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The following is a list of place names that can be found in the 1868 Beers Atlas Index for Morris County, New Jersey.

Name1868 Map
Allen MineRockaway
Alpock DistrictRoxbury
Bald HillRockaway
Bare Roke [Rock]Boonton & Montville
Beachglen [Beach Glen]Rockaway
Beaver BrookRockaway
Beaver BrookBoonton & Montville
Beaver Brook DamJefferson
Beaverdam BrookPequannock
Beavertown DistrictBoonton & Montville
Beavertown DistrictPequannock
Belmont HallSchooleys Mt.
Berkshire ValleyJefferson
Bertrands IslandRoxbury
Black BrookPassaic
Black BrookHanover
Black MeadowTown of Chatham
Black MeadowsHanover
Black RiverWashington
Black RiverChester
Black RiverRoxbury
BlazierTown of Chatham
Bloomingdale DistrictPequannock
Bog Fly MeadowsPequannock
Boonton, District 8Hanover
Boonton (town)Morris County
Boonton (township)Morris County
Bowling Green MtsJefferson
Brookside P.O.Mendham
Bryam MineRandolph
Budds LakeRoxbury
Calais MountainRandolph
Canal BasinDover
Centre Grove DistrictRandolph
Charlottenburg DistrictRockaway
Charlottenburg PondRockaway
Chatham (to)Long Hill
Chatham (town)Morris County
Chatham (township)Morris County
Chatham TownshipGreen Village
Chester (township)Morris County
Chester Village P.O.Chester
Columbia DistrictTown of Chatham
Columbia DistrictHanover
Conner Iron MineRandolph
Copperas MountainsRockaway
County Poor HouseHanover
Cranberry PondRockaway
Crushing MillRockaway
Davids Lead WorksPequannock
Demark PondRockaway
Den BrookRockaway
Denmark PondMorris County
Denville P.O.Rockaway
Dixsons PondRockaway
DoverMorris County
Dover & Newark Tnpk.Roxbury
Dover MountainHanover
Dover-Sparta TurnpikeJefferson
Drakes BrookRoxbury
Drakesville P.O.Roxbury
Duck PondRoxbury
East Madison DistrictChatham
Fair GroundsTown of Morris
First BrookRockaway
Fishers Iron MineWashington
Flocktown DistrictWashington
Ford MineJefferson
Forrest Hill DistrictChester
Fox HillWashington
Franklin DistrictBoonton & Montville
German Valley P.O.Washington
Great BrookPassaic
Great SwampTown of Chatham
Green PondRockaway
Green Pond BrookMorris County
Green Village P.O.Passaic
Hackettstown P.O.Washington
Hacklebarny DistrictChester
Halseys IslandJefferson
Hanover DistrictHanover
Hanover Neck DistrictHanover
Hickory HillRockaway
High Hill Mt.Pequannock
Hig LedgeRoxbury
Hill SideTown of Chatham
Hook Mountain DistrictHanover
Hook Mtns.Pequannock
Haopatcong LakeRoxbury
Horse HillHanover
Horse Neck BridgeBoonton & Montville
Horse Pond BrookMorris County
Hurdtown MineJefferson
Hurdtown P.O.Jefferson
Iron DaleRandolph
Iron HillRockaway
Jackson BrookRandolph
Jacksonville DistrictBoonton & Montville
Jacksonville DistrictPequannock
JeffersonMorris County
Jefferson MillsHanover
Jockey Hollow RoadTown of Morris
Johnson MineRockaway
Kenvil - see McCainsville 
Lee MeadowsHanover
LidgewoodTown of Morris
Lindsley MineRockaway
Littleton DistrictHanover
Loantaka DistrictTown of Chatham
Loantika BrookTown of Chatham
Long Hill P.O.Passaic
Long HillChester
Long HillTown of Chatham
Longwood PondJefferson
Lower ForgeRockaway
Lower LongwoodJefferson
Lower Weldon MineJefferson
Lyonsville DistrictRockaway
Madison P.O.Town of Chatham
Malapardis DistrictHanover
Mc Cainsville [Kenvil]Roxbury
Menagh DistrictWashington
Mendham P.O.Mendham
Middle BrookPassaic
Middle Valley P.O.Washington
Mill Brook DistrictRandolph
Millington P.O.Passaic
Milton P.O.Jefferson
Mine BrookWashington
Mine BrookRoxbury
Mine Hill DistrictRandolph
Mine Hill Mt.Pequannock
Mine RidgeBoonton & Montville
Mineral SpringFlanders
Monroe DistrictHanover
Montville TownshipBoonton & Montville
Mooseback PondJefferson
Morris Plains DistrictHanover
Morristown TurnpikeMendham
Mount HeistChester
Mount OliveRoxbury
Mount PaulChester
Mountain DistrictMendham
Mountain PondRoxbury
Mt. Hope DistrictRockaway
Mt. Olive MineRoxbury
Mt. Pleasant DistrictRockaway
Mt. Vernon Washington Dist.Town of Chatham
Munson's Iron MineRandolph
New Hope DistrictRockaway
New ProvidenceChatham
New RiverHanover
New Vernon P.O.Passaic
Newark TurnpikeBoonton
Nolens PointJefferson
Northview MillWashington
Ogden MineJefferson
Orange TurnpikeTown of Chatham
Parsippany P.O.Hanover
Parsippany WoodsHanover
Passaic SlopeLong Hill
Passaic Valley P.O.Passaic
PequannockMorris County
Petersburg PondJefferson
Pine Tree PlaceTown of Chatham
Pleasant Grove DistrictWashington
Pleasant Plains DistrictPassaic
Pocahontas PondMorristown
Pompton DistrictPequannock
Pompton Plains P.O.Pequannock
Port Oran P.O.Randolph
Pottersville Joint DistrictWashington
Power VilleBoonton & Montville
Powerville DistrictBoonton & Montville
Powerville TurnpikeBoonton
Prim Rose BrookPassaic
Puff BrookHanover
Racoon PointJefferson
RandolphMorris County
Richard MineRockaway
Rockaway P.O.Rockaway
Rockaway NeckMorris County
Rockaway ValleyRockaway
Rose HillMadison
RoxburyMorris County
Russia DistrictJefferson
S Mountian SpringWashington
Sand SpringPassaic
Schofield MinesJefferson
Schooleys Mountain P.O.Washington
Scow MeadowsHanover
Scrub Oak MineRandolph
Seminary PondSchooleys Mtn
Shongum DistrictRandolph
Shongum PondRandolph
Snake HillRockaway
Speedwell LakeTown of Morris
Split RockRockaway
Split Rock PondRockaway
Spring Garden BrookTown of Chatham
Stanhope P.O.Roxbury
Stickle PondPequannock
Stony BrookPequannock
Succasunna P.O.Roxbury
Swede Iron MineRandolph
Sweedland ForgeMilton
Swinefield BridgeHanover
Tanners BrookMorris County
Taylortown DistrictBoonton & Montville
Tebo MineRockaway
The FallsBoonton
The RestTown of Chatham
Timber BrookRockaway
Timber Brook PondRockaway
Trout PondSuccasunny
Trowbridge MountainRandolph
Troy BrookHanover
Troy DistrictHanover
Troy MeadowsHanover
Turkey BrookRoxbury
Turning MillJefferson
Two BridgesMorris County
Union Grove DistrictRoxbury
Union Hill DistrictTown of Chatham
Union Valley DistrictJefferson
Upper Bloomingdale Dist.Pequannock
Upper HiberniaRockaway
Upper LongwoodJefferson
Upper Montville DistrictBoonton & Montville
Upper ValleyWashington
Upper Weldon MineJefferson
Wallace BrookRandolph
Walnut Grove P.O.Randolph
Washington CornersMendham
Waterloo DistrictRoxbury
Waughhaw DistrictBoonton & Montville
Waughhaw Mt.Boonton & Montville
Weldon BrookJefferson
Wells BrookRoxbury
Whippany P.O.Hanover
White BridgePassaic
White Meadow MineRockaway
Witch RidgeLong Hill
Witch RockLong Hill
Wolf DistrictRandolph
Woodsport P.O.Jefferson
Woodstock PondJefferson

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