, who married Abraham Miller, of Union;

3. Jane Crane; 4. John Williams Crane. 5. Charles Crane.

ELIAS R. WILLIAMS, (son of John,) and Mary Vandervoort, had children:

1. John; 2. Paul Vandervoort; 3. Elias Edwin; 4. Mary Anne.

ELIZA ELLEN WILLIAMS, (daughter of John,) and Cornelius Winnie lives on the Sterling farm, and had children:

1. Jane Winnie; 2. Henry Winnie; 3. Spencer Winnie; 4. Anna Winnie; 5. Rachel Winnie; 6. Harriet Annetta Winnie.

HARRIET EDNEY WILLIAMS, (daughter of John,) and Jacob G. White had children:

1. Theodore White; 2. Eliza Ellen White; 3. William White, who died at 5 years; 4. Benjamin Franklin White; 5. A son.


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