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Source: J. Percy Crayon, Rockaway Records of Morris County, N. J. Families, (Rockaway, N.J., Rockaway Publishing Co., 1902)

The JACKSON records have been obtained from various sources, and copies of wills in my possession. I have only to regret that I have not more data of the JACKSONs of later date. Tradition has that Robert JACKSON came from Watertown, Mass., to Whethersfield, CT., from thence to Hartford, CT., and from thence to Hempstead, in 1643, which perhaps was the first English settlement in the western part of Long Island. He had wife Agnes,. His will dated May 5, 1683, mentions children: John, Samuel, Sarah, and Martha. He probably died in 1684.

John married Elizabeth HALLET (2), Elizabeth LAMAN, will dated Aug. 26, 1724, probably died in 1725. On Oct. 9, 1684, Lieu. John JACKSON went to New York to obtain a patent for the town, Apr. 5, 1687. Capt. JACKSON went to New York to obtain a grant for 200 acres of land. In 1698, Maj. JACKSON was granted the privilege of the Jerusalem river to set up a mill, he was afterwards colonel and justice of court. He left three sons, Samuel, John and James and five daughters whose names are not recorded. No records of Samuel’s wife. Sarah married Nathaniel MOORE and Martin married a COLE and had son Nathaniel.

Samuel, son of John, had children: Richard, Townsend, Thomas, Ruth, Jemima, married James HEWLETT; Letitia, married Solomon POST; Mary, married John PRATT, and Martha, married Samuel BIRDALL. Samuel inherited the home at Jerusalem.

John, Jr., also settled at Jerusalem and died there 1744. Had children: Obediah, John, Parinius, Martha, Elizabeth, Nancy, Jerusha, Rosanna and Abigail.

James, the third son and eight child of Col. John, settled at Rock Hill, Flushing, L. I., died in 1735. Will dated Sept. 7, 1735. He married Rebecca HALLETT, of Hallett’s Cove, and had twenty children, eighteen were living in 1735 as the will shows. Rebecca HALLETT was born Aug. 31, 1675. These sons carried the name of JACKSON in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Children: Thomas, born Dec. 4, 1694. Mary, born Nov. 20, 1696, married TOWNSEND. Sarah, born Dec. 11, 1697, married CLEMENTS. Rebecca, born Feb. 20, 1699, married SEAMAN. John, born Mar. 9, 1701. Charity, born Feb. 26, 1702. Elizabeth, born Mar. 20, 1703. James, Jr., born June 4, 1704. William, born July 6, 1705, died in infancy. Hannah, born Aug. 25, 1706. William, the second, born Oct. 14, 1707. Martha, born Jan. 26, 1709. Joseph, born Feb. 9, 1710, married Annie ____, who died 1760. He did 1769. They came to Rockaway in 1731 or 2. Was general in the French and Indian War. Both buried at Rockaway. Richard, born Mar. 20, 1711. Phebe, born Mar. 3, 1712. Robert, born May 15, 1713. Jemima, born Nov. 25, 1714. Samuel, born July 21, 1716. Stephen, born Aug. 17, 1717. Benjamin, born July 26, 1719.

Children of Gen. Joseph, all born at Rockaway: James, died aged 21, William, born 1736, died 1808, settled in Tennessee before the Revolution, was twice married and had twenty-six children. Elizabeth, married James TOMKINS and went to Virginia. Mary, died young. Stephen, died young. Stephen (2) born Sept. 8, 1744, died Mar. 24, 1812. Was captain in Revolution. Married Mary, daughter of Adam BURWELL, Dec. 19, 1768. She was born Jan. 28, 1753, died Dec. 16, 1809. (2) Mary (MINTURN) ALLEN, 1810. All buried at Rockaway. Anna, born Aug. 9, 1746, married Robert AYRES, of Franklin, Jan. 1, 1764. He was born July 14, 1738, died July 6, 1787. (2) Deacon David BEAMAN. She died Mar. 21, 1816. All buried at Rockaway. Edward; Phebe; Benjamin, born Mar. 5, 1752, married Abigail MITCHEL, of Elizabeth, died June 6, 1842. She was born 1755, died Nov. 2, 1843. Daniel. The records of Joseph were lost in the Revolution, and these were made by Anna (AYRES) BEAMAN in 1813.

Children of Capt. Stephen: Elizabeth, born Oct. 17, 1769, married Aaron LYON, died June 30, 1823. Agnes, born Jan. 6, 1772, married David HARSIMAN, of Denville, died Aug. 13, 1848. Joseph, born Mar. 8, 1774, married Elizabeth Platt OGDEN, daughter of Robert. She died June 10, 1807. (2) Electa (BEACH) DICKERSON, May 3, 1808. She was daughter of Capt. Enoch BEACH, and widow of Silas DICKERSON. She was born 1769, died Feb. 7, 1854. He died Jan. 28, 1855. All buried at Rockaway. James, born Jan. 14, 1776, married Clarissa, daughter of Capt. Charles HOFF, Sept. 4, 1798; died Jan. 6, 1848. She was born Aug. 29, 1780, died Nov. 3, 1843, buried at Rockaway. Margaret, born July 17, 1778, married Samuel ARNOLD, died July 18, 1857. Stephen, born Dec. 17, 1780, died Dec. 27, 1781. (Twins), born Sept. 1782, died young. Stephen (2) born Oct. 11, 1783, died in New York Sept. 19, 1801. Jacob, born Jan. 22, 1786, died Mar. 21, 1791. William, born Mar. 16, 1788, married Susan D. HALSEY, daughter of Abraham, Sept. 11, 1811, died Oct. 18, 1872. She was born July 3, 1794, died June 26, 1868. Maria, born Feb. 9, 1790, died July 29, 1808. Harriet, born June 8, 1792, married Dr. Ira CRITTENDEN, died Apr. 6, 1863. He died 1848. John Darbee, born Sept. 9, 1794, married Agnes, daughter of Solomon DOUGHTY, Oct. 24, 1816, died Nov. 17, 1859. She was born Dec. 12, 1796, died May 18, 1886. He was physician at Rockaway, also his son John Walter.

Children of Benjamin and Abigail: Ziba, born Feb. 2, 1777, married Phebe LYON Oct. 25, 1798. Isaac, born June 5, 1779, died Dec. 27, 1813. Betsey, born Feb. 14, 1782, married Job ALLEN (3) a800, died Mar. 21, 1862. He was born July 2, 1780, removed West. Phebe, born June 23, 1784, married John L. LEWIS, Feb. 25, 1802 (2) John VENNUM, Feb. 12, 1858, went West, died at the age of 105 years, 1889. David, born Sept. 30, 1786, married Prudence HATHAWAY Jan. 12, 1809. Daniel, born July 16, 1788. Benjamin, Jr., born Nov. 8, 1792. Maj. Benjamin JACKSON, removed to Knox county, Ohio, and died there 1842.

Children of Col. Joseph and Elizabeth: Sarah Dubois, born June 2, 1802, married Samuel B. HALSEY, son of Abraham, Sept. 5, 1821, died Jan. 20, 1859. He was born July 26, 1796, died Sept. 15, 1871, buried at Rockaway. Stephen J., born July 4, 1805, married Mary A. ______ died May 19, 1874. Robert Ogden, born Apr. 20, 1807, died May 15, 1812.

Children of John Darbee and Agnes: Edward E., born Apr. 2, 1817, died Mar. 26, 1898. Walter, born Sept. 16, 1818, died Mar. 29, 1819. John W., born June 3, 1820, married Frances McCARTY June, 1861; (2) Mrs. Sarah REED, Oct. 1879, died May 3, 1896. Mary Elizabeth, born June 21, 1825, married Hon. Lyman A. CHANDLER, died July 5, 1857. Charlotte, married ROBERTSON. Agnes B., married GORDON. Laura J., married McCARTY.

The history of the JACKSON family has been written in their early pioneer settlements, in the records of three wars, in the successful business enterprises, mostly in the iron industries of early years, in church, state, county and township, and as has been stated, the founders and builders of Rockaway. After four generations, and with the general depression of the iron industry, the name gradually passed away, and like many others early connected, the name may soon cease. Other and more profitable investments may have been found than in Rockaway.

Transcribed by John Cresseveur

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