Morris County Rev War Soldiers
Morris Co. Up

General Information:

  • The Continental Army was established by 1775 by order of the Continental Congress
  • New Jersey was requested to raise two battalions (approx. 1250 men)
  • Enlistment eligibility required that the man be an able bodied freeman (land-owners) aged 16 or over
  • Pay rate was $5.00 per month
  • September, 1776 Congress called for four battalions from New Jersey
  • Recruits would serve until the end of the war
  • Estimated that about 3,000 Jersey men served in the Continental Army

To help understand the various enlistment periods these men may have served check out Terms of Service.

Miscellaneous Information - Pension Application/Records, etc.


Please note that duplicate names found in the index are not an error. The names were transcribed as they were found. This index contains a list of only the names that are found in the book Men from Morris County New Jersey Who Served In The American Revolution. This book was compiled by Barbara Hoskins and published by the Joint Free Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township, Morristown, NJ.

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