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Morris County Marriages
Morris Co. Up

The following list of marriages were submitted by Joe McGlynn and were extracted from the following LDS CD films index.

KING, Abby L.1837Isaac M. BALDWIN
KING, Abraham1824Mary MCINTOSH
KING, Amelia1827Isaac WEST
KING, Anne1859John MOORE
KING, Archibald Gracie1845Elizabeth Denning DUER
KING, Asher1846Dianna CADMUS
KING, Betsey1824John C. KING
KING, Charles Henry1872Maria SMITH
KING, Charles1827Sarah PARSONS
KING, Charles1828Eliza Maria PIERSON
KING, Charles1842Jane ROSS
KING, Charles1850Eleanor Francis ANDERSON
KING, Charles Morrel1827Caroline Elizabeth Newton PARSON
KING, Christianna1864Lewis H. MESSENGER
KING, Constant R.1807Phebe WOODS
KING, Constant R.1814Elizabeth NORRIS
KING, Dorinda Ann1861Joseph K. DAVIS
KING, Electa J.1832Baker JOHNSON
KING, Elexander1809Susanah COLEMON
KING, Elias M.1862Margaret A. YAWGER
KING, Elibath1806Aaron BROWN
KING, Eliza1823Miles ANSON
KING, Elizabeth1805Daniel BOARS
KING, Ellen1856Nathan HOPKINS
KING, Emily1842Abraham ROSS
KING, Emma1841#NAME?
KING, Emma1841Israel TOWER
KING, Frances W.1842Daniel R. DENMAN
KING, Frances W.1848Andrew J. PRICE
KING, George C.1838Sarah B. DAY
KING, George C.1845Martha Ann FORSE
KING, George C.1857Mahalah WRIGHT
KING, George1802Hannah YOUNG
KING, George W.1833Anna MC CONNELL
KING, Griffith1834Elizabeth VANDROOF
KING, Hannah Maria1844Thomas S. NORTON
KING, Henry1832Abby MILLER
KING, Hiram L.1870Mary E. WOLF
KING, Ida H.1865George E. HORTON
KING, Isaac1820Sophia ANDERSON
KING, Jacob1816Annar HINCHMAN
KING, Jacob Merrel1835Francis Holt PARSON
KING, James1805Susanna CRONE
KING, James1814Phebe WILLES
KING, James1827Charity Jane WATSUE
KING, James1847Catherine MALOAY
KING, James1847Ellen RILEY
KING, Jemima1839Moses POW
KING, John C.1824Betsey KING
KING, John1796Christiana WOOLF
KING, Kate S.1872Burroughs W. BLAZIER
KING, Lucy Ann1833Edward L. CONDICT
KING, Margaret1826Edward B. GILLEN
KING, Margarett W.1851David MANDERVILLE
KING, Maria1810Davis LYONS
KING, Marinda1821Joseph T. DEVOE
KING, Martha D. H.1839James H. CLARK
KING, Mary1798Jeremiah BAKER
KING, Mary1814Robert CHAMBERS
KING, Mary1833Henry HULL
KING, Matilda1817James NORMAN
KING, Minnie F.1870Arthur B. ROSS
KING, Nancy1823James MURPHY
KING, Nelson1842Sallyan ABER
KING, Phebe1846Reuben GREEN
KING, Reuben1816Peggy LINDSEY
KING, Ruth Ann1864Abraham SHAWGER
KING, Samuel B.1843Jane BEACH
KING, Samuel1812Betsy DILLA
KING, Sarah A.1873William COOPER
KING, Sarah D.1843Sylvester DICKERSON
KING, Sarah1799Joseph LANDAN
KING, Septemious1828Julia DICKERSON
KING, Silas E.1873Emma G. APPLEGIT
KING, Susan C.1845Joseph F. TUTTLE
KING, Susan1825#NAME?
KING, Theodore L.1863Elmira J. MCCAIN
KING, Varmeule1826Sarah WINNE
KING, Warren S.1849Julia Ann BROWN
KING, William F.1838Sarah ZINDLE
KING, William1811Elizabeth WILKERSON

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