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Rockaway Records of Morris County, N.J. Families by J. Percy Crayon, 1902, Rockaway, N.J. Rockaway Publishing Co.

The following is the list of Family Biographies that can be found in Rockaway Records.

In each family, in most cases, I have listed the children under their respective parents to make for easier reading. Any notes that I have added are enclosed in brackets and are generally in bold or italic print unless stated otherwise. As with any information, please use this only as a guide, not a substitute for your own research. As diligent as Mr. Crayon was in compiling this work, there are some notable errors that have been found.

The Ayers FamilyThe Brown FamilyThe Casterline Family
The DeMont FamilyThe Ford FamilyThe Garrigus Family
The Hoagland FamilyThe Jackson FamilyRev. Barnabas King, D.D.
The Lamson Family The Miller FamilyThe Palmer Family
The Robarts FamilyThe Southard FamilyThe Talmage Family
The VanDervoort FamilyDaniel Wrisberg 
Dr. Daniel Stewart AyersThe Bruen FamilyThe Cole Family
The Davenport FamilyThe Farber FamilyThe Goble Family
The Huntington FamilyThe Kimble FamilyThe Lee Family
Gen. "Light Horse Harry" LeeCol. John MunsonThe Pollison Family
The Tompkins FamilyThe Wiggins Family   
The Beach Family  The Clark FamilyThe Dougherty Family
The Fordyce FamilyThe Hathaway FamilyThe Ketchum Family
The Lyon FamilyThe Lindsley FamilyThe Mills Family
The Percy FamilyThe Strait FamilyThe Tuttle Family
The Allen FamilyThe Beaman FamilyThe Crane Family
The Cooper FamilyThe Dickerson FamilyThe Fitcher Family
The Gordon FamilyThe Harriman FamilyThe Hill Family
The Kitchel FamilyThe Lum FamilyThe Perrine Family
The Stickle FamilyThe Smith FamilyThe Webb Family
The Blanchard FamilyThe Broadwell FamilyThe Cobb Family
The Day FamilyThe Fairchild FamilyThe Allen Family [included in the previous listing for the Allen Family]
The Gard FamilyThe Garrigus FamilyThe Hall Family
The Hamilton FamilyThe Headley FamilyThe Lyon Family
The McCarty Family  The Miller FamilyThe Merritt Family
The Sturtevant Family    

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