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Source: J. Percy Crayon, Rockaway Records of Morris County, N. J. Families, (Rockaway, N.J., Rockaway Publishing Co., 1902)

The following data given me many years ago by the late James Madison ALLEN at Newark, who had made many researches of the Allen family at Rockaway hold good to-day[1902]. I have added and corrected a few of the data that have come under my own researches, and from the collector of the Alling-Allen families of Connecticut and from the Allens at Chicago, Ill., and others. George P. ALLEN writes me from New Berlin, Fla., that he has failed to make any connections with the Roger ALLING family, of New Haven, Ct., whose descendant, Samuel, came to Newark, N.J., and some of his descendants to Morris county. The name has many spellings, and the families quite numerous in Central New Jersey. Captain Job always wrote ALLEN, while some one engraved on his tombstone the name ALLIN.

Tradition says that Samuel ALLEN and sons, Ebenezer and Job, came from the north of Scotland, where they had been imprisoned for their religious opinions, and first landed at Amboy, N.J.  Job came from thence, while still a young man, to Rockaway previous to 1730, and built a forge there at that date, known after as the "Job Allen Iron Works." They were located about two hundred yards above the present dam. The Sanitarium farm at Denville, comprising two or three hundred acres was owned by him at this time. His wife's name, according to the old deeds and papers, was Christiana, and they were probably not married earlier than 1735 or 6, as the first child Anna was born 1737. No mention was ever made among the old papers at Rockaway of his father Samuel or his brother Ebenezer, and it may have been possible that Christiana was his second wife. He was at this early date the founder and builder of the first iron industry at Rockaway, not very large in that day compared with the present, and may be said to have been the founder and builder of the first church at Rockaway, as some of the frame work was made as early as 1752. He was an early member of the Morristown Presbyterian church where some of his children were baptized, while the church at Rockaway was building. He was carpenter, miller and forgeman; constructed some of the first roads and bridges, and many of the first dwellings, when every nail used was hand-made.


  • Anna, born Apr. 19, 1737, married Thomas BALDWIN;
  • Eunice, born Dec. 5, 1738, died unmarried, probably buried at Rockaway;
  • Christiana, born June 1, 1742, married David CORY, of Rockaway, Apr. 23, 1758. He was born 1724, died Feb. 19, 1769. Both probably buried at Rockaway.
  • Elizabeth, born July 10, 1742, baptized at Morristown, N.J., Sept. 18, 1743, married John BIGALOW, of Rockaway. Both probably died at Rockaway.
  • Deborah, born July 13, 1746, baptized Aug. 17, 1746, died in infancy.
  • Lois or Loisa, born June 6, 1748, baptized July 10, 1748, married (1) Daniel TALMAGE, of Baskingridge, N.J., Dec. 21, 1766. He was killed at Lackawaxen, Pa., July 22, 1779, had three children. See Talmage family. She married (2) John HARRIMAN and lived where David LASH now lives; had three children. See Harriman family.
  • Job, born Aug. 27, 1750, baptized Aug. 14, 1751, married Mary MINTURN or MINTON, of Parsippany, N.J., Jan. 2, 1773. She was born Dec. 22, 1757, married (2) Stephen JACKSON 1810 and died at the residence of her son Isaac at Newark, Apr. 21, 1826.
    Job, at the age of 17 when his father died, ran the farm, kept store, ran a forge and mill under the Jacksons, was captain in the militia service, was carpenter by trade, rebuilt and completed the Presbyterian church in 1794, died Mar. 16, 1798. All buried at Rockaway.
    Children of Captain Job ALLEN:
    • Nancy, born 1773, married Joseph KITCHEL, son of Abraham, born 1779, removed to Sacketts Harbor, L.I., and died 1847.
    • Betsey, born 1775, married (1) _____ BROADWELL, (2) _____ HUNTING, both probably of Rockaway.
    • Job, (3) born July 2, 1780, married Betsey JACKSON, daughter of Benjamin, 1800. She was born Feb. 14, 1782, died Mar. 21, 1862. He ran the farm at Denville at an early age, had a blacksmith shop and store at Rockaway from 1799 to 1814, at which date the family went to Ohio. Children of Job ALLEN (3) and wife Betsey:
      • Job (4) born Nov. 27, 1801, at Denville, baptized at Rockaway Aug. 13, 1809, married Clarissa THOMPSON, of Parsippany, died 1868.
      • Phebe, born Feb. 24, 1803, died in infancy;
      • William Mitchell, born Aug. 16, 1805, baptized Aug. 20, 1809, married Jane LYON.
      • Emily, born Oct. 13, 1807, baptized Aug. 20, 1809, married Nathaniel M. JACKSON.
      • James Madison, born July 28, 1810, baptized June 30, 1811, married (1) Harriet, daughter of Peter Post and Elizabeth (KANOUSE) BROWN, of New Foundland, Dec. 1832. She was born Mar. 9, 1816, died Dec. 16, 1871, buried at Oak Ridge, N.J. (2) Hannah Susan CLARK in 1873, died at Newark 1897, buried at Oak Ridge. He was largely interested in the iron and store business in several locations.
        Children of James Madison and wife Hannah:
        • Elmira Elizabeth, born Jan. 27, 1835, at Stockholm, N.J., married Joseph RICHART, of Ohio, Oct. 12, 1853.
        • Chilion Borwn, born Mar. 29, 1836, at Stockholm, married Mary WOOD, of Ohio, Apr. 15, 1863.
        • Adroniram Judson, born July 15, 1837, at Philadelphia, Pa., married Amanda BALL, of Ohio, Sept. 25, 1862.
        • James Madison, (2) born Jan. 22, 1840, at Philadelphia, married Roxana MOORE Sept. 1865. She was a daughter of Virgil Douglass MOORE, born Dec. 3, 1814, and Hannah M. HOUGH, born May 8, 1817. Their son at Chicago, Ill., has made many researches in family connections.
        • Ira Brown, born in Ohio July 28, 1841, married Eva TRULOVE, of Ohio, in 1866.
        • Lucy DeCamp, born Sept. 5, 1844, married William C. POTTER, of Ohio, in 1865.
        • Mary Harriet, born Mar. 20, 1848, married Rev. A.S. WALSH, of Ohio, Nov. 27, 1867.
        • William Russell, born in Ohio Mar. 8, 1852, married Cornelia M. JOHN, of Ohio, Nov. 7, 1875.
      • Isaac Jackson, born Jan. 21, 1814, married Susan BROWN, sister of Harriet. She was born May 13, 1821.

      The above children were all born at Rockaway.

      • Maria Brown, born June 18, 1817, at Frederick, O., married James RICHARDS, of Ohio.
      • Clarissa Jackson, born July 5, 1819, married Daniel, brother of James RICHARDS, above.
      • Lucy DeCamp, born Sept. 14, 1821, married Joshua DAVIS, of Ohio.
    • John, married Charity, daughter of Abraham KITCHEL, July 10, 1805, went to Sacketts Harbor, L.I.
    • Maria, born 1788, married Anson BROWN, of Denville, and emigrated to Ohio in 1814.
    • Jacob, married Elizabeth SEGUIRE, no other records.
    • Lucy, born 1798, (1793 on tombstone) married Chileon Ford DeCAMP Sept. 5, 1815, died Jan. 6, 1836. He was born July 9, 1793, died Feb. 27, 1876. Both buried at Rockaway.
  • Jane, born Dec. 12, 1751, married Benjamin BEACH, died Apr. 16, 1780. He married (2) Mary (SERRIN) BIGALOW, and died May 17, 1827. See Beach family.
  • Polly, Mary on the tombstone, born Dec. 29, 1758, married Thomas OSBORN, removed to Parsippany, died May 5, 1801. Deacon Thomas OSBORN was born Oct. 11, 1753, married (2) Hannah (HOWELL) MINTON, who was born June 20, 1763, died Mar. 20, 1829. She was a daughter of Gidson HOWELL and wife Sarah GORDON, who lived at Littleton, N.J., and the widow of Lemuel MINTON, by whom she had children:
    - Henry,
    - James,
    - Sarah,
    - Mary and
    - Stephen.
    Deacon Osborn died July 27, 1818. All buried at Parsippany.

    The MINTURN or MINTON family lived at Parsippany. The father came from north of England, the mother from Holland. Children:

    • Nancy,
    • John,
    • Lemuel,
    • William,
    • James,
    • Jacob, born 1725, died Oct. 11, 1804;
    • Henry,
    • Nathan,
    • David,
    • Peter,
    • Rachel,
    • Hannah,
    • Sally and
    • Mary, who married Capt. Job ALLEN.

This family [ALLEN], like many others once so prominent in the early enterprises of old Rockaway and Morris county, is now nearly extinct and the name continued in many of the Western States. The name Job continued to the fourth generation in this family, was perpetuated in the Talmage family, and also in the Hill family to the present day. See Talmage and Hill families.



The following of the ALLEN lines were probable descendants of Roger, of New Haven, and connected with the families of the present date, were also prominent in Morris county.

Captain Samuel ALLEN, born Nov. 27, 1751, married Hannah, daughter of Epenitus BEACH, the son of Zopher, of Newark, July 4, 1779, died Dec. 15, 1828. She was born Oct. 29, 1761, died Mar. 1851.

Samuel ALLEN, justice of the peace, lived at Shongum, N.J., died 1810, buried at Rockaway, His wife, Abigail, died Oct. 24, 1809, buried at Rockaway. His son,

  • Samuel, Jr., lived at Mt. Freedom, N.J., and was buried in Rockaway 1836.
    Children of Samuel, Jr.:
    • William ALLEN, born Aug. 29, 1803, married (1) Lydia NORRIS, who died Apr. 11, 1834, aged 82 years, 8 months and 2 days, buried in Headley Cemetery. Children also buried there:
      • Ogden, died Jan. 19, 1828, aged 1 year and 21 days;
      • Jacob, died May 6, 1830, aged 1 month;
      • Elizabeth, died Apr. 11, 1831, aged 3 years and 4 months;
      • Ira, living at Dover, born Nov. 23, 1832.

      (2) Jane McCORMIC, of Milton, May 7, 1840. She was born July 10, 1813. All buried at Headley Cemetery. Children:

      • Charles, born Mar. 18, 1841, married Sarah C. ALLISON Aug. 15, 1863, died June 16, 1882.
      • Abigail, born May 5, 1843, died May 19, 1862;
      • Maurice, born July 10, 1846, died Mar. 30, 1876;
      • Harriet, born Nov. 12, 1847, died Apr. 10, 1862;
      • Wm. H., born Nov. 13, 1850, married Mary Jane GREGORY Apr. 5, 1877, died Sept. 27, 1881;
      • Augusta, born Dec. 21, 1852, married Alfred Ludlow DAY Nov. 12, 1874. Children see Day family.
      • John, (1) born Aug. 30, 1857, died Jan. 2, 1860;
      • John, (2) born July 19, 1860, died July 14, 1895;
      • Jane, died Apr. 8, 1878.
    • Amsy ALLEN at Mt. Freedom, the father of
      • Capt. David S., of Dover
    • Robert P. married Phebe, daughter of Abraham FORDYCE, of Shongom, removed to Tuckhannock, Pa. Children:
      • J. Andrew Casterline, of Ninkey, as first wife;
      • Agnes, married _____ NORTHUP;
      • Lewis, married _____ CONDICT.
    • Henry B., married a daughter of Jabez ESTILE, of Rockaway, and removed to Chicago.



[In another section of the Rockaway Records we find another Allen family.]

Edward, the progenitor, had sons:

  • David, born 1675, married Sarah GROSVENOR Nov. 29, 1711, had children:
    • David, born 1713;
    • Adroniram, born 1715;
    • John, born 1717.

    All settled at Hanover.

  • Samuel, born 1679; married Hannah HAYWOOD, died Nov. 25, 1730, settled at Hanover. Children:
    • Samuel, born 1707;
    • Job, born 1709, settled at Rockaway, died 1769;
    • Anna, born 1712;
    • Martha,  born 1714;
    • Jonah, born 1717

Aaron ALLEN, a son of Jacob, who settled in Hanover, was born Nov. 17, 1735, married Abigail BONNELL Nov. 28, 1750, died June 1824. Children:

  • Samuel, born Nov. 27, 1751; died 1828;
  • Abigail, born Jan. 18, 1754, married Thomas GARDENER;
  • Uriah, born June 13, 1756, married Rachel COE, Nov. 21, 1773;
  • David, born Oct. 1, 1758, removed to Berkshire Valley, where descendants now live.

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