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N-R 1875-6 Morristown Directory
Morris Co. Up


NastThomas artisthBoyken cor Macculloch avMorristown
NaylorFrank printer JerseymanMorristown
NaylorRoger  hMaple av n JamesMorristown
NewcombFred. salesmanhRidgedale avMorristown
NewlanEllen  hWashington n Atno avMorristown
NixonM. L.Mrs hEarlyMorristown
NobleCharles E.  hEarly cor Atno avMorristown
NoctonDavid  hMacculloch avMorristown
NoctonJohn clerkhMacculloch avMorristown
NoctonThomas  hMaccullouch av n DeHartMorristown
NooM. D.Mrs hMorris ab SpringMorristown
NolanMaryMissmilliner Park n SouthMorristown
NoonanFrank laborerhMacculloch avMorristown
NorrisChas. A. teller First National BankMorristown
NorrisJ. G. bank clerkhPhoenix av n WashingtonMorristown
NorrisMichael  hJamesMorristown
NorrisN. S.Mrs hElm opp FranklinMorristown
NorrisWilliam K. clerkbdsPark HouseMorristown
NoyesIsaac R.  hElm cor FranklinMorristown
NugantWilliam  hMarket n BankMorristown
O'BrienJohn  hHigh cor ProspectMorristown
O'BrienM. J. grocer MechanicMorristown
O'DonoldJohn  hMacculloch avMorristown
O'DonnellThomas  hPhoenix avMorristown
OliverCharles plumberbdsS s ParkMorristown
OliverJ. L. dry goodshFranklinMorristown
OrmsteadS.Miss hElm n R RMorristown
OsbornHenry laborerhSpeedwell avMorristown
OsbornH. E.Mrs hWater n SpringMorristown
OsbornJ. J. clerkhMorris n SpringMorristown
OsmunS. R. dentisthCourtMorristown
O'TooleWilliam repairing Washington n HighMorristown
OwenF. W. physicianhSouth ab PineMorristown
OwenM. I.Missmilliner 3 Union RowMorristown
OwensJohn laborerhSpring n MorrisMorristown
PagdenA. J. foremanhMarket n ParkMorristown
ParscellsIsaac  hMaple av bel MadisonMorristown
ParkerJ. E. watchmaker and jewelerhProspectMorristown
ParsonsC. O. carriage manufac.hopp Market junc BankMorristown
ParsonsM. M. carpenterhRidgedale avMorristown
PaulCharles J. butcherhAnn n CourtMorristown
PaulDavidMrs hWestern av cor MillerMorristown
PaulJames  hSpeedwell av n SpringMorristown
PaulJohn laborerhMt Kimble avMorristown
PearsonCharles J.  hEarlyMorristown
PeckE. O. dentisthMorris n ParkMorristown
PellJ. M. clerkhSouth n PineMorristown
PellW. J. grocerhSouth n PineMorristown
PellWilliam L. clerkhAnn n BankMorristown
PendegastJohn  hMadison bel Maple avMorristown
PercyGeorge H. tobaccohMarket n ParkMorristown
PerronLouis designshSouth cor ParkMorristown
PetermannChas. hairdresserhSpeedwell avMorristown
PeytonE. J.Mrs hSouth n ElmMorristown
PhalonHenry shoemakerhMadison n Macculloch avMorristown
Phalan<blank>Mrs hGreenMorristown
PhelpsD. W. laborerhMorris cor ElmMorristown
PiersonCharles plumberbdsHigh cor ProspectMorristown
PiersonD. S. clerkbdsSpeedwell av n Sussex avMorristown
PiersonEdward E. soap manufac. n FlaglerMorristown
PiersonEdward sec. and treas.hSouth cor PineMorristown
PiersonGeorge W. masonhSussex n HenryMorristown
PiersonI. C. carpenterhMorris n Ridgedale avMorristown
PiersonIsaac R. printerhWestern avMorristown
PiersonLewis, Jr. carriage manufac.hSouth cor Madison avMorristown
PiersonL. E. grocerhAtno avMorristown
PiersonMaryMrs hSpeedwell av n Sussex avMorristown
PiersonNewlandMrs hMorris n Ridgedale avMorristown
PiersonPhilip B. law studenthSouth cor PineMorristown
PiersonSarahMiss hSouth n ElmMorristown
PiersonStephen physician South n ParkMorristown
PiersonThomas B. (Day, Searing & Co.)hHigh cor ProspectMorristown
PiersonT. D. watchmakerhSpeedwell av n Sussex avMorristown
PiersonWilliam H. soap and candlesbdsU S HotelMorristown
PiperE. P.Mrs hMarket n ParkMorristown
PiperJohn R. restauranthMarket n ParkMorristown
PiperS. B. clerkbdsMarket n ParkMorristown
PitneyCortland carpenterhSpring n MorrisMorristown
PitneyH. C. (Pitney & Youngblood)hMaple av cor OakMorristown
PoinierJ. Woods  bdsSpeedwell av n Sussex avMorristown
PolhemusW. clerkbdsCourt n AnnMorristown
PolkJames K. coachmanhft SouthMorristown
PollardJohn grocerhMorris bel ParkMorristown
PotterBernard coachmanhRidgewood ParkMorristown
PowalsonA. C. grocerhSpeedwell av n HighMorristown
PowersNicholas laborerhPhoenix avMorristown
PrallElwood (Myers & Co.)hMorris n ElmMorristown
PrendergrastJames  hMacculloch avMorristown
PrendergrastJohn  hMacculloch avMorristown
PriceA. Jr. grocerhEarlyMorristown
PriceA. A. grocerhEarly n Speedwell avMorristown
PriceLuke M.  hMaple av cor OakMorristown
ProstJames clerkhWaterMorristown
PrudenAlfred grocerhCourtMorristown
PrudenAmos masonhEarlyMorristown
PrudenA. B. freight agenthMorris cor ElmMorristown
PrudenE. W. masonhWestern avMorristown
PrudenGeorge V. clerkbdsMansion HouseMorristown
PrudenP.  hGreenMorristown
PrudenT. shoemakerhWashington opp Mansion HouseMorristown
PruddenWm. C. coachmanhHigh n Speedwell avMorristown
PrudenW. L. masonhMorris n R RMorristown
PurdyI. chair makerhSpeedwell av n SpringMorristown
PurdyJonathan painterhMarket n BankMorristown
QuayleE. A. dept. county clerkbdsMorris n ParkMorristown
QuayleG. H. (T. M. Quayle & Son)hMorris n ParkMorristown
QuayleT. M. boots and shoes South n ParkMorristown
QuayleT. M. (T. M. Quayle & Son)hMorris n ParkMorristown
QuimbyE. M. carpenterhWashington n Mills LakeMorristown
QuinlinPatrick laborerhBuddMorristown
QuinbyWm. D. H. physicianhMaple av n DeHartMorristown
RalstonJohn laborerhSpring n MorrisMorristown
RandRufus bookkeeperbdsMarketMorristown
RandolphT. F. ex-GovernorhMadison avMorristown
RandolphW. M. grocerhN s ParkMorristown
RansellH. S. coachmanhWashington n HighMorristown
RaspberryWilliam laborerhSpringMorristown
RayIsaac S.   Macculloch av n DeHartMorristown
RayJaneMrs  Macculloch av n JamesMorristown
ReasonerAndrew supt. D.L. & W. R.R.hElm n HillMorristown
ReddingGeorge shoemakerhWaterMorristown
ReddingPhilip painterhWaterMorristown
ReelPhilip  hPhoenix avMorristown
ReevesAlex. butcherhMorris cor SpringMorristown
ReigelJ. shoemakerhMadison bel Maple avMorristown
RevereJ. W.Gen hDeHart n Maple avMorristown
ReverePaul  hDeHart n Maple avMorristown
ReynoldsJohn agenthCourt cor AnnMorristown
ReynoldsThomas laborerhSpeedwell avMorristown
PhoadesC. floristhMaple av cor MadisonMorristown
RichR. A.Mrs hSpring n MorrisMorristown
RichelsenHansRev hWashington n Mill's LakeMorristown
RickersonFrank  hDeHart W of Maple avMorristown
RickersonSimeon laborerhFord av n MorrisMorristown
RigelJohn clerkhMadison n Maple avMorristown
RileyAndrew coachmanhMorris n R RMorristown
RileyMichael  hJames cor Macculloch avMorristown
RingMichael laborerhHenryMorristown
RoachPatrick  hMadison bel Maple avMorristown
RobertsonAlex.Mrs hSouth bel JamesMorristown
RobesonMayMrs hJamesMorristown
RobinsonJohn gardenerhFranklin n Franklin plMorristown
RobinsonM.Mrs hft SouthMorristown
RobinsonPhebeMiss hMaple av bel BoykenMorristown
RocheAnn  hMaple av cor MadisonMorristown
RodneyD. H. tel. operator  Park cor SouthMorristown
RoffElias laborerhPhoenix avMorristown
RoffPhebe  hWashington opp MechanicMorristown
RogersAlbert laborerhMadison avMorristown
RogersJohnMrs hJames n SouthMorristown
RomaineJ. H. express Co. agts, D. L. & W. DepothElm opp FranklinMorristown
RoonyThomas laborerhPhoenix avMorristown
RoothJames  hMadison bel Maple avMorristown
RoothMaryMrs hJamesMorristown
RosenbergE. clerkbdsMansion HouseMorristown
RossDavid W.  hMaple av cor MarketMorristown
RossG. H. insurance agentbdsMt Kimble avMorristown
RossE. insurance agentbdsU S HotelMorristown
RoweC. T.  hSpeedwell av bel SussexMorristown
RoyS. M.Miss hMaple av n MadisonMorristown
RuckertH. painterhWater cor SpringMorristown
RunyonJ. R. postmasterhMaple av opp OakMorristown
RunyonW. H. clerkhMaple av opp OakMorristown
RutledgeC.Mrs hMadison n Maple avMorristown
RutlidgeJames gardenerhWater cor SpringMorristown
RyanPatrick laborerhFoot's laneMorristown
RyersonSarah  hMadison cor Macculloch avMorristown

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