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Abstract of Early Wills (1730-1750)
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Abstract of Early Wills (1730-1750) - Morris County
The following information is from
"Archives of the State of New Jersey; First Series Vol. XXX; Vol. II of Calendar of Wills"; Edited by A. Van Doren Honeyman.

The second volume of Abstracts of Wills of New Jersey, includes wills, administrations and guardianships appearing on the records in Trenton as filed or recorded.

First dates in boldface indicate when the will to which the date refers was executed (not probated).

The word "yeoman" was in common use to signify a freeholder. The double-year dating, which may look confusing to some readers, arose from the fact that in America, as in England, while the historic year ended December 31, the legal year ended on March 24, and this continued until 1750. Therefore, in reading, for example, a date such as Feb. 4, 1740-1, it is to be considered that the real year was 1741 historically, but 1740 legally.

In various wills the word "brother," as used, has an uncertain meaning, and may refer to brother-in-law, step- or half-brother, or to a member of the same religious denomination.

NOTE: (1) Libers noted as A, B, C, etc. are of East Jersey wills. Libers noted as 1, 2, 3, etc. are of West Jersey wills. (2) All original matters are to be found in the Secretary of State's office at Trenton. (3) The British pound symbol is represented by a capital L before the amount.

1749, Aug. 29. AXTELL, Thankful, of Mendom Township, Morris Co., widow; will of.
Children - Ebenezer, deceased son Thomas, Thankful Brigs and Rebecca Cook; grandchildren - Daniel, son of Thomas and Hannah, his wife, their expected child, and Ichabod Edmester. Executor - Son Ebenezer. Witnesses - William Axtell, Henry Axtell and Brice Riky. Proved Sept. 28, 1749. (Lib. E, p. 334)

1749, Nov. 21. AXTELL, William, of Mendom, Morris Co., "cord winer;" will of.
Wife, Hannah, to have whole estate until the children - Henry, William, Benjamin, Silas and Johanna Axtell - will be of age. Executors and trustees - Wife, brother Henry Axtell, Elihu Baldwin. Witnesses - Nathan Linkon, William Lenard, Joseph Dod. Proved 30 May, 1750. (Lib. E, p. 407)
1750, May 13. Renunciation of Hannah Axtell, Executrix named in will. Witnesses - Joseph Dod, William Lenard.

1748, July 25. BALL, Caleb, of Hanover, Morris Co., gentleman; will of.
Wife, Sarah. Sons - Isaiah (to have 100 acres bought of Peter Imlay); Joshua (the land he lives on); Caleb (the home-place land on the south side of Forge Pond, and 26 acres adjoining W. land bought of Peter Imlay), and above named sons to have the forge, saw-mill and stream equally; Exekiel (80 odd acres on both sides of "Wepemy River" where the old saw-mill stood, as appears by deed of Joseph Lindsley); and Mathew. Daughters - Abigail Johnson, Eliner, Jane Perry, Mary Bates, Sarah, Lydia, Ann, Deborah and Keziah Kitche, deceased (had heirs). Executors - Wife, Sarah and sons Isaiah, Joshua and Caleb. Witnesses - David Kitchel, Timothy Tuttle, Elijah Gillett. Proved 29 Aug. 1748. (Lib. 6, p. 34)

1733, Nov. 14. BIGLOW, John, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; inventory of estate, made at request of his widow, Abigail Biglow, 118.12.3, including a sword and stone, 7s.6d; a corbin and pistols, 1.5.0; a Bible and some small books, 8. Made by Gershom Mott and Jonathan Stilles.
1733, Nov. 21. Bond of Abigail Biglow, widow, as administratrix. Samuel Crosman, of same place, bloomer, and John Budd, of same, gentleman, sureties. Witnesses - Sarah Budd, Thomas Biglow. Hunterdon Wills, 84 J.

1748, Oct. 17. BOYLESTONE, Benjamin, of Morris Co. Int. Admr., Richard Gardner, Junior, of Morris Co., yeoman. Bondsman - Richard Fitz Randolph, of Perth Amboy, carpenter. Witness - Thos. Bartow. (Lib. 4, p. 251)
1748, Nov. 24. Inventory (L3.3.0), includes "tooth Drawers," 1 shilling. Appraisers - David M. Camly, Reuben Knape.
____, ____. Account; payments to Patrick M. Cashlin, Burklos Co., Lamuell Westburn, Richd Gardner, Nehemiah Rodgers, Elijah Collins, Robt. Turner, Patrick M. Caushlin, Rubin Knap, David M. Camly, Henry Simpson.

1749, Aug. 7. BROWN, Jeremiah, of Mendom Township, Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Mary, to have personal estate absolutely and possession of the real estate until the children, Rhoda, Abner, Paul and Elenezer, will be 21. Executors - wife, Mary, and Brice Riky, of Somerset County. Witnesses - William Axtell, Isaac Ballet, Benjamin Linsley. Proved 30 Aug., 1749. (Lib. E, p. 325)

1749, Sept. 6. BUDD, John, of Hanover Township, Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Sarah, sole executrix, and to hold "the meadow joining Matthis Burnet from John Kineys to the Black Brook to Sam Ford's lots and to David Kitchell's land," that she may sell the same for 240. In case of her death before the sale, Timothy Tuttle and Benjamin Pierson empowered to pay legacy to my eldest son. Wife, Sarah, to have that tract called "the Pine Hammock," of 700 acres, bounded west by the Whippeninge River and meadows of Samuel Tuttle, Bates Lum, Allen Penn and Joseph Kitchell; she to sell same and pay my sons Barne and Thomas 250 each when of age. In case of death beofe the sale, Timothy Tuttle and Benjamin Pierson empowered to dispose of it. Wife, Sarah, to have the home place of 900 acres on both sides of Black Brook, except meadows devised above. Wife to have all lands leased or unleased joining her land in the Long Valley; also all lands in the Counties of Morris, Salem, Gloucester, Hunterdon and elsewhere, together with my land in the colony of New York held under our brother, John Cosens, with the exception of all mines, etc., reserved to me and Coz. Hump. Morrey in some deeds in "Penselvania to Jermans"; also my tract on west side of the Susquehanna, called Govr's, or Sir William Keith's mine, an account thereof being among Coz. Morreys or Willian Pidgeon's writings. Also my Eastern and Western shares of Proprieties of land yet appertaining. Witnesses - John Nuttman, Benjamin Peirson, William Budd. Proved 20 March, 1749-50.
1752, Sept. 20. Letters testamentary granted Sarah Scott, formerly Sarah Budd, executrix named in above will. "Prob. granted 16 May 1754" (vid. orignal). (Lib. 8, p. 41)

1732, Nov. 13. BURD, Joseph, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Brother, Abraham Burd; sister, Sarah Burd.  Sister Sarah to have "what is due to me out of my father's estate, which is in West Chester in the government of New York."  Executors not names.  Witnesses - Sarah Hathaway and James Frell.   Proved Aug. 14, 1733, by said witnesses, who stated that the testator signed the will a few days before he died.  (Lib. B, p. 465)

1748, Oct. 1. CARTER, Barnabus, of Hanover Township, Morris Co., gentleman; will of.
Sons - Barnabus (executor), Banjamin (executor), Luke and Nathaniel.  Daughter - Mary Wines.  Grandchildren - Susannah, Sarah (not 18), and Simon Hall.  Meadows on Passiack River and a grist mill.  Witnesses - Jeremiah Genung, Stephen Ward.   Proved 19 Oct., 1748 (Lib. 5, p. 548)

1749, Feb. 14. CLARK, Isaac, of Morris Co.; Int. Admx., Mary (his widow).   Bondsman - Alexander Roberts.  Both of Hanover in aforesaid county. (Lib. E, p. 368)

1732, Dec. 2. COLVER (Colwer), John, of Blackriver, Hunterdon Co., "cordwinder, being sick;" will of.
Wife, Freelove.  Eldest son, John Collwer; son, Jabsh Coulver.  Expected child.   Residue of estate to wife, "in this colleny or att nwinglend" (New England).  Wife, executrix.  Witnesses - Seth Smith, Leaddy Colver and John Bell.  Proved August 20, 1733.  (Lib. 3, p. 368)
____, ____, __.  Inventory, without date, 95.11.0; including beaver hat, felt hat and Bible.  Made by David Collver and John Bell.

1740, Aug. 13. COREY, Abraham, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will of.
Abraham (the eldest) to have improvement of plantation in Hanvoer until sons David and Jonathan will be 22.  Daughters - Elizabeth Day, Mary Johnson and Abigail.   Executors - son Abraham and son-in-law, Samuel Day.  Witnesses - Stephen Ward, William Brant, Nichlous Carter.  Proved 4 Nov., 1740.  (Lib. C, p. 362)
1740, Oct. 28.  Inventory (90.9.6) includes claims against Caleb Ball, Benjamin Winchel, William Gardner, Joseph Headley, Henery Leacy, Joseph Leacy, Jacob Gargis, Ebenezer Mehurin.  Appraisers - Barnibus Carter, Jeremiah Genung.

1734, Jan. 2. CRANE, John, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of.
"Aged and infirm."  Children - John, Edmond, Amos, Mary Hamilton, Abigail (wife of Stephen Ward), and Kesiah Canfield.  Land in Millbank swamp in Newark, where son John formerly dwelt; land purchased of Jacob Ford at Hanover.  Land in Hanover joining land of Ephraim Price.  Executors - wife, Mary, and son, Edmond Crane.   Witnesses - John Cooper, Eliphalet Johnson, Jeseph Day.  Proved March 16, 1738.  (Lib. C, p. 262)
  1739, May 14,  Inventory, 166.03.07; made by Ephraim Price and John Ball.   Witnesses - Stephen Ward, Abigail Ward.

1748, July 28. CRANE, John, of Morris Co.; Adm'x, Mary Crane, widow, with Joseph Leasey and Thomas Ward fellow bondsmen.  (Lib. E, p. 218)

1749, April 18.  CROSMAN, Joseph, of Mendum Township, Morris Co.; Int. Adm'r, Ebenezer Byram of same place.  Bondsman - John Deare of Perth Amboy.
  1749, April 22. Renunciation of Abigail, widow.  Witness - Mary Thomson.   (Lib. E, p. 298)
  1749, April 13.  Inventory (39.10.0) includes shoemaker's bench, lapstone, etc. Appraisers - Henry Clark, Joseph Hinds.

1750, August 23.  EVELL, Jacob, "late of Morris County."  Int. Bond of Susannah Rope of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Michael Myers, as administrators.  Fellow bondsmen - George Rope of Morris County, and Jacob Sook of Bucks County, carpenter.  Witnessed by Obadiah Howell.  Endorsed, "Jacob Evell, Hunterdon County."  (Hunterdon Wills, 283 J)

1742, Sept. 30. FORD, Nathaniel, of Morris Co., joiner; will of.
Executors to sell house and land at Aquackamung, Essex Co., purchased of Gerret Debo.   Wife, Mary, executrix.  Eldest son, Nathaniel. Son, John. Daughter, Joan. Son, James.  Trustee - Joseph Bartram. Witnesses - Jacob Mead, Martin Berry, Poulus Berry. Proved 27 March, 1745.
  1744-5, March, 7. Inventory (56.12.6) includes 2 English Bibles, Dutch Testament, gun and sword. Appraisers - Philip Schuyler, Peter Post.
  1745, March 27. Letters testamentary granted to Mary Lock, late Mary Ford, executrix. (Lib. 5, p. 110)

1749, May 23. GARDNER (Gardiner), Richard, Sr., of Morris Co.; Int. Adm'r, Richard Gardner, Jr., yeoman. Bondsman, Richard Fitz Randolph, of Perth Amboy.
  1749, May 18. Renunciation. Subscribers give consent to Richard Gardner to administer on his father's estate. Witnesses - Hannah Gardiner, Rachel Collard, Eljih Collard.
  1749, May 29. Inventory (L85.18.6) includes silver ware, 2.8.0; a box iron and goose, 12 shillings. Appraisers - Samuel Crowell, Jon. Herring.
  1750, April 25. Account. Paid to Patrick Macaslin, Isamuel Washbourn, Peter Courter, Abram Winfeald, Jon. Yarrenton, Samuel Gale, Joseph Lawrence, Richard Michel, Peter Decker, William Mountgomery, Isaac Tarsort.  (Morris Wills, 19 N)

1750, March 9. GOBLE, Daniel, of Morristown, Morris Co., yeoman; will of.
Sons - Daniel and John (of age); Benjamin, Stephen and William (minors). Daughters - Sary Leonard, Hannah Axtell, Jemime, Elizabeth, Mary and Martha Goble (four unmarried and mot 18). Real and personal estate. Executor - brother, Robert Goble, and Ruben Winget. Witnesses - Benjamin Conger, Simeon Goble, Caleb Fairchild. Proved 5th April, 1750. (Lib. E, p. 409)

1742, Dec. 6. HAINES, Ann, of Morris Co.
Inventory (83.11.3) includes large Bible 1, 10 acres of wheat, 4. Appraisers - Brice Riky, Thomas Miller. (Morris Wills, 35 N)
  1750, Oct. 9, (filing date). Account. Paid to Jonathan Dottey, Wm. Richey, David Riggs, John Morrison, James Miller, John Sutton, John Ayers, Benjamin Lewis, Wm. Sutton, John Ayers, Benja. Hull, Cathrine Primrose, Nathl. Rolfe, Moses Dottey, Dan'l Morris, Timothy Houton, Zeek Sutton, John Dotty, John Roy, Saml. Dalglish, Rebecca Haines, Marey Gates, Daniel McGown, John Hooey, Wm. Beard, Saml. Brown, Mrs. Britan, George Mills, Henry Haynes, Rebecca Haynes, Saml. Heaton, George Park, Thos. Elison, Joseph Stiles, John Linbey, Jabish Jarvis, William McCarey, Steven Barnes, Isaac Names, Isaac Pricket, Israel Riky, Abraham White, Thos. Little, Robt. Right.

___, ___, __. HAINS, Silas, of Hanover, Morris Co., tailor; will of.
Wife, Ruth (2nd wife). Children - Silas and Jemima Hains (minors). An expected child. Mentions "brother Samuel Haine's widow, and children" also "inheritance supposed to be fallen to me on Long Island." In case children, Silas and Jemima, should die minors, household goods I had with former wife shall be returned to Mr. Daniel Taylor. Executors - Rev. Mr. Daniel Taylor, of Newark, and Joseph Tuttle, of Hanover, Morris Co. Witnesses - Elijah Gillette, James Hayward, John Tompkins. Proved 2 Feb. 1742. (Morris Wills, 3 N.)
  1743, Sept. 27. Reeipt for Silas Hains' will and Richard Wood's admin'n bond to be carried to Burlington. (Signed) David Stout.

1732-3, Jan. 18. KILLBURN (Kilburn), Ebenezer, of Hanover Township, Hunterdon Co.
Elizabeth Kilburn, the widow, renounces her right to administer, in favor of Amos Killburn and John Johnson, Jr. Witnesses - Joseph Hinds and Jno. Budd. Bond of Amos Kilburn, of Hanover Township. John Johnson, Jr., and Samuel Crosman of same place sureties. Witnesses - James Primrose, Joseph Hinds and Jno. Budd. (Hunterdon Wills, 75 J)

1732, Dec. 11. LEONARD, Stephen, Esquire, of New Hanover, Hunterdon Co., yeoman.
Inventory of estate, including 3 perukes, wooden surveying compass, a musket, 2 powder horns, Dalton's Justice, 16 small books of Divinity, one old clock and other brass, negro Peter (12), parcel of iron ore in the forge, some loose tools in the forge. Made by Joseph Prudden and Caleb Fairchild. (Lib. 3, p. 240)
  1732-3, Jan. 6. Bond of Comfort Leonard, of New Hanover, widow, as administratrix. Samuel Crosman and Joseph Hinds, of Hunterdon County, yeoman, sureties.
  1733, Sept. 14. Additional inventory includes debts due from Benjamin Hathay, John Nutman, Jonathan Stiles, Isaac Thomas, Morres Morrison, John Johnson, Humphrey Davenport, John Davenport, Solomon Munson, William Meler, Thomas Clarck, James Miley, Seth Hall, Benjamin Beach, Eunis Kilborn, Cristeen Johnson Jr., Samuel Crosman, Joseph Johnson, William Bradford, Joseph Ludley (or Lindley).

1749-50, March 7. LINDSLY, John, of Morristown, Morris Co., Esq.; will of.
Sons - Stephen (eldest), Junia, Caleb, John, Levi (minor), Demas (minor), Philip (minor). Daughters - Phebe and Hanna. Real and personal estate. Executors - My brother, Daniel, and my son Junia, both of Morristown. Witnesses - Caleb Fairchild, Thomas Miller, Timo. Johnes. Proved 5 April, 1750. (Lib. E, p. 411)

1744, Aug. 29. LUSE, Benjamin, of Roxbury Township, Morris Co.; will of.
Wife, Abigail, use of estate during widowhood. Daughters - Abigail and Mary, at 18 or marriage. Sons - Joseph, Benjamin, Mathias and Eleazar, at age, to have real estate equally. Executors - wife, Abigail, my brother David Lues, and Samuel Coleman. Witnesses - Jesse Corwin, Walter Brown, Wm. Griffing. Proved 2 Nov., 1749.  (Lib. E, p. 338)
  1744, Nov. 7. Inventory (90.9.6) includes "bought servant, 4." Appraisers - Samuel P. Fazzer, Wm. Griffing. (Filed 1749)

1709, Nov. 1. MEAD, John, of Paquaneck, Essex Co.; will of.
Children - Peter, John, Jacob, Jellies, Chisstena and Else, all under age. Real estate at Paquaneck and Pomton. Executrix - wife, Margret. Witnessses - George Reyese, Henry Brockholls, Hendrick Mendfyle. Proved April 27, 1745. (Lib D, p. 276)
  1745, June 3. Inventory of personal estate, 48.0.1; made by Peter Post and Jacob Titsort. Witnesses - George Reyerse, Jun., Gerrit Jacobus.

1747, June 22. MEAD, Peter, of Pauquaneck, Bergen Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Jane, whole estate during widowhood. Son, John, after his mother's decease, 1/2 of my real estate in Paquaneck and in Hanover, Morris Co.; also the sum of 10, or a silver cup or beeker of that value, in consideration of which he or his heirs are to pay his sisters, Martha (wife of Hendrick Brown), Margerett, Sarah and Mary, 10. The other half of the real estate in Bergen and Morris counties to the son-in-law, Hendrick Brown. Executors - wife, and trusty friends and brethren, Johannis Mead and Arien Jacobus. Signed "Pyeter Mead." Witnesses - Hendrick Spier, Engeltye Cadmis, Daniel Taylor. Proved 9 Nov., 1747. Jane (Janniete) Mead and Arien Jacobus qualify as executors.
  1749, Dec. 26. Renunciation of John Mead as executor. Witnesses - Adriaen Vahouten, John Mead, Jun'r.

1750, May 1. MILLER, Thomas, of Morristown, Morris Co., weaver; will of.
Wife, Margreat. Sons - James and John to have the whole estate and pay legacies to other sons and daughters, viz., Thomas, Mary and Isaac Miller (no interest to be demanded until they will be sixteen). Executors - wife, Margaret, and son James Miller. Witnesses - Zophar Gildersleeve, Daniel Walling, Caleb Fairchild. Proved 25 July, 1750. (Lib. E, p. 481)
  1751, Feb. 6. Renunciation of Margreat Miller, the Executrix, in favor of the said James Miller, executor. Witnesses - John Riky, John Miller.

1732, Nov. 27. MOTT, John, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Charity. Son, Gershom, nine-tenths of land, when of age. Brother, Gershom Mott, books and apparel. Wife, residue of estate, and half profit of saw-mill. Executors - wife, and brother, Gershom Mott. Witnesses - Nathaniel Whealen, Joseph Compton, E. Style. Proved Oct. 21, 1734.  (Lib. B, p. 572)
  1734-5, Jan. 21. Inventory (159.14.0) includes sword and pistol, map, books, silver, half of two negroes (30.5.6). Made by John Campbell and Adam Blackanan.

1749, June 26. PARR, John, Jr., of Morris Co.; nuncupative will of.
Bequests to brothers and sisters - Cornelius, Matthias, Elihu, Eliphalet, Jess, Jemima. Witnesses - Phebe, Nathaniel and Elijah Horton. Proved Nov. 13, 1749.  (Lib. E, p. 340)
  1749, Nov. 13. Bond of Cornelius Parr, of Morris co., yeoman, as administrator.
  1750, Feb. __. Inventory, made by Elijah and Caleb Horton.
  1750, Aug. 13. Account. Debts paid to Nancy Brown, Israel Swasey, Obadiah Souard, Joseph Ogden, Johannah Cathcart.

1749, Oct. 30. PENETON (Penetant), Timothy, of Mendom Township, Morris Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Mary, to have the dwelling huse and the lot purchased of John Carter until the youngest of my three sons (Elijah, Jonathan and Ephraim Penetant) will be of age. Executors - wife, Marey, and Joseph Dod; and they shall sell the land I bought of JosephThomson to pay just debts. Witnesses - Stephen Dod, Isaac Kemble, Brice Riky. Proved 22 Feb., 1749-50.  (Lib. E, p. 364)
  1749-50, Feb. 25. Inventory (62.13.0) includes an old Bible (25), sword, and debts due by Josiah Cain, Nathan Crossman, John Barton. Appraisers - Joseph Hinds, Stephen Dod.

1748, Feb. 8. PHILLIPS, Philip, of Morris Co.
Int. Admr's Johannah Philips, of Greenwitch, Morris Co., and Benjamin Slack, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co. Bondsman - John Carmen, of Greenwitch, Morris Co. Witnesses - James Anderson, Samuel Carman.  (Lib. 6, p. 75)
  1748-9, Jan. 24. Inventory includes 190 acres of land, 160; bonds, 120; cattle, 13; horses, 18; book debts, 37.11.8. Appraisers - James Anderson, John Carman.

1750, Sept. 21. PHILLIPS, Philip, of Morris Co.
Int. Adm'r, Reuben Winget, of said County. Bondsman - Obadiah Heady (signed "Hedden").  (Lib. E, p. 481)
  1750, Nov. 1. Inventory, 20.7.5; made by Gideon Riggs, Thomas Darling.

1750, April 13. PITNEY, James, of Morris Co.  Int. Admr's, Susannah Pitney and Jonathan Pitney, widow and son of deceased. Bondsman - Shobal Smith, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. (Lib. E, p. 383)

1748, Jan. 1. PITNEY, Samuel, of Roxbury Township, Morris Co., gent.; will of.
Executors - wife, Surviah, brother Jonathan Pitney and Nathaniel Drake, who are empowered to dispose of estate, for maintenance and bringing up of children (not named). Remainder payable to my sons at 21, to my daughters at 18. Witnesses - Jeamiah Rogers, James Martin, Benjamin Pitney. Proved 27 Jan. 1748. (Lib. E, p. 250)

1745-6, March 17. POTTER, Samuel, of Hanover, Morris Co., gent.; will of.
Wife, Phebe. Sons - Isaac, 50 acres at the north of the homestead; Samuel (at age), 20 acres adjoining and to be put to a trade when 14 years old; Joseph, the remainder of the homestead and to care for his mother and younger brothers and sisters, excepting Zebeedee, who shall have 25 at age and be put to a trade at the discretion of the executors; Moses, 20 at age and when 14 to be put to a trade. Legacies to daughters - Phebe, Sarah and Jemimah, when 18. Executors - brothers, Joseph and Noediah Potter, of Elizabethtown, Essex Co. Witnesses - Joseph Meeker, Robert Schooley, Stephen Ward. Proved 2 May, 1746.   (Lib. D, p. 379)
  1746, April 28. Inventory (347.6.6) includes cows and calves, wheat, rye and other grain. Appraisers - Stephen Ward, Ephrm. Price, Jun'r.

1732-3, Feb. 23. PRALL, Cornelis, of Hunterdon Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Esther. Executors - wife, and brother Aaron Prall. Only an unborn child. Witnesses - James Laroe, Edward Whitaker, Daniel Laroe. Proved Oct. 8, 1733. (Lib. 3, p. 377)
  ---, ---, --. Inventory (59.0.6) includes guns and sword. Made by Thomas Lake and Daniel Laroe.
  1736, March 11. Petition of Simon Kinney, of Hunterdon County, yeoman, sheweth that he married Esther, widow of Cornelius Prall; that the child mentioned in the latter's will was born, a daughter named Mary. Petitions for guardian.

1735, Feb. 24. PRIMROSE, James, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Wife, Experience, executrix. Brother, Henry. Witnesses - John Lindly, Jr., Caleb Fairchild and James Frost. Proved Dec. 11, 1739. (Lib. 4, p. 212)

1745, July 15. RADLEY, Hannah, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will of.
Sons - Jaems, to have (at 21) the farm lately purchased of Seth Hall, joining Barnebus Carter, Junior; Joseph (at age), the farm lately purchased of William Brant, bounded by John Crane's land in Hanover Township; John. Daughters - Sarah Hunt, Ufamah Bagley, Elizabeth Hart, Rachel, Isabella, Catrine and Hannah. Grandson, John, son of John Radley of Elizabethtown. Executors - my brother, Jonathan Allen, of Elizabethtown, and Barnabas Carter, Junior. Witnesses - Ichabod Burnet, David Burnet, Stephen Ward. Proved 20 Aug., 1745. (Lib. 5, p. 166)

1744-5, Feb. 21. RADLEY (Raley), John, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will of.
First, "I give 5 to my loving (omission in the original). Wife, Hannah, to have all lands and improvements. Executors - wife, and Barnebus Carter, Junior. Witnesses - David Burnet, Stephen Ward, Jeremiah Gunung. Proved 28 March, 1745. (Lib. 5, p. 109)
  1744-5, March 19. Inventory (199.6.7) includes cows and calves; bonds of Benjamin Moore, Ephraim Sayre, Patrick Mackmaners, Herrick Benjamin, James Carter, Saml. and Hesadiah Sampson, Nicholas Carter. Appraisers - Nathl. Bonnel, Jeremiah Jenung (Genung), Jonathan Allen.

1734, May 10. ROBINSON, Jonah, of Morris Co.  Int. Adm's, Susanna Robinson of said County. Bondsmen - Samuel Swazey, Junr., Morris Co., and Samuel Davis, of Brookhaven, Long Island, blacksmith. (Lib. E, p. 217)
  1748, Oct. 15. Inventory (146.19.0) includes note from David Allen. Appraisers - Caleb Horton, David Luse.

1750, April 5. ROYCE, Aaron, Morris Co  Int. Adm'x, Elizabeth Royce, widow. Bondsman - John Royce.
  1750, April 4. Inventory, 34.7.0; made by Amos Crane, John Cole.

1744, Oct. 10. SMITH, Alexander, of Greenwich, Morris Co., yeoman.   Int. Adm'r, John Axford, of same place, yeoman. Josiah Appleton, cooper, and David Dunbar, blacksmith, both of Trenton, Hunterdon County, sureties. Witness - William Yard, Jr., Jno. Clark.  (Hunterdon Wills, 173 J)

1749, Nov. 29. STANBROUGH (Stanborough), Solomon, of Morristown, Morris Co., yeoman; will of.
Brothers - Nehemiah and Ichabod Stanbrough. If either die in non-age then his part shall be equally divided among all the surviving brothers and sisters. Sister, Sarah, to have a cow, additionally. Executors - Ezra Halsey, Job Lorain, both of Morris Co., yeomen. Witnesses - Phillip Cundict, Benjamin Forgeson, Ezekiel Cheever. Proved 19 Dec., 1750.   (Lib. E, p. 468)
  1750, Aug. 10. Inventory (114.11.2) includes names of Philip Cundict, Thomas Forgeson, Zechariah Farchild, Job Coree, Ezra Halsey, Thomas Nener Gray, John Parkes, Francis Causfren, Nemer Holaway. Appraisers - Henry Clark, Richard Carson.

1749, April 18. THOMPSON, Aaron, of Mendam Township, Morris Co.   Int. Adm'x, Mary Thompson, widow. Bondsman - Ebenezer Byram, of same place.
  1749, 15 Aug. Inventory (99.10.10) includes 3 Bibles, 6 other books, and debtors: Capt. Bobbet, Joseph Dod, John Cary, Stephen Dod, Perkins Lovel, Malici Hallowy. Appraisers - Henry Clark, Ezekiel Lyon. (Lib. E, p. 298)

1749, July 4. THOMPSON, Joseph, of Mendam, Morris Co.; will of
Sons - Stephen (eldest) the land where I dwell, bought of John Bullan, except 10 acres on the north side of the road from Rocksitecos to Morristown, which I formerly gave to my son Aaron, deceased; David, 95 acres purchased of Josiah and David Ogden, Esqrs., together with meadow, 15 acres, purchased of Benjamin Lenard, deceased, and at 21 to have 150 out of the moveable estate, to be paid by my son Stephen. Daughter, Desire; grandson (not 21), son of my son Daniel, deceased, by Abegal Byram; the children of my son Stephen and my daughter Marey. Executors - son, Stephen, and Jeremiah Brown. Witnesses - Ezra Cary, Daniel Cary, Brice Riky. Proved 19 July, 1749. (Lib. E, p. 316)

1750, June 19. THOMPSON, Stephen, of Morris Co., blacksmith; will of.
Legacies bequeathed by my deceased father in will dated 4th July, 1749, shall be paid by my executors. Wife, Marey, to hold the home plantation until my son, Jacob, will be 21, that she may bring up and school the children. Jacob, at age, to pay legacies to my daughters, Phebe and Lydia, when they will be 18, and plantation to be divided equally between them in case of death of my son. Executors - Joseph Hinds, of Morris Co., Brice Riky, of Somerset Co., and my wife, Marey. Witnesses - Ezra Cary, Daniel Cary, Dezier Thompson. Proved 9 July, 1750. (Lib. E, p. 430)
  1750, Aug. 14. (Filed 8 Dec., 1757). Inventory (514.19.8); made by Daniel Cary and Caleb Balwin. (On back of inventory: "Pade to the widdow besides, when she married").
  1750, Sept. 8. List of debtors - David Allen, John Heams, Henry Clark, John Cary, Perkins Lovet, Zekel Lyon, Ebenezer Byrams, Jun'r, Japheth Heams, Richard Carton, Timothy Penetant, Caleb Baldwin, Ezra Carey, Captn. Robet, Benjn. Leonard, Ebenezer Allen, Pipes & Browns, John Wills, Ezra Carey, Danl. Carey.

1750, March 1. TICHENER, Joseph, of Township and County of Morris, shoemaker: will of.
Wife, Elizabeth. Sons - Joseph, 56 acres on the west joining to the heirs of James Primrise, deceased; James, and Daniel, equally, the remainder of my land; Moses, 51 acres in the great Swamp bought of Mr. Penn. Daughter, Jane, two-thirds of moveable estate. Witnesses - Caleb Fairchild, Sam'l Tuthull, Benjamin Conger. Proved 5 April, 1750
  1750, May 10. Administration granted to Elizabeth (relict). Bondsman - Nathaniel Ward.  (Lib. F., p. 7)
  1751, Nov. 6. (Letter on file, from Uzal Ogden, Jr., of Newark, states that Mr. Fairchild wrote the will, but entered executors' names after testator's decease, though at his direction, and that Samuel Wade "is now married to the widow Tichener").

1732-3, Jan. 23. TUTTLE, Stephen, of Hanover Township, Hunterdon Co. Renunciation of Sarah Tuttle, widow, of right to administer, in favor of Joseph Tuttle and John Lindsley, Jr. Witnesses - Warren Rivers and Jno. Budd.
  1732-3, Jan. 24. Bond of Joseph Tuttle, of Essex Co., and Town of Newark, blacksmith, and John Lindsley, Jr., Esq., of Hunterdon Co. James Primrose, of Hunterdon Co., surety. Witnesses - Warren Rivers and Jno. Budd. (Hunterdon Wills, 98 J)

1732-3, Jan. 29. VROLIMAN, John, of Hanover Township, Hunterdon Co., husbandman. Letter from Jno. Budd to Mr. Peter Vantilburgh, merchant, of Newark, by Mr. Samuel Ludlam, stating he has been informed that Peter Vantilburgh is principal creditor of John Vroliman and therefore has right to administer, ("none of the kindred or sons being present that are of age"). Renunciation in name of Peter Vantilburgh attached, signed by Sarah Vantilburgh. Witnesses - Sara and Ann Ware.
  1732-3, Feb. 2. Bond of Samuel Ludlum, of Hanover Township, weaver, as administrator. Jonathan Stiles, of same place, yeoman, surety. Witnesses - Richard Easton, Benjamin Carter. (Hunterdon Wills, 81 J)

1743, Aug. 9. WOODS, Richard, of Morris Co. Int. Adm'r, Richard Woods, his son. Bondsman - Jonathan Osborn. Both of Morris Co. Witness - John Harrison.
  1743, Aug. 6. Inventory (49.13.6) includes note of Natl. Stillwell, smith's anvil (8), vice (1), bellows, etc. (10.11.0). Appraisers - Solomon White, Nathl. Wheeler.   (Morris Wills, 4 N.)

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