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In The History of Morris County published by Lewis Publishing Co., 1914, page 328-331 we find a listing of students that were attended school in Dover in 1856. Following this we find a section entitled Gleanings, Relating to the Academy Roll of Names,  I have taken the liberty to intersperse these gleanings with their appropriate name. All information found here can be referenced on the above mentioned pages.

Albert Bailey
William Bailey
of Mill Brook

Lucinda Ball

Lyman Ball
lived in Prospect street—a very nice man.

Asa Berry

C. A. Berry

Franklin Berry
Rev. Franklin P. Berry, 5103 Pasadena avenue, Los Angeles, California, brother of Stephen H. Berry, and son of Titus Berry.

Titus Berry
Rev. Charles T. Berry, D.D., son of Titus Berry, married a Miss Sears, sister of Mrs. James Dickerson, of High street, Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Berry was settled for many years in the Presbyterian Church of Caldwell, New Jersey, the "Cleveland Church." He is now living in Brooklyn.

Hattie Breese

Mary L. Breese
sister of Miss Hattie Breese, became Mrs. Whitlock.

Sidney Breese
had a stationery store where the 3 and 9 cent store now is; went west; died recently.

Philip Champion
is related to the Wharton Champions. Was killed at one of the mines, either Weldon or Ford; his wife still lives in Wharton.

William Champion
brother of Philip, father of present generation of Wharton Champions; employed at Ulster iron Works.

Judson Coe

Charles Conrad (Coonrad)
lived in a little brown house next to the Richards estate, corner of Penn avenue; went west; he visited Dover in 1912.

Wm. Cooper

George L. Denman

Ludlow Denman

Joseph Dickerson
brother of Mrs. Coe, resides in the south.

Elisabeth Dickerson
[see Rebecca Dickerson]

Rebecca Dickerson
is Mrs. F. Trowbridge, of Essex street, Dover. Sister of Mrs. Judson Coe, who was Elizabeth Dickerson.

Susan Dickerson
now Mrs. James Bigalow, Baileyville, Kansas.

Wm. Donahue

Lewis N. Doty

Wellington B. Doty

Elisabeth Fleming
married Stephen Palmer

Marcus Freeman
lived in the house now occupied by the Houes family, adjoining the Thomas Oram property, in East Dover.

Caroline Gage
became Mrs. Kanouse.

Ella Gage
sister of Mrs. William Harris, became Mrs. Wildrick.

Laura Garrigus
became Mrs. Wilmot H. Thompson, now of New Haven, Conn.

Leonard V. Gillen
uncle of Whit. B. Gillen, lives at 24 Orchard street, Newark, New Jersey; visits Dover.

Emma Goodale

John Hance

Racilia Hoagland
sister of Whitfield, became Mrs. George Hance, Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Whitfield Hoagland
lived in the Spargo house on Morris street. He worked for The George Richards Company when their store was in the frame building that has since been moved out to East Blackwell street, known there as the wooden-heel factory. It was originally the Breese store. Whitfield Hoagland later went to Colorado Springs. His father was a merchant.

Edwin Hurd

Frank Hurd

Ford King
worked in old blacksmith shop near Northside schoolhouse; his wife lives on Morris street.

Isaac King

Joseph King

Lewis King

Margaret King

Mary King

Mulford King

Joseph B. Kinney
lived on Blackwell street, originally, where pool-room now is. Supposed to have died during the Civil War.

Martha Lamson
lived on the Lamson farm on Mill Brook road, now the Dover Chicken Farm; she married Mr. Kuhns.

Walter Lawrence

Amelia Lindsley
sister of Mrs. Charles Dickerson, born and died in house on corner of Sussex and McFarlan streets.

Harriet Lindsley
daughter of Ephraim Lindsley, became Mrs. Charles Gage.

Marshall Losey

John Love
uncle of Harry Weaver, lives at Ledgewood, at the home of William Sheer.

Nathaniel Maze

David MacDavit
brother of Henry; died a few years ago at Eagle's Corners.

Jame MacDavit

Adelia Palmer
sister of Stephen Palmer, became Mrs. Henry McDavit.

Stephen Palmer
lives on Sanford street, Dover.

Susan Pruden
aunt of Mr. Ed. L. Dickerson. Died recently.

Julia Riley

Frances Ross

George Ross
Nathaniel Ross
lived in an old plastered house (still standing) on Mt. Hope avenue, left side of road. They left Dover several years ago; very nice people.

Thaddy Ross

Eliza Sanford

Hattie Searing

Mary Searing

Phebe Searing

Olivia Segur
lived in the Segur home, now the Elks' Club house. Very charming, beautiful, popular. Died of tuberculosis; buried in Orchard street cemetery.

Libbie Singleton

John Stickle

Nelson Stickle

Susan Stickle
Mrs. Nathaniel Chandler, died in Paterson

John Tebo

Augustus Tucker
Edward Tucker
lived on the Tucker farm beyond the George Richards estate, just before you come to the James Brotherton house. The Tuckers were masons and erected the National Union Bank Building. Some one has said that they were "gentlemen masons"—used to lay brick with their coats on, wearing cuffs.

Albert Wiggins

Henry Wiggins
a prominent physician of Succasunna.

Louisa Wiggins
sister of Dr. Wiggins, lives in Succasunna.

Robert Wighton
brother of Mrs. S.R. Bennett; died thirty or more years ago.

Isabella Willson

Sidney Willson

David Young
ex-surrogate, lives in Morristown.

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