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Source: Family Records or genealogies of the first settlers of Passaic Valley and Vicinity above Chatham, with their ancestors and descendants, as far as could be ascertained in 1851. By John Littell, 1851.


CAPT. DANIEL S. WOOD came from Long Island to Passaic Valley, about the year 1754, and learned the blacksmith trade, with a Mr. Moore. Mr Wood, when he became of age, bought the farm of Mr. Moore, and set up the business himself, and lived on the farm till his death, which occurred the 8th February, 1832, aged 91 years. The farm is part of lot No. 20 of the Elizabethtown lots, surveyed in 1736-7, above the first mountain. He married Mary Potter, of Hanover, and had two children, who died young, and his wife died 18th February, 1768; he then married Sarah Johnson, sister of Uzel Johnson; she died 12th April, 1806, in her 56th year. They had children:

1. John, who was baptized, 27th April, 1772, and died young.

2. Sally, who married, 19th December, 1790, Daniel Meeker, son of Isaiah. [See Meeker.]

3. Docia is unmarried.

4. Daniel Smith married Nancy Baldwin, daughter of Gabriel, and died 23d December, 1842.

5. Joseph, who was baptized 17th April, 1785, and died in infancy.

6. Samuel, who is unmarried.

7. Elizabeth A. married Capt. Stephen Day, son of Benjamin Day, Esq as his 2d wife. [See Day.]

8. Margaret Williston, who married the Rev. Waters Burrows, son of Waters Burrows. [See Burrows]

9. David married Sarah Bonsal, of Spring Valley, Morris county; he is a grocer in Newark, and has children:

1. Mary E.; 2. Samuel W.; 3. Mariah H.; 4. Francis P. Wood.

DANIEL S. WOOD, Jun. (son of Capt. Daniel S. Wood,) and Nancy Baldwin, had children:

1. Docia, who married David Smalley, son of Samuel, and removed to Ohio.

2. Rachel married Major William M. Clark, son of D. S. Clark Esq. [See Clark.]

3. Lillis married Judah Phelps, of Connecticut; he died leaving children:

1. Lemuel Cicero Phelps.
2. Harriet Eliza Phelps, who married, 10th April, 1850, George Rawden, of Newark.
3. William Phelps; 4. Franklin Phelps. The family live in Newark.

4. Sally married Major William M. Clark, as his 2d wife. [See Clark.]

5. David Jones married Rhoda Brookfield, daughter of Job, of Spring Valley, and removed to New York, near Lake Ontario, and had children:

1. Georgiana, 2. Smith Halsey, who both died young. 3. Georgiana; 4. David Franklin.

6. Daniel Halsey, born 19th September, 1809, and married Hannah Bell Lippencott, born 2d September, 1823, daughter of William Lippencott, of Allegany county, New York, and have children:

1. Theodore Bell, born 11th August, 1841.
2. Daniel S. born 21st September, 1843.

7. Hannah married Asa Osborn, son of Nehemiah, and has an only daughter, Anne Eliza, who married, 24th September, 1850, Philemon Tomkins, son of Ashbel A. Tomkins. [See Tomkins.]

8. Mary married Robert T. Wilson, Esq. grand-son of Levi Willcox. [See Willcox.] She died 14th February, 1842, leaving a daughter, Mary, who died in infancy.

9. Margaret married David A. French, son of Willis. [See French.]

10. Isaac L. born 10th August, 1821, married, 13th February, 1847, Sally Doty Bonnel, born 13th September, 1831, daughter of Philemon, and had children:

1. John Bonnel Wood, born 19th December, 1848.

11. Samuel is unmarried.

12. John, born 25th September, 1818, married, 27th October, 1846, Charlotte A. Torboss, born 6th June, 1831, daugher of Peter Torboss, of Union Village, and had children: 1. Mary Eliza, who died at 2 months; 2. Peter Torboss, born 9th June, 1850.


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